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LP9: WOTP Discussion/Speculation Thread


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35 minutes ago, Claudia O said:

Here‘s the tracklist 


strange titles there,… and „Verona“ ? A pretty town in Italy, yes, wonder what its about…

Just yesterday I was searching for Verona, as anagram, but still think it should be Rave On, or it's a classical piano thing inspired by Vienna.... Now that would be something... But I hope it is a post apocalyptic punk version of Nature 1.

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2 minutes ago, Meisver said:

Because of the music. Verona is not so inspirational but rhymes well on another word.

I suppose it could be a Romeo and Juliette story about young lovers, one of them an antivaxxer and the other a sane person. 

In a tragic twist at the end, one dies of CoVid, the other of vaccine complications. 

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