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How many trucks were used to transport the production of The Simulation Theory stadium tour in Europe in 2019?

Which debut MUSE gigs in the capitals of the world's seven most powerful nations had the most fans in attendance (est.) for their first performances?

Answers follow below.


Unusual Chart Debut

26 October 2021

Apple Music (Streaming) - Top Songs


#178 (Peak) - 'Unnatural Selection' - MUSE

Linkin' Park and Coldplay are other rock artists who have several songs on this tally.


32 'artics' [articulated lorries]  by U.K. hauler Transam Trucking

Post-Brexit 'cabotage' regulations have caused U.K. trucking firms like Transam (MUSE, Elton John, Iron Maiden), KB Events (Ed Sheeran) and Stagestruck (Coldplay and Billie Eilish) to open up subsidiary operations in the EU (Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands) and incur additional costs (exporting trucks, insurance, higher driver wages, annual carnets [passports for goods], higher fuel costs and pandemic- related rules and expenses) to service concert tours for U.K artists in continental Europe which means higher ticket prices for fans to attend arena, stadium and festival gigs.


7,600  Beijing (2015) - Cadillac [Wukesong] Arena

4,200  Moscow (2001) - Luzhniki Sports Palace Arena

1,000  Berlin (1999) - Knaak Club

600  Tokyo (2000) - Shibuya O-West Club

500  Paris (1999) - New Morning Club

100  London (1995) - Bull & Gate  [First show outside Devon supporting band Tribute to Nothing]

10  Washington DC (2000) Metro Cafe  [1,200 at the 9:30 Club in 2004]

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Just announced third festival date in Ceret, France for the summer of 2022 will be the first ever MUSE gig in the Pyrenees near the Spanish border and 130km from Barcelona.  The Deferlantes festival site will be at the foot of Chateau d'Aubiry in French Catalonia near Perpignan and the Mediterranean coast.  The medieval Pont du Diable (Devil's Bridge) is also nearby.


Manson Guitar Works' Matthew Bellamy DL-0R models sell out within one hour.  30 vintage Delorean guitars worth over 300,000 pounds sterling



The most lucrative calendar year for MUSE measured by payout of dividends/drawings was 2016.


UK artists who have won GRAMMY Awards in various genre fields for two or more of their studio albums released in the first two decades of the 21st century:


MUSE - The Resistance (2010) awarded in February 2011 and Drones (2015) awarded in February 2016

Adele - 21 (2011) and 25 (2016)


Coldplay - Parachutes (2001) and A Rush of Blood To The Head (2002) and Viva La Vida Or Death And All Of His Friends (2008)

Radiohead -  Kid A (2000) and In Rainbows (2008)    Note:  The band also won for OK Computer in 1997 


Other UK artists who have won GRAMMY Awards for at least one album released during this period include:

Paul McCartney

Elton John

David Bowie

Robert Plant


Ed Sheeran

Sam Smith

Mumford & Sons

Amy Winehouse


Other notable artists [not all-inclusive] who have received the most GRAMMY Awards for different albums released during their career:

Tony Bennett (14) 

Alison Krauss (10)

Stephen Sondheim (6)

Kanye West (6) 

Eminem (6)

Beyonce (5)

Eric Clapton (5) - Includes one for Concert for Bangladesh in 1973

Foo Fighters (5)

Lady Gaga (5)

U2 (4)  

Bob Dylan (4)

Beck (4) 

Michael Buble (4)

[Dixie] Chicks (4)

Paul Simon (3)

Bruce Springsteen (3)

Stevie Wonder (3)

Frank Sinatra (3)

Taylor Swift (3)

Green Day (3)

White Stripes (3)

Bonnie Raitt (3)

Lauren Hill (3)

Bruno Mars (3)

The Rolling Stones (2)

Jay-Z (2)

Barbra Streisand (2)

Madonna (2) - Ray of Light in 1999 and Confessions On A Dance Floor in 2007

Phil Collins (2)

Black Keys (2)

Vampire Weekend (2)

Cage The Elephant (2)

Daft Punk (2)

Kendrick Lamar (2)

Alanis Morissette (2)

Sheryl Crow (2)

Norah Jones (2)

Natalie Cole (2)

Kelly Clarkson (2)

Kacey Musgraves (2)

Willie Nelson (2)

Miranda Lambert (2)

Lady A (2)

OutKast (2)

Herbie Hancock (2)

Henry Mancini (2)

St. Vincent (2)

The Beatles (1) - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1968

John Lennon (1) - Double Fantasy in 1982

George Harrison (1) - Concert for Bangladesh in 1973

Ringo Starr (1) - Concert for Bangladesh in 1973

Led Zeppelin (1)

Metallica (1)

Fleetwood Mac (1) - Rumours in 1978

Michael Jackson (1) - Thriller in 1984

Ray Charles (1)

Whitney Houston (1) - The Bodyguard:  Original Soundtrack in 1994

Tina Turner (1)

Billy Joel (1)

Elvis Costello (1)

Lionel Richie (1)

Celine Dion (1)

Judy Garland (1)

Billie Eilish (1)

Nirvana (1)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (1)

The Strokes (1)

Arcade Fire (1)

Beastie Boys (1)

The War On Drugs (1)

Tom Waits (1)

Santana (1)

John Mayer (1)

George Michael (1) - Faith in 1989

Glen Campbell (1)

Justin Timberlake (1)

Drake (1)

John Fogerty (1)

Bon Iver (1)

Fiona Apple (1)

Toto (1)

Wilco (1)

Phoenix (1)

Steely Dan (1)

Gnarls Barkley (1)

The National (1)

Alabama Shakes (1)

Greta van Fleet (1)

Gotye (1)

Christopher Cross (1)

Jethro Tull (1)

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Most career MUSE festival gigs:

20 - Big Day Out (17 in Australia and 3 in New Zealand) from 2004-2010

12 - Reading and Leeds Festivals (UK) from 1999-2017  [Dom saw RATM at Reading in 1996]

12 - Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Festivals (Germany) from 2000-2018  [Two more gigs are scheduled at this festival in 2022]

8 - Rock Werchter (Belgium) from 2000-2019  [A non-festival gig at this venue also took place in 2013]

6 - V Festival (UK) from 2001-2008

6 - Summer Sonic Festival (3 in Tokyo and 3 in Osaka, Japan) from 2000-2013

5 - Glastonbury (UK) from 1999-2016  [Matt saw Jeff Buckley perform at this festival in 1995]

