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Absolution (XX Anniversary + OG)

UK Album Chart Positions per the Official Charts Company

#2 Rock & Metal Albums 

#5 Vinyl Albums 

#20 Physical Albums (CDs+Vinyl)

#21 Album Sales, Downloads

#26 Scottish Albums (Highest chart position since February 2004)

#27 Albums Top 100 - Midweek Update

#74 Albums Top 100 - Full Week (Matches its last chart appearance position in July 2010)

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Supermassive Black Hole becomes the 2nd single to surpass 500 million streams on Spotify.  Uprising currently has over 550 million on this platform.

MUSE, The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, Blondie, and Dolly Parton are among the artists who have recorded iconic songs and albums at this recording studio located at 6000 W Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California. Details below:

Absolution (Overdubbing/Mixing album and finish recording tracks Intro, Endlessly and Falling Away With You)

Pet Sounds 

Good Vibrations and California Girls

Monday, Monday and California Dreamin'

The Tide Is High and Rapture

9 to 5 Soundtrack

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) - Scott McKenzie

Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire

Recorded at Studios Three and Five at Cello Studios (Current Name EastWest Studios and Former Name United Western Recorders from 1961-1984)

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Updated Sales in the UK:

Black Holes & Revelations - 1,194,410 units (Approaching Quadruple Platinum)
Absolution - 994,137 units (Triple Platinum)

Sources:  Official Charts Company, Music Week and BPI

Album Chart Positions in other Markets:

Absolution XX Anniversary*

#16 Spain (Top Vinyl Albums) - Reentry

#27 Belgium Wallonia (Top 200 Albums) - Reentry

#31 Netherlands (Top Vinyl Albums) - Reentry

#53 Germany (Midweek Album Top 100) - Reentry

*Limited Quantities Deluxe Box Set Remastered

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Below is a break-down of attendance and ticket sales revenue for MUSE shows at the AO arena in Manchester, England by year:

2003   14,663   $366,076      £219,945  (1 show)

2006   29,053   $1,561,258  £798,957  (2 shows)

2012   18,754   $1,500,368  £931,888  (1 show)

2016   37,777   $3,276,303  £2,280,325  (2 shows)

2023   14,584   $1,637,472  £1,298,460  (1 show)

Total  114,831  $8,341,477  £5,529,575  (7 shows)

Sources: Pollstar and various promoters



$20.9M  Wembley Stadium London [#2 £12M] - 4 shows

$20.7M  O2 Arena London [#1 £14.8M] - 13 shows

$8.3M  AO Arena Manchester - 7 shows

$7.4M  Emirates Stadium London - 2 shows

$7.0M  Etihad Stadium London - 2 shows

$6.7M  Olympic Stadium London - 1 show

$5.8M  National Bowl Milton Keynes - 1 show

$3.4M  Old Trafford Cricket Grounds Manchester - 1 show

$3.2M  John Smith's Stadium Huddersfield - 1 show

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WOTP Tour Estimated Box Office by Year 


$104 Million Gross - 1.1 Million+ Tickets Sold - 49 Shows (Arenas, Stadiums, Open Air Parks  in North America, Europe and Asia)


$4 Million Gross - 46K Tickets Sold - 11 Shows (Theatres in North America and Europe + Stadium in Vigo, Spain)

Avg Ticket Price:  $93

Number of Festival Headliner Shows in 2022-23


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Billboard Boxscore Top 2023 Tours

MUSE  WOTP World Tour  $92.7 Million Gross  1 Million Tickets Sold  45 Reported Shows  

Tracking Period November 2022 thru September 2023

Note:  The earnings from the two O2 arena gigs ($4M) in London and from two other shows ($7.5M) during the summer were not reported.  Billboard does not make estimates for unreported shows.  

The top six British artists in the Top 20 sold 13 million tickets and generated over $1.4 billion in ticket sales revenue during this period:  2. Coldplay; 3. Harry Styles; 5. Ed Sheeran; 9. Depeche Mode; and 20. MUSE. 

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Pollstar  reported their top 2023 year-end tours today. Their tracking period runs from mid-November 2022 thru mid-November 2023.

