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OUI FM - 1999 Session (s)?

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Hi there,

I'm going through my Muse collection, and on the Unintended CD singles, they have live acoustic versions of Falling Down (CD1) and Hate This and I'll Love You (CD2). I know both tracks were actually performed at OUI FM on June 2, 1999. However, on the Discogs site I see "Hate This and I'll Love You" from CD2 listed as from a OUI FM session on November 10th, 1999. Is this correct, that the band played 2 OUI FM sessions in 1999, and Falling Down was taken from the June session and Hate This was taken from the Nov 1999 session? Or is this just an error, and both tracks were taken from the June 1999 session. Thanks in advance for you help!

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