5 - T in the Park (Scotland) from 1999-2010

5 - Roskilde (Denmark) from 2000-2015

5 - Lollapalooza (3 in the USA, 1 in Brazil and 1 in Germany) from 2007-2017

5 - Austin City Limits (USA) from 2006-2013

5 - Rock in Rio (3 in Portugal and 2 in Brazil) from 2008-2019

4 - Coachella (USA) from 2004-2014

4 - Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) from 2002-2015

4 - Festival de Nimes (France) from 2001-2016

4 - Les Vieilles Charrues (France) from 2000-2015

3 - Eurockeennes de Belfort (France) from 2000-2006   [Another gig at this venue is scheduled in 2022]

3 - Benicassim (Spain) from 2002-2016

3 - Oxegen Festival (Ireland) from 2004-2010

3 - Sziget Festival (Hungary) from 2002-2016


Number of festival gigs (over 300) by calendar year (in descending order):

44 - 2004  [Includes special holiday shows]

37 - 2000

32 - 2007

27 -2010

24 - 2015

23 - 2002

21 - 2001

19 - 2006

16 - 1999

15 - 2022  [Subject to change]

15 - 2016

14 - 2017

11 - 2018  [Includes special holiday shows]

10 - 2014

8 - 2008

7 - 2011

6 - 2019

4 - 2009  [Includes special radio station holiday shows]

3 - 2013

3 - 1998

1 - 2005  [Live 8 in Paris]

0 - 2003

0 - 2012

0 - 2020   

0 - 2021  


Notable cancelled career gigs for various reasons:

Hannover Germany on 1 February 2000 supporting band Bush - After winning the NME award for Best New Band, an engine on their private plane caught fire on the runway and they had to return to London City Airport - Tragedy narrowly averted  [Re-scheduled later on 10 February 2000]

Eurockeennes Festival in France and Nova Rock Festival in Austria gigs in 2021 because of the Covid 19-pandemic  [Re-scheduled in 2022]

Berlin Germany in 2020 - Global Citizens Festival gig because of the Covid-19 pandemic

Istanbul Turkey in 2016 - Attempted coup d'etat

Sao Paulo Brazil in 2014 - Matt's laryngitis

Stockholm in Sweden in July 2010 - Unforeseen Circumstances

Stockholm and Malmo in Sweden in 2012 - Matt's broken foot  [Another show in Oslo in Norway was cancelled and re-scheduled in 2013]

Battersea Power Station in London in 2012 - Re-scheduled later at the Roundhouse in London for the iTunes Festival

Live Earth concert at Wembley in London on 7 July 2007 - Conflict with Oxegen Festival gig in Dublin the same day and hypocrisy of flying in private jets to the benefit concert

Porto and Lisbon Portugal in 2002 - Chris suffered an injury boarding a train  [Both shows re-scheduled later in 2002]'

Bergamo Italy in 2004 - Bereavement Leave for Dom after the Glastonbury gig in the UK

Hurricane Festival at the Eichenring in Scheessel near Bremen Germany in 2006 -  Heavy rain and strong winds 

Bremen Germany on 27 October 2001 because of logistical problems with band's equipment in Paris during the Hullabaloo gigs at Le Zenith the following two days

Besancon France on 30 October 2001 - Logistical Problems

Paris radio show in June 2002 - Acoustic instruments for the band did not arrive in time

USA shows (8) in 2007 with My Chemical Romance - Reported food poisoning among some MCR band members and crews

USA shows (3) in Illinois and Texas in 2004 supporting The Cure on the second stage - Chris suffered a wrist injury in Chicago playing football

USA shows (2) in Kansas City and St. Louis in November 2010 - Family Leave for Chris  [Shows in Columbus and Cincinnati were moved to October instead of November]

USA show (shortened) in Atlanta GA in 2004 - The gig was cancelled part way through Citizen Erased due to Matt's face injury  

USA show in Philadelphia PA in 2004 - Due to Matt smashing his face with his guitar at the previous show in Atlanta

USA show (shortened) at Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago IL in 2017  -  Due to lightning strikes and rainfall the band had to leave the stage after performing only 3 songs 

USA shows in Las Vegas NV and San Diego CA in 2015 - Unforeseen logistical and technical challenges  [Re-scheduled in early 2016]

USA show in Uniondale NY in 2013 - Scheduling conflicts

USA show in Denver CO in 2010 - Snow  [Show was re-scheduled later in 2010]

USA show in Camden NJ on 8 September 2001  - Lack of high-profile opening acts to support headliners Eminem and Linkin Park at this Reading USA festival according to organisers.  MUSE was added late to the bill as support to no avail.

USA show at Mercury Lounge in New York City on 10 September 2001 - Unknown Reason

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Two venue one-night attendance records set by MUSE on the band's worldwide Drones concert tour:

21,000 at the O2 Arena - London in April 2016   Total attendance for 5-night stand at this venue:  92,000+

16,669 at the Barclaycard [WiZink] Center - Madrid in May 2016   Total attendance for 2-night stand at this venue:  33,000+

These records were later broken by Metallica during their Worldwired concert tour in 2017 [22,122 at the O2] and 2018 (17,000 at WiZink].  Both Q-Prime managed clients used 360 degree center stages for their tours.


First week sales for fifth studio album The Resistance in September 2009:

148,000 - United Kingdom  [Over 800,000 sold cumulative release to date]  

128,000 - United States  [Over 1 million sold cumulative release to date]

53,000 - France  [Over 800,000 sold cumulative release to date

500,000 (Est.) - Worldwide  [Around 4 million sold cumulative release to date]

By comparison with first week sales for recent 2021 UK chart-topping albums by the following artists:

261,000  - 30  Adele  [839,000 equivalen album units on th US Billboared 200 album chart]

204,000  - Voyage  ABBA   [82,000 equivalent album units on the US Billboard 200 album chart] 

139,000  - = (Equals)  Ed Sheeran  [118,000 equivalent album units on the US Billboard 200 album chart]

101,000 - Music Of The Spheres  Coldplay  [57,000 equivalent album units on the US Billboard 200 album chart]



First Club, Festival, Arena and Stadium Gigs in America:

31 October/Early November 1998 - Mercury Lounge in New York City  (CMJ music marathon conference and record label showcase for up-and-coming artists)  Reps from Maverick and Columbia Records spotted them and invited the trio to audition for them later in the year

25 July 1999 - Woodstock Festival in Rome NY  [MUSE opened their set with 'Sunburn' and RHCP closed their set with 'Fire']

24 March 2000 - Target Center in Minneapolis MN  [Support for Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers]

23 September 2009 - Giants Stadium in East Rutherford NJ  (Support for U2's massive 360 degree worldwide concert tour]


MUSE have played a total of 72 gigs in California which would rank the state as the fifth most played market behind the UK, USA, France and Germany and just ahead of Australia in the number of career performances.  If California were its own nation, it would be the fifth largest economy in the world behind the USA, China, Japan, and Germany and larger than the UK's (GDP) Gross Domestic Product and those of India, France, Italy , Canada and South Korea as well.