35.  MUSE  $64.9 Million Gross  676K Tickets Sold  Reported Shows 39  Unreported Stadium Shows 10  (France, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Spain)  $40 Million Est. Gross 450K Est. Tickets Sold   

Note:  Pollstar made estimates for Taylor Swift since her team has not reported stats from any of her 60+ shows she has performed in 2023.


Highest-Grossing Concert Tours of all time:

$2.2 Billion (Est.) - Taylor Swift  - Eras Tour (2023-24) - Assuming USD 14.5 million avg gross per show x 151  10 Million Tickets Sold 

$1.1 Billion (Est.) - Coldplay - Music of the Spheres Tour (2022-24) - Assuming USD 6.5 million avg gross per show x 175  10 Million Tickets Sold

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First MUSE headlining arena concert in the UK took place where?  

Which album world tour did the Devon trio play the most number of shows?

In which calendar year did the band perform the most gigs?

Answers below.

Career MUSE Touring Stats

Top Venue:  Stade de France (7 shows) 498K Estimated Tickets Sold  US$40.5 Million [€33.8 Million] Gross

Number of different countries/nations/markets by continent where the band has played gigs:

34 in Europe  [Including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; Ukraine; and Russia]
10 in Asia  [Including Mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R and Taiwan; Japan; Republic of Korea; Singapore, Malaysia; Indonesia; Thailand; and the UAE]
5 in South America
3 in North America
2 in Oceania
1 in Africa

55 in total

London Docklands Arena on 13 November 2001

Black Holes and Revelations Tour - 195 shows from 2006-2008

2000 - 149 gigs

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Christmas Day No. 1 Songs in the USA

Billboard  Charts

Madness / MUSE  (2012) - Alternative Airplay - 19 weeks at the summit

Uprising / MUSE (2009) - Alternative Airplay - 17 weeks topping the chart

Telstar / Tornados (1962) - Hot 100 - 3 weeks leading the pop chart


Will Of The People re-enters the Top 200 Albums chart in France at #194 in the week before Christmas.  It has spent a total of 49 weeks on this tally.  The album has also now spent the past 70+ consecutive weeks on the Top 200 Albums Physiques list in France according to SNEP.  Its current position is #126.


The most played MUSE tracks on the SiriusXM satellite radio/streaming platform in North America in the past month are:







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Over two million people have watched MUSE perform at headlining concert and festival gigs in 2022-23:

1.2 million at stadiums and open air fields/arenas/theatres (60 x 20K rounded avg attendance)

1.1 million at festivals (27 x 40K rounded avg attendance including five massive festivals in Germany)

Estimated Breakdown by Region:

1.450 million - Continental Europe (300K+ in both France and Germany and 100K+ each in Spain and Italy)

550K - North America (Including four festivals in the US and Mexico)

250K - British Isles (England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Wight)

50K+ - Asia (Malaysia)



Hiatus for the band presumably but Matt has been in the studio recording new music possibly a score/theme for a video game or a movie soundtrack.  In the past Matt collaborated on The International movie end title in 2009 and he composed 'Pray' for the Game of Thrones.

Tumult and uncertainty in geopolitics

Best Wishes

Peace and Joy


السلام عليكم


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United Kingdom

BRIT Certified/BPI - 22.03.2024

MUSE Black Holes & Revelations Helium 3/Warner Records Platinum 4x Album 1.2 Million EQ Units Sold


SNEP Certified - 29.02.2024

L’album Will Of The People de MUSE est certifié Platine 100 000 équivalents ventes


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“April the 4th, 1984

To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead man - Greetings!”

- George Orwell, 1984   [Diary Entry by Winston Smith]

'...Kill your prayers for love and peace
You'll wake the thought police..."

