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Muse got me through severe mental illness = Appreciation


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My name is Andrew and I was diagnosed with a severe and debilitating mental illness at the age of 19; my world was shattered and I fell into an abyss. It took me some years to start mending and honestly without Muse it wouldn't have happened.

I remember when I got my first taste of Muse. New Born. When that ominously haunting piano started I knew I was about hear something I would love. Everything about the song seemed perfect. Every line I could relate to. "Hopeless time to roam, the distance to your home, fades away to nowhere..." really represented where I was at. Being institutionalized left me without a real home.. I was roaming trying to find my place but couldn't. Also my soul was without purpose.  Just roaming with no end in sight. A passenger.

Exploring Muse gave me hope. Matt Bellamy's ethereal writing really made me realize that there is more to life than what we see in front of us. It taught me to look deep inside of me. To be acceptant. To hold hope. To fight. To live.

Muse shifted my mind in a way that I got out of my darkness and started attempting to make something out of my life.

I now help other members of society with mental illnesses and feel more accomplished than I ever thought possible.

I know this is a long letter and honestly I could keep going but I will end with this.


Thank you to Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard and Morgan Nicholls for being there without even knowing.


All the best!

- Andrew



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