Number of Stadium Gigs (80) Ranked by Nation/Market:

12  England  [Headliners at seven stadiums in London, Manchester, Coventry and Bristol from 2007-2019]

10  France  [Headliners at five stadiums in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Nice from 2007-2019]

10  United States  [Support for U2 for nine shows in eight cities in 2009 and for RATM for one show in Los Angeles in 2011]

7  Italy  [Headliners at three stadiums in Milan, Rome and Turin from 2010 to 2019]

5  Russia  [Headliners at four stadiums in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 2007 to 2019]

4  Spain  [Headliners at four stadiums in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao from 2010 to 2019]

3  Mexico  [Headliners at Foro Sol for three shows in 2010 and 2019]

3  Germany  [Headliners at stadium shows in Cologne, Munich and Gelsenkirchen in 2015 and 2019]

3  Brazil  [Support for U2 at one stadium for three shows in 2011]

3  Argentina  [Support for U2 at one stadium for three shows in 2011]

3  New Zealand  [Big Day Out at one stadium in Auckland for shows in 2004, 2007 and 2010]

2  Switzerland  [Headliners at one stadium in Bern for shows in 2010 and 2013)

2  Japan  [Headliners at the Saitama Super Arena for two shows in 2013]

2  Singapore [Headliners at the Indoor Stadium for two shows in 2010 and 2015]

1  Netherlands [Headliner at Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam for one show in 2013]

1  Portugal  [Headliner at Estadio do Dragao in Oporto for one show in 2013]

1  Scotland  [Headliner at one stadium in Edinburgh for a festival gig in 2006 with My Chemical Romance]

1  Ireland  [Headliner at one stadium in Dublin for a show in 2008 with Kasabian]

1  Finland  [Headliner at one stadium in Helsinki in 2013]

1  Norway  [Headliner at one stadium in Bergen in 2013]

1  Denmark [Headliner at one stadium in Copenhagen in 2009]

1  South Korea  [Headliner at one stadium festival gig in Seoul in 2013]

1  Monaco  [Headliner at Stade Louis II stadium in 2007]

1  Sweden [Support for Depeche Mode at one stadium gig in Stockholm in 2006]

1  Chile  [Support for U2 at at one stadium in Santiago in 2011]

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The just announced festival gig in Odense in 2022 will be the band's second ever festival performance on Funen the third largest island of Denmark.  The first festival show there took place at Ringe in 2002.  They have played twelve gigs in Copenhagen beginning in late 1999, five Roskilde festival gigs and one show in Aarhus. 

Trivia Questions:

What gig in Japan did Matt play a few bars from two Rachmaninoff preludes as intros to 'Sunburn' and 'Screenager'?  

One of these pieces [Prelude in C Sharp Minor] was also performed by what American singer-songwriter in 1998 who described it as 'Punkrockmoninoff'?  

What 'Wannabe' audio engineers/mixers/producers for the Spice Girls in 1995 later went on to win the GRAMMY Award for Best Rock Album (2010) for The Resistance with MUSE as performing artists and producers?


Osaka - IMP Hall on 2 December 2001   Check out the footage on YouTube for their tour in Japan that year in which they also celebrated Chris Wolstenholme's birthday

Elliott Smith in the Strange Parallel film in 1998    There is also a clip of his performance on YouTube

Adrian Bushby and Mark Stent

Mr. Bushby won his first Best Rock Album GRAMMY for Foo Fighters' Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)  and has also worked on several other MUSE recordings ('Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever]' and The 2nd Law album with Tommaso Colliva and 'Dig Down' on the Simulation Theory album.  He reportedly worked on LP9 with MUSE at Abbey Road Studios this summer and posted a pic with Dom while drum tracking.  Some of his other notable clients:  U2, Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Jamiroquai, and Feeder

Mr. Stent has won GRAMMYS for his mixing work on albums with Madonna and Beyonce and has been nominated for albums with other notable artists Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.

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Supermassive Black Hole is the second MUSE (band) song to reach 300 million streams on Spotify after Uprising which has now surpassed 400 million streams on that platform.  Streams for all MUSE tracks on Spotify now total over 3.5 billion generating between an estimated $10 million to $15 million in royalties for the record label, band, songwriter (Matt), music publisher, and various middlemen (performance rights organisations, distributors, and music licensing companies).  The songwriter share is only about 16% for streaming royalties.


MUSE (instrument) recently discovered the closest pair of supermassive black holes to earth in a galaxy in the constellation Aquarius.  Astronomers studied the spectra of the bright stars around each of the black holes using the Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) instrument on a very large telescope (VLT) in Chile.  These two black holes are on a collision course and will eventually merge into one supermassive black hole.  A visitor noticed artwork from Black Holes and Revelations on the stairwell leading to the MUSE platform and European Southern Observatory (ESO) telescope.



The five most listened to official audio streams of songs from Origin of Symmetry (XX Anniversary RemiXX) on YouTube are:

Citizen Erased

New Born


Micro Cuts

Space Dementia


In a 2012 interview which early MUSE gig did Chris say only about 3 people were in attendance which made them feel like maybe the band was going nowhere and they were wasting their time?  One of those in attendance however was Dennis Smith the owner of Sawmills in Cornwall who offered the Devon trio time in his studio to record an EP for release on his label.  Oasis had worked on their debut album Definitely Maybe at this same studio in 1994.  A music journalist at the show declined to write a review saying the band was 'boring.'

11 October 1995 at the Berkeley Centre in Cambourne, England 

A rare cassette tape with a recording lasting about 44 minutes of MUSE performing at this Cambridgeshire venue was listed for sale at OMEGA Auctions on 30 November 2021.  The vendor in Devon valued this item at 1,000+ GBP but reportedly received no bids at the auction so it remains unsold.


How to spell MUSE in Greek?







Recent social media posts appear to indicate the first single from studio LP9 may be on the horizon with the release of the album perhaps later in 2022


Below are some album chart numbers for MUSE and Adele for their discography over the years.  Streaming appears to have negatively impacted traditional pure album sales in the past five or six years.  