- Matt Bellamy, 'Resistance' 

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MUSE debuts on the Billboard charts in the States for the first time on the two tallies below both dated 10 April 2004:

Alternative Airplay

#38 'Time Is Running Out'

Heatseekers Albums [Ranking below Billboard 200]

#13 Absolution

Which MUSE song written in 3/4 time with synth arpeggios ascends by fourths anti-clockwise on the circle of fifths moving through every key except for E and A and features 10 augmented triad chords and 36 unique chords in total and was influenced by Philip Glass?  Answer below

Multiple Instruments Played:

Harpsichord, Organ and Violin by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at age 8 in April 1764 at the Buckingham House in Westminster, London for King George III and Queen Charlotte

Harpsichord, Piano, Keyboards, and Guitar by Matt Bellamy at age 22 in early 2001 at Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire, England during the recording of Origin Of Symmety 

Organ by Matt in 2001 at St. Mary's Church in Bathwick, Somerset, England during the recording of 'Megalomania' for OOS  and at The Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington, London playing 'Megalomania' at a charity concert there in April 2008 

'Take A Bow'  Indictment of corrupt world leaders and politicians

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MUSE tracks that have crossed the 100 million streams threshold on Spotify:



Supermassive Black Hole










Knights of Cydonia


Time is Running Out


Undisclosed Desires


Plug in Baby


Feeling Good






Hysteria has just been certified Gold in Italy by FIMI becoming the band's 10th track to be certified in that market compared with 11 certified by BPI in the UK.  

Platinum:  TIRO, Starlight, Uprising, Madness (Italy);  SMBH, Starlight, Uprising (UK)

Gold:  Hysteria, SMBH, UD, NSC, Psycho, Dead Inside (Italy);  PIB, Hyper Music/Feeling Good, TIRO, Hysteria, KOC (UK)

Silver:  UD, Madness, Psycho (UK)

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The official music videos that have surpassed 50 million views on YouTube:









Undisclosed Desires




Knights of Cydonia


Time Is Running Out 




Supermassive Black Hole]


Feeling Good 


Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) 


Dead Inside



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Posted (edited)

Song with descant/polyphony counterpoint melodies above a main melody with vocals only and no instruments - Rearranged version of a late Renaissance mass.

"It's a lament for the victims, it ends on this ghostly chorus of the forgotten, they will never see justice, and they have been killed by a robot, there's something inherently tragic about humanity there". - Matt

Source:  https://www.nme.com/features/muse-interview-on-modern-warfare-the-conspiracies-that-drive-new-album-drones-and-matt-bellamys-nigh-756715?recache=2&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=muse

Killed by drones

My mother, my father

My sister and my brother

My son and my daughter

Killed by drones

Seven World Central Kitchen Aid Workers in Gaza - April 2024 

A farmer in Syria - May 2023 


Ten civilians in Afghanistan during U.S. withdrawal - August 2021 

...It's time for something biblical... - 'Apocalypse Please'


Over 25,000 civilians including 10,000+ children and 5,000+ women killed in Gaza from October 2023 thru May 2024 by hundreds of 2,000- pound 'dumb' bombs and drone strikes by the IDF approved by American politicians and funded by U.S. taxpayers

1,200 killed in Israel by terrorists - October 2023 

800-1000 innocent civilians killed by American drone strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia during the Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden administrations

10,000 civilians killed including 589 children in the Ukraine conflict as of February 2024

500,000 killed in the Syrian Civil War - 2011 thru 2024

Tens of thousands of children killed in the armed conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq since 2003

What a sad and tragic commentary on the human condition in the 21st century...

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Music Data Analytics for MUSE on 15 different platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and iTunes


Channel views for all content for the artist:

3.05B - YouTube

Song Streams:

6.75B - Spotify      https://kworb.net/spotify/artist/12Chz98pHFMPJEknJQMWvI_songs.html

Video Views:  

2.5B YouTube        https://kworb.net/youtube/artist/muse.html

Monthly Listeners:

15.3M - Spotify


7.76M - Spotify 

4.68M - Deezer

3.84M - YouTube

2.35M - Instagram

525K - Amazon

Total number of distinct countries in which MUSE have charted:

163 Apple Music

107 iTunes


Album song streams on Spotify as of 22 May 2024:

Black Holes and Revelations


The Resistance


Absolution  [Includes Absolution XX Anniversary]


The 2nd Law




Origin of Symmetry


Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe)




Will Of The People


Live at Rome Olympic Stadium


HAARP (Live from Wembley Stadium)


Hullabaloo Soundtrack


Origin of Symmetry (XX Anniversary RemiXX)


Non-album tracks, b-sides, remixes, live versions, and tracks with featured artists:

35,374,331  Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)

16,540,968  Hungry Like The Wolf (Cover)

4,927,892  Ghosts (How Can I Move On)  [featuring Elisa]

2,314,174  Ghosts (How Can I Move On)  [featuring Mylène Farmer]

50,000,000  (Est.)  Various other tracks

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Posted (edited)


Congrats to the Real Madrid football club and all of the madridistas around the world on winning their 15th Champions League/European Cup title!


