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Song I wrote (for Muse)


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Hey all, 

I wrote the beginning of this fire, revolutionary song, and since I'm a crap guitar player and singer, I thought I'd offer it to Muse -- if they want it, or know someone else who might.


Jai Guru Dev, Jai Devi Ma, Jai Keti Devi, Jai Ma, Hallelujah!

The Dawn

There’s something going on and heating up we’ll never know
A fever pitch that’s building up and boy it’s gonna blow
It’s gonna be something the world has never ever been
Perfect peace on earth no poverty the land of dreams

Now whatcha think will you be part of the winning team
Or drag your feet and cry and wait until results are seen
The choice is simple friend choose love and not mean hate or fear
Cause like the Christians say the Lord is come the end is near

We approach the time the sweet dawning of the new age
The time prophesied by every prophet mystic sage
It’s not a time to rest get active and help others out
Together we’ll rise up and give a great collective shout

A battle cry standing up against the unjust
Once and for all put an end to the blood lust
This is the time that we must make our stand
Reclaim the earth bring heaven to our land

This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS
This is the place in the story where the good rise
You soft and you meek it’s your time it’s the sunrise

This is the dawning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS
For all those wondering bout Christ well here he is
The Lord is on earth and he’s coming to save us
Get your hearts clean be kind to your neighbor




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