First week album sales in the UK as reported by the Official Charts Company 

800,307  25  (2015)  -   Over 3.6 million sold to date

261,000  30  (2021)  -  About 175,000 pure album sales in its debut week [Not including track streams]

208,000  21 (2011)    Over 5.2 million sold to date

148,161  The Resistance  (2009)  -  Over 800,000 sold to date

115,144  Black Holes and Revelations (2006)   About 1.2 million sold to date

108,536  The 2nd Law  (2012)  -  About 400,000 sold to date

73,000  19  (2008)  -  Over 2.4 million sold to date

72,863  Drones  (2015)  -  About 200,000 sold to date

71,577  Absolution  (2003)  -  About  950,000 sold to date

45,652  Origin of Symmetry  (2001)  -  About 700,000 sold to date

45,276  HAARP  Live at Wembley Stadium  (2008)  -  About 200,000 sold to date

44,320  Simulation Theory  (2018)  -  Over 100,000 sold to date

16,384  Hullabaloo  (2002)  -  About 200,000 sold to date

10,509  Live At Rome Olympic Stadium (2013)  -  About 25,000 sold to date

5,000  Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX  (2021)  Estimated 

2,901  Showbiz  (1999)  -  Over 500,000 sold to date

1,000  Origin of Muse  (2019)  Estimated


First week album sales in the USA as reported on the Billboard 200 chart 

3,480,000  25  (2015)  -  Over 9 million sold to date

839,000  30  (2021) -  About 700,000 pure album sales in its debut week [Not including streaming and track equivalents]

352,000  21 (2011)   -  Over 12 million sold to date

128,000  The Resistance  (2009)  -  Over 1 million sold to date

102,000  The 2nd Law  (2012)   -  Over 500,0000 sold to date

84,000  Drones  (2015)  -  Over 300,000 sold to date

48,000  Black Holes and Revelations (2006)  -  Over 1 million sold to date

36,000  Simulation Theory (2018)  -  Over 200,000 sold to date

25,000  HAARP Live at Wembley Stadium  (2008)  Estimated

20,000  19  (2008)  -  Over 3 million sold to date

5,000  Live at Rome Olympic Stadium  (2013)  Estimated

3,500  Origin of Symmetry  (2010)  Estimated

3,000  Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX  (2021)  Estimated 

2,500  Absolution  (2004)  -  Over 1 million sold to date

1,000  Origin of Muse (2019)  -  Estimated

<1,000  Showbiz  (1999)  -  Estimated

<500  Hullabaloo  (2001)  -  Estimated

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Number of career MUSE gigs in the following cities hosting upcoming Round of 16 club football matches in the 2022 UEFA Champions League knockout phase:

113 - London (Chelsea) England

49 - Paris (Paris Saint-Germain) France

27 - Manchester (Manchester City, Manchester United) England

19 - Milan (Internazionale) Italy

16 - Madrid (Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid) Spain - Another gig at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid is scheduled for 8 July 2022

14 - Munich (Bayern Munich) Germany

11 - Lisbon (Benfica, Sporting CP) Portugal

10 - Amsterdam (Ajax) Netherlands

5 - Turin (Juventus) Italy

5 - Lille (Lille) France

4 - Liverpool (Liverpool) England - Birthplace of The Beatles

3 - Villarrreal (Villareal) in Castellon Province, Valencian Community, Spain - MUSE have played 3 festival gigs at nearby Benicassim

1 - Salzburg (Red Bull Salzburg) Austria - Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

MUSE have performed at five of the team stadiums in the above cities (Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam; Etihad Stadium in Manchester; Estadio Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid; Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) in Milan; and Parc des Princes in Paris. 

Chris has also attended a 2016 UEFA CL semi-final match at the Estadio Santiago Bernebeu in Madrid, while Matt has attended an EPL match at Stamford Bridge in London in 2011.  Matt and Chris also both watched the England v Denmark Euros match at Wembley in July 2021.  Lastly, Chris attended the FA Cup final match won by Chelsea v Manchester United in May 2007 at Wembley shortly before MUSE played two sold-out nights at the same venue the following month.

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Christmas Anniversaries:

26 years ago on 19 December 1995 MUSE played a college Christmas party at Cavern in Exeter, Devon.  24 songs were on the setlist including reportedly a very early version of Muscle Museum.

17 years ago a colleague of mine at work gave me an Absolution CD as a Christmas gift.  

Absolution was released in the UK and most markets in September 2003.  However, it was not released in the United States until March 2004.

Absolution spent 68 consecutive weeks on the Billboard  Heatseekers Chart debuting at #13 in April 2004 and made its last appearance in July 2005 at position #40.  It also spent 28 week on the Billboard  200 albums chart peaking at #107 in May 2004. It was the first MUSE album to be certified GOLD (500,000 units sold) by the RIAA in America in early 2007 and was later certifed PLATINUM (1 million units) in June 2016.

The band's first single 'Time Is Running Out' debuted at #38 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart in April 2004 spending 21 weeks on this tally peaking at #9.  It was certified GOLD (500,000 units) by the RIAA in early 2015.  It is also the group's second highest charting single in the UK at position #8.  'Supermassive Black Hole' reached #4.

MUSE played a total of 69 gigs (several supporting The Cure] in the USA during 2004 and 13 gigs [Campus Invasion Tour] in the first half of 2005 promoting the album and singles including 'Hysteria' which spent a total of 28 weeks on the Alternative Airplay survey and also peaked at #9.  The first two singles from the album also were playlisted at MTV2.


What two albums inspired Matt to feature a bass clarinet in 'I Belong to You' on The Resistance?  