20th anniversary of the 11-M terrorist attacks in Spain's capital city

MUSE gave a concert in Madrid on 19 March 2004. The gig was the first major event in the Madrid community after the attacks of 11 March 2004 which left 193 dead at the Atocha train station. Among the 14,000 people present that evening at the Palacio Vistalegre, one attendee said: “Before the concert I was still in shock from the attacks, I wanted to do nothing, the concert really was a turning point."

This was the biggest challenge for Muse: Making Madrid “move” 8 days after the attacks. The surroundings of the room are strangely empty, the cafes closed, with only anti-terrorist posters plastered on the doors and windows which explain the torpor in which the city is plunged.

Matt: “It’s going to be strange playing here today; It’s our job to bring a little light to this city [and lift the spirits of its citizens].”

Tom Kirk quickly put together a video tribute to Madrid. At the end of the concert, a black anti-terrorist ribbon shone on the giant screens and nearly 2,000 black balloons were released during Bliss in tribute to the victims.



Dead Star

New Born

Sing for Absolution


Citizen Erased

Piano interlude + Space Dementia

Ruled by Secrecy

Sunburn (keyboard)

Butterflies & Hurricanes

The Small Print

Forced In (instrumental)

Muscle Museum

Time Is Running Out

Plug In Baby

Bliss (extended)


Apocalypse Please


Stockholm Syndrome + riff

Sources:  Q Magazine (UK) and Musewiki

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Among the 24 EFL League One Teams for the 2024-25 Season:

Rotherham United  - Supported by Chris and where he was born and grew up until age 11

Cambridge United - Where Matt was born

Stockport County (Greater Manchester) - Where Dom was born

Exeter City (Devon) - MUSE have played 58 gigs here from 1994-2022 including 33 at the Cavern and where Chris Martin was born

Birmingham City - NFL quarterback legend Tom Brady is a stake-holder in the football club and where MUSE have played a total of 10 gigs at various venues

Reading (Berkshire) - MUSE have played 7 gigs in their career here including 6 festival shows

Wrexham (Wales) - Actor Ryan Reynolds is a co-ower of the football club

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Bingham Bellamy joins Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter whose parents have charted LPs on US Billboard's Top Albums Sales tally

No. of Top 10 Albums by Artist and Most Recent Album First Week's Chart Position and Albums Sold

16  JAY-Z  (including 4 collaborations with R. Kelly, Kanye West and Linkin Park) - #1 4:44 and 174K pure album sales

14  Beyoncé (including 4 with Destiny's Child) -  #1 Cowboy Carter and 168K pure album sales

6  Matt Bellamy (with MUSE) - #4 Will Of The People and 20K pure album sales

1  Kate Hudson - #10 Glorious and 7K pure album sales

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Prestigious Awards/Trophies Received by MUSE

2016 Grammy Award - Best Rock Album for Drones (Gramophone Trophy) -  Announced and Presented by Jimmy Jam (Producer and Prince's homeboy) in Pre-Ceremony

2011 Ivor Novello Award - International Achievement  (Statuette depicting Euterpe, the Greek Muse of music and lyrical poetry)

2011 Grammy Award - Best Rock Album for The Resistance  - Announced and Presented by Hayley Williams of Paramore

2007 Brit Award - Best British Live Act (Statuette depicting Britannia, the female personification of Britain) - Announced and Presented by Keith Allen, the father of Lily Allen

2005 - Brit Award - Best British Live Act - Announced and Presented by Shirley Mansion of Garbage (See below)  Note: Matt was on holiday and could not attend the ceremony


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