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Pet Sounds

'When I'm Sixty-Four' by The Beatles and 'You Still Believe In Me' by The Beach Boys both include a bass clarinet in their song instrumentations

Tchaikovsky also featured the bass clarinet in 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' from the Nutcracker Suite


Social and political commentary songs written by George Harrison and Matt Bellamy which address corporate and bankers greed, class divisions, excessive risk taking by stock brokers and hedge fund managers, anti-competitive company acquisitions and mergers to form monopolies, corruption by bankers and politicians, ecological damage, and warmongering:

'Piggies' and 'Taxman'

'Dig Down' and 'Thought Contagion' and 'Propaganda'

'Psycho' and 'Reapers' and 'Drones' and 'The Handler' and 'Globalist'

'Animals' and 'Explorers' and 'Supremacy' and 'Unsustainable'

'Uprising' and 'Resistance' and 'United States of Eurasia/Collateral Damage' and 'Unnatural Selection' 

'Take A Bow' and 'Soldiers Poem' and 'City of Delusion' and 'Knights of Cydonia'

'Stockholm Syndrome' and 'Time Is Running Out' and 'Hysteria' and 'Sing For Absolution'

'Citizen Erased'

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Earliest releases of a MUSE lead single/studio album in a calendar year:

'Thought Contagion' - February 2018    'Dig Down' had been released much earlier in May 2017 a year and a half  before Simulation Theory came out in November 2018

'Plug In Baby' - March 2001

'Psycho' and 'Dead Inside' - March 2015

Other singles released in the month of February such as 'Sunburn' in 2000 and 'Resistance' in 2010 were the fourth and third singles released from their respective albums Showbiz and The Resistance

Drones - June 2015

Origin of Symmetry - June 2001

Black Holes and Revelations - July 2006

Unofficial Speculation:

The first single(s) [perhaps nu-metal 'Won't Stand Down' and/or a more radio-friendly track] from LP9 may follow the same timeline release marketing schedule as those from Drones since festival gig dates are scheduled for the band in June and July 2022.  They could also surprise us and release a promo single in January 2022.  Remember a snippet of 'Psycho' was shared with fans on 8 March 2015 and the track was available to download a few days later on 12 March along with a lyric video on YouTube.

The new album could be released sometime either in the May/June/July period or the August/September/October period assuming arena gig dates are scheduled in the last quarter of 2022 and the first half of 2023.  A few promo club gigs may also be scheduled before the official album release date announcement.  Everything is subject to change depending on the status of the pandemic and the protocols in effect  in particular countries when the festivals take place next summer.

Arctic Monkeys are also planning to release a new album in the new year and play festivals in August and September 2022 in Europe and America.


Most downloaded MUSE albums on the Apple iTunes Top 200 Alternative Rock Genre charts in various markets during the the past few days from 24-27 December 2021:

France (11 total MUSE albums including HAARP  + Live at Rome Olympic Stadium) - #28 The Resistance is the best-seller on the tally

Italy (10) - #8 The 2nd Law

Spain (10) - #9 The Resistance

Portugal (10) - #7 The Resistance

Mexico (10) - #5 Drones

Netherlands (9) - #12 Drones

Belgium (9) - #13 The Resistance

Russia (9) - #6 Drones

Hong Kong [China] (9) - #7 Drones

Norway (8) - #5 The Resistance

Finland (8) - #2 The Resistance

Latvia (8) - #5 The 2nd Law

Turkey (8) - #11 Drones

Switzerland (7) - #10 The Resistance

Austria (7) - #12 The Resistance

Greece (7) - #9 The Resistance

Argentina (7) - #18 Drones

Chile (7) - #28 Drones

Colombia (7) - #17 Drones

United Kingdom (6) - #58 Black Holes and Revelations

Czech Republic (6) - #15 Drones

Hungary (6) - #22 The 2nd Law

Estonia (6) - #19 The 2nd Law

Peru (6) - #28 Drones

Germany (5) - #29 The Resistance

Denmark (5) - #7 The Resistance

Sweden (5) - #11 The Resistance

New Zealand (5) - #25 The Resistance

Canada (4) - #73 The Resistance

Ireland (4) - #42 The Resistance

Poland (4) - #26 Drones

Japan (4) - #38 Drones

Australia (3) - #33 The Resistance

Singapore (1) - #99 Drones

Ukraine (1) - #16 Drones [All Genres]

Israel (1) - #82 Drones [All Genres]

United States (1) - #91 Black Holes and Revelations

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Chaos and Protests

Turmoil and Uncertainty

The Age of Irrationality

Disinformation and False Narratives

'Psychological War'

Can't wait for the 'counter attack' to begin with WSD and LP9!!


Top British groups ranked by total number of video views on YouTube:


One Direction


Clean Bandit

Little Mix


Arctic Monkeys

The Beatles




The Police


Mumford & Sons

The Rolling Stones


The top British solo artists on YouTube are:  Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Adele, Dua Lipa, and Sam Smith  


Top songs ranked by total number of streams combined on Spotify and YouTube as of end of 2021:

Uprising  640 million-plus

Starlight  433 million-plus

Madness  415 million-plus

Supermassive Black Hole  379 million-plus

Hysteria  269 million-plus

Knights of Cydonia  261 million-plus

Psycho  254 million-plus

Undisclosed Desires  236 million-plus

Time Is Running Out  235 million-plus

Resistance   191 million-plus

Plug In Baby  162 million-plus

Feeling Good  153 million-plus

Dead Inside  117 million-plus

Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)  110 million-plus

New Born  100 million-plus

Mercy  97 million-plus

Supremacy  97 million-plus

Pressure  94 million-plus

Thought Contagion  84 million-plus

Panic Station  81 million-plus

Dig Down  73 million-plus

Bliss  72 million-plus

Unintended  72 million-plus

Reapers  64 million-plus

Stockholm Syndrome - 60 million-plus

The Handler  56 million-plus

Follow Me  55 million-plus

Map Of The Problematique  52 million-plus

The Dark Side   50 million-plus

Something Human  47 million-plus

Sunburn  44 million-plus

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Won't Stand Down could become the band's 17th Top 10 on the Alternative Airplay chart and the 4th Top 10 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart in America.   If the first track from LP9 receives around 200 plays/spins on the first day of release on Thursday 13 January 2022, it could debut in the Top 40 on the Alternative National Airplay surveys released on 18 January by MRC Data/Billboard and Mediabase. 

Various tracks from the last four studio albums have all hit #1 including Uprising, Resistance, Madness, Dead Inside, and Thought Contagion.  Starlight from a fifth studio album just missed the top spot peaking at #2 in 2007.  Four singles released from Simulation Theory all reached the Top 10 on that tally as well. 

Reapers is the band's biggest hit at Mainstream Rock peaking at #2 after spending 23 weeks on the chart. 

A music video for the 'intense' WSD will also drop on Thursday per Jesse Lee Stout who is the band's creative director for this project.


Top 4 Attendance (estimated) for all MUSE concerts held at arenas and stadiums worldwide ranked by calendar year [excluding festival gigs]:

2013 - 1,378,000  (78 shows)

2019 - 1,316,000 (55 shows)

2010 - 1,158,000  (65 shows)

2016 - 965,000  (67 shows)

Total Career Estimated Concert Attendance (1994-2021) - Over 7 million tickets sold


Attendance (estimated) for all MUSE concerts held at clubs and arenas in the United States ranked by album era and calendar years (excluding festival gigs and shows supporting other bands such as U2, Rage Against The Machine, My Chemical Romance, The Cure, and RHCP/Foo Fighters):

2019-2021    159,000  (17 shows)

2015-2018    361,000  (32 shows)

2012-2014    341,000  (36 shows)

2009-2011    359,000  (35 shows)

2006-2008    134,000  (32 shows)

2004-2005      47,000  (45 shows)

2001-2003          - 0 -

1998-2000        1,000  (21 shows including three record label auditions and showcase gigs)

TOTAL        1,402,000


First radio interview in the United States including an acoustic performance of seven tracks from Showibiz:

3 August 1999 KCRW in Santa Monica, California  


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'Won't Stand Down'  MUSE

Matt says the first single from LP9 is about "standing your ground against bullies anywhere [on the playground, at school, at work, domestic partners/spouses,  politicians/governments] and protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation [gaslighting] and facing adversity with strength, confidence, and aggression."

Debut peak chart positions in various markets during the first two days of its official release on Thursday 13 January 2022 

Top Songs at Apple iTunes (Downloads) - All Genres

#1 United Kingdom

#1 Austria

#1 Switzerland

#1 Mexico

#1 Finland

#1 Lithuania

#1 Luxembourg

#1 Bulgaria

#1 Mozambique

#2 France

#2 Belgium

#2 Italy

#2 Netherlands

#2 Chile

#3 Slovakia

#3 Egypt

#4 Germany

#4 Ukraine (Music video was filmed in Kyiv)

#5 Ireland

#5 Hungary

#6 Spain

#6 Canada

#6 Denmark

#6 Sweden

#6 Greece

#6 Israel

#7 Portugal

#9 New Zealand

#9 Colombia

#9 United Arab Emirates

#10 Singapore

#11 Australia

#11 Peru

#15 United States  (#1 Alternative)

#20 Norway

#23 Turkey

#24 Russia

#24 Poland

#30 Malaysia

#35 Brazil

#35 Czech Republic

#35 Indonesia

#43 Taiwan

#47 Hong Kong

#48 South Africa

#70 Belarus

#78 Thailand

#98 Japan

Top Songs at Apple Music (Streaming) - All Genres

#24 Finland

#29 Iceland

#44 Netherlands

#49 Switzerland

#50 Luxembourg

#64 Belgium

#79 Norway

#79 Sweden

#83 Portugal

#88 Venezuela

#110 Belarus

#110 Maldives

#112 Malta

#128 Austria

#136 Denmark

#147 United Kingdom

#169 Mexico

#177 France

#177 Lebanon

#184 Poland

#195 Greece

#199 Ireland

#200 Spain


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'Won't Stand Down'  MUSE

1.2 million global views on YouTube for the official music video 24 hours after release, trended as high as #17 worldwide


Official Charts Company - Weekly Charts Debut Position

#21 United Kingdom - Singles Sales  (Downloads on Thursday from 3 PM to Midnight GMT)


Spotify Streaming Charts Debut Positions

#121 United Kingdom  (63,787 streams on Thursday) 

#144 Belgium

#151 Netherlands


Mediabase Daily Airplay Tracking Chart Debuts

#45 United States  (177 spins at Alternative radio stations on Thursday)  Audience Ranking #23

#48 United States (88 spins at Active Rock radio stations on Thursday)  Audience Ranking #25


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'WSD' Updates 

Apple iTunes (Downloads) - Chart Positions on Saturday

#1 Switzerland and Mexico

#2 France and Chile

#3 Belgium

#4 United Kingdom and Italy

#6 Netherlands

#8 Sweden

#10 Germany

#28 United States


Amazon Music (Best Sellers in Song Downloads) - Chart Positions on Saturday

#2 United Kingdom

#14 United States


Spotify (Streaming)

#116 Global with 1,000,919 total streams worldwide on Friday in some notable markets below

#29 Finland

#36 Belgium

#42 United Kingdom with 116,976 streams 

#48 Switzerland

#53 Estonia

#55 Netherlands with 58,801 streams

#56 Russia

#70 Iceland

#75 Latvia

#88 France with 74,833 streams

#97 Portugal

#111 Norway

#113 Austria

#114 Lithuania

#133 Ukraine

#154 Hungary

#175 Bulgaria

#183 Greece

#192 South Korea

#193 Ireland

#200 Sweden


YouTube (Streaming)

Official music video will pass 2.5 million total worldwide views this weekend


Mediabase (Airplay in the United States)

#37(+8) with 287(+110) spins at Alternative on Friday

#43(+5) with 130(+42) spins at Active Rock on Friday

WSD will likely debut at slightly higher positions on the weekly published charts released by Mediabase on Sunday despite only 3 days of airplay. Billboard's tracking week ended on Thursday so the song may have to wait another week before debuting on its airplay charts. 


Deezer (Streaming) - Debut Peak Chart Positions

#4 Ukraine

#7 Israel

#9 Portugal

#13 South Korea

#15 Russia

#19 Switzerland

#19 Latvia

#23 Poland

#24 Finland

#24 Slovenia

#30 Canada

#31 Ireland

#32 Romania

#42 Belgium

#43 Czech Republic

#43 Japan

#46 Estonia

#47 United Kingdom

#48 Indonesia

#51 France

#52 Spain

#56 Netherlands

#59 Lithuania

#76 Chile

#89 Austria

#90 Sweden

#95 Norway

#100 Malaysia


Shazam (Most seached songs rankings)

#61 Switzerland

#66 Belgium

#66 Sweden

#72 Austria

#93 Finland

#97 Netherlands

#123 Italy

#200 New Zealand

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On 1/15/2022 at 2:27 PM, Jobby said:

look at muse samuse still going in 2022! god, I love this place

Thanks for the shout-out.  Much appreciated!


WSD has accumulated over 243,000 streams at Spotify in the UK over the past three days ranking at #137 on Saturday.

Worldwide the new track now has over 2 million streams during this short time span at the world's largest music streaming service provider.


While Tyler Joseph was singing 'Ride' last night at the Forum in Los Angeles at the iHeartRadio ALTer EGO concert and Matt was dancing and perhaps unintentionally upstaging the frontman, both songwriters had something to celebrate at radio in the United States:

Mediabase Alternative Chart 

#1 'The Outside' - twenty one pilots  (Replacing The Lumineers song 'Brightside' at the summit)

#33 'Won't Stand Down' - MUSE  (Debut with 367 weekly spins from Thursday to Saturday and most added song this past week at that format)

Mediabase Active Rock Chart

#37 Won't Stand Down - MUSE  (Debut with 162 weekly spins from Thursday to Saturday and tied for most added song this past week at that format with the new track 'Brother The Cloud' from Eddie Vedder)

Coldplay also performed earlier at this gig and among the songs on the band's setlist were at least three which were somewhat inspired or influenced by MUSE:  'Clocks' and 'Fix You' and 'Pride Of The People'   

Tyler played a snippet of 'Yellow' before 'Ride.'   He has cited both MUSE and Coldplay as influences on his musical career.

Other artists who have current songs playlisted at Alternative radio and who also performed at this concert:  Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, All Time Low, Maneskin, Cannons, and WILLOW

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UK Official Charts Update:

Won't Stand Down is on track to enter next week's Official Singles Top 100 chart.  It occupies position #39 on the midweek chart covering sales and streaming for the past weekend.   

In the UK, WSD still ranks in the Top 20 at iTunes on Tuesday and on Monday it placed at #173 at Spotify with an additional 53K streams for a cumulative total of just under 350,000 total streams to date in their homeland and approaching 3 million plays worldwide.

The WSD official music video has just passed 3.5 million views worldwide averaging about 600,000 daily views since Thursday.

Plug In Baby has now crossed the 100 million streams threshold at Spotify.

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Chart Debuts in the United States

'Won't Stand Down'  MUSE

#18 Rock and Alternative Airplay  (Songs ranked by audience)

#27 Alternative  (Songs ranked by spins/plays)

#34 Mainstream Rock  (Songs ranked by spins/plays)

#11 Hard Rock Digital Song Sales  (Downloads) - First ever appearance for the band on this chart

#20 Hot Hard Rock Songs  (Songs ranked by sales, airplay, and streams) - First ever appearance for the band on this chart

Impressive debut chart positions for WSD because they measured airplay from Thursday thru Saturday or Sunday instead of a full week for other songs on these tallies. More than 100 Alternative and Mainstream rock radio stations in America have now added the track to their playlists this week per Mediabase.


WSD took the #5 spot on on the Global Debut Song streaming chart this past weekend (January 14-16, 2022).


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'Won't Stand Down'  MUSE

Chart Debut/Peak Positions  

#1  UK Official Rock & Metal Singles (OCC)   [#21 'Supermassive Black Hole' with 498 weeks on chart]

#11(+10)  UK Official Singles Sales/Downloads (OCC)

#56  UK Official Singles Top 100 (OCC)   [Highest debut chart position for a single since 'Psycho' peaked at #55 in 2015]

#7  Euro Digital Song Sales (Billboard)

#5  France Digital Song Sales (Billboard)

#118  France Top 200 Singles (SNEP)

#7  Switzerland Digital Song Sales (Billboard) 

#46  Switzerland Top 100 Singles (Schweizer Hitparade.ch)

#23  Canada Rock (Billboard)

#41  Canada Digital Song Sales (Billboard)

#50  German Download Singles Top 100 (Offizielle Deutsche Charts/MTV)

#106  Dutch Charts Singles (#6 Single Tip)  [The last single to enter the Top 100 in the Netherlands was 'Psycho' at #58]

#30  New Zealand Hot 40 Singles (RMNZ)   [Fasted-moving new tracks]

 I will update when singles charts from other markets are released in the coming days.  Since these charts are heavily skewed towards streaming and some are limited to 50 listed songs, WSD may not enter on several of these tallies (e.g., Australia, Belgium and Portugal).

WSD received over 4.3 million streams on Spotify and almost 4.5 million views of the official music video on YouTube during the first week of release (13 January-20 January) and collected over ten million audio and video streams combined on the various music platforms during the first ten days of release.  

YouTube Rankings For Week Ending 20 January

#27 Finland

#47 United Kingdom  (268K views)

#54 Netherlands

#56 Belgium

#57 France  (447K views)

#69 Switzerland

#76 Australia

#76 Canada

#77 Norway

#96 New Zealand

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Chart Positions in the United States - 2nd week of release

'Won't Stand Down'  MUSE

#13(+5)  Rock and Alternative Airplay  (Songs ranked by audience)   

#14(+13)  Alternative  (Songs ranked by plays)  

#19(+15)  Mainstream Rock  (Songs ranked by plays)  - Fastest MUSE song to reach the Top 20 on this tally

#3(+17)  Hot Hard Rock Songs  (Sales+Airplay+Streams)

#7(+4)  Hard Rock Digital Song Sales   (Downloads)

#20  Alternative Digital Song Sales  (Downloads) - Debut

#25  Hot Alternative Songs  (Sales+Airplay+Streams) - Debut

#27  Hot Rock & Alternative Songs  (Sales+Airplay+Streams) - Debut


Fastest MUSE songs to reach the Top 10 at Alternative Airplay (Billboard)

Madness - Debuted at #8 and eventually topped the chart for 19 weeks

Dead Inside -  Debuted at #11 and ascended to #7 in its second week and eventually hit the summit for 5 weeks

Uprising - Debuted at #16 and rose to #9 in its second week and eventually spent 17 week as chart champions

Won't Stand Down - Debuted at #27 and leaped to #14 in its second week and to #8 in its third week

Thought Contagion - Debuted at #30 and jumped to #13 in its second week and to #10 in its third week and eventually spent one week at the summit

Dig Down - Debuted at #27 and climbed to #12 in its second week and to #10 in its third week and eventually peaking at #3

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'Won't Stand Down'

Enters the Top 10 at #8 at Alternative radio in America on both the Billboard and Mediabase airplay charts and climbs to #13 at Mainstream/Active Rock radio in its third week of release

Artists who first charted in the 21st century with the most career Top 10 hits on the Billboard Alternative airplay tally in America

17  MUSE

17  Linkin Park

15  twenty one pilots

15  Cage The Elephant

14  Coldplay

13  Imagine Dragons

12  The Killers

11  Bastille

10  The Black Keys

9  Thirty Seconds To Mars

9  Kings of Leon

9  Rise Against

9  Mumford & Sons

8  The Lumineers

7  Silversun Pickups

6  Billie Eilish

6  The White Stripes

6  Panic! At The Disco

6  Fall Out Boy

6  My Chemical Romance

6  AJR

6  Nickelback

5  Paramore

5  Foster The People

5  Korn

Veteran acts with the most Top 10 hits at Alternative are Foo Fighters (28) followed by RHCP (26), Green Day (24), U2 (23), Pearl Jam (19), Weezer (19), and the Offspring (18).

WSD chart movements in other markets:

#15(+8)  Canada Rock - Billboard

#18(New)  Hungary Singles Top 40 - Magyar Hits List

#24(+26)  Germany Download Singles

#19(-18)  UK Official Rock & Metal Singles

#69(-58)  UK Official Singles Sales/Downloads

#126(-20)  Dutch Single Tip


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MUSE, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers this week all have tracks on both the alternative and active rock radio airplay charts in America with the recent release of the first single from RHCP's new album out 1 April ahead of their global summer stadium tour. 

Songs from these three artists already rank in the Top 10 of the Billboard Rock and Alternative Songs chart which ranks tracks by airplay audience impressions.  This is the the first time these three bands have entries in the upper tiers of these radio airplay charts concurrently.

Latest Billboard Chart Positions  

Won't Stand Down  #5 Alternative, #10 Mainstream Rock  (Selected lyric references: Gaslighting, Vicariously, Counter Attack, Psychological War)

Love Dies Young  #12 Alternative, #5 Mainstream Rock  (Selected lyric references: Resuscitation, Regeneration, Reanimation)

Black Summer  #14 Alternative,  #22  Mainstream Rock - Notable debut after only two days of airplay  (Selected Aussie lyric references: Bushfires in 2019-20, Platypus, Kangaroo)  Flea was born in Melbourne

All three bands were on the same bill at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy arena concert in France on 16 November 1999 and also played 14 gigs together in the USA in March and April 2000.  MUSE and Dave Grohl had a karaoke party night out in Dayton Ohio on 30 March 2000 after one of their shows

MUSE and RHCP have current or have had past relationships with Warner Records, Q-Prime, Guy Oseary and Rick Rubin

WSD has just surpassed 9 million global streams on Spotify and  7.5 million views on YouTube and has sold several thousand digital downloads worldwide

WSD - Top Singles chart positions elsewhere this week:

#7 Canada Rock

#95 Germany Single Downloads - 3rd week on this survey

#3 Spotify and Deezer - SMBH and Uprising are the top 2 MUSE tracks on both of those streaming platforms

#3 KROQ-FM in Los Angeles

#12 KYSR-FM in Los Angeles  [DJ and radio personality Stryker recently joined the afternoon lineup at that station after spending 22 years at KROQ.  He has conducted several memorable interviews with the band over the years which can be found on YouTube]

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  • 2 weeks later...

WSD continues its upward trajectory at rock radio in America this past week and should reach new heights at #4 at Alternative and #8 at Active Rock later this month.  Black Summer by RHCP has leapfrogged it slowing its ascent however.

Over 3,000 weekly combined plays for WSD at alternative (60%) and active rock (40%) radio stations tracked by Mediabase for the week ending 13 February which represents a 13% increase from the previous week.

The top rock acts ranked by radio audience for current singles on the Billboard  Rock & Alternative Airplay tally: 

Red Hot Chili Peppers  [Alternative, Mainstream Rock, and Triple A radio stations]

Jack White


Imagine Dragons  [Alternative radio stations - Crossing over to Top 40 Pop and Hot Adult Contemporary radio stations this week]

Foo Fighters

twenty one pilots

MUSE  [Alternative and Mainstream Rock radio stations]


Three Days Grace

Bring Me The Horizon

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China and The Olympics


Notable British artists who have played the most career gigs in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan):

Suede (24)

Elton John (20)

Sarah Brightman (19)

James Blunt (16)

Sting (9)

Pet Shop Boys (8)

MUSE (6) - Shows in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei

Duran Duran (6)

The Rolling Stones (5)

Ed Sheeran (4)

Oasis (4)

Wham! (4)

David Bowie (3)

The Police (3)

Harry Styles (3)

Iron Maiden (2)

Depeche Mode (2)

Blur (2)

One Direction (1)

Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Linkin Park, Celine Dion, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Taylor Swift are among the other Western artists with the most concerts in Greater China.  Rock bands Eagles and Metallica have also played several shows in those markets, while K-pop boy band BTS has had 15 shows.


Songs by MUSE which have been featured in recent Olympic Games:

2022  Beijing Winter Olympics in China - Butterflies and Hurricanes - Men Figure Skating by Australian Brendan Kerry

Note:  Russian women skaters Kamila Valieva and Alexandra Trusova had programs which featured Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 and Pray (High Valyrian) respectively in recent national and world championships competitions and American skater Vincent Zhou also had Algorithm in his program at recent past men's single skating national and world competitions.  Zhou and Valieva (pending further investigation) have already won medals in the team competition and Valieva and Trusova are heavily favoured to win medals in the women's single skating competition this week.   UPDATE:  Trusova placed second and won the Silver Medal while Valieva finished fourth.

2018  PyeongChang Winter Olympics in The Republic of Korea - Exogenesis: Symphony Parts 1, 2, and 3; Butterflies and Hurricanes; and Ruled By Secrecy - Ice Dance Figure Skating programs by skaters from Great Britain, Italy, and OAR (Russia) while Canadian pairs skaters Duhamel and Radford had previously skated to Neutron Star Collision, I Belong To You and Uprising in their recent past national and world competitions before switching to a song from Adele at PyeongChang. Also, Americann skater Ashley Wagner and Russian skaters Mikhael Kolyada and Maxim Kovtun have featured Exogenesis: Symphony and I Belong To You respectively in their programs during various national and world skating competitions.

2014  Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia - Exogenesis: Symphony  Part 3 - Men's Figure Skating by American Jeremy Abbott

2012  London Summer Olympics - Survival Official Song and Closing Ceremony - Map Of The Problematique and Uprising in the Opening Ceremony

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Update as of 20 February 2022

'Won't Stand Down'

Over 10 million global streams on Spotify and an estimated additional 3 million global streams on other music platforms like Deezer and Amazon

8 million global views on YouTube for the official music video

Over $100,000 estimated song royalty revenue from audio and video streaming, download sales, airplay, and sync fees

Mediabase Alternative 6-Week Chart Run for WSD in America:  #6, #5, #7, #8, #15, #33  (Rankings based on number of weekly plays)

Mediabase Active Rock 6-Week Chart Run for WSD in America:  #8, #9, #9, #13, #23, #37  (Rankings based on number of weekly plays)

Billboard Rock and Alternative Airplay 6-Week Chart Run for WSD in America:  #6, #7, #7, #6, #13, #18  (Rankings based on rock radio audience)


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