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LP9 (premature) Discussion/Speculation Thread


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  • 2 months later...

Ok. We all long for new music, am I right? RIGHT??? I CAN‘T HEAR YOU !!!! 

Seems that Matt was at Abbey Road. Maybe with somebody else,  we don‘t know it. He‘s headed back to LA, Dom was (is) in France, Chris in the UK (I guess). 

Autumn is on its way, means more  album-releases ahead. Or singles, I mean songs. 

Will Muse release something, if only one song soon? 

I need some hype guysssss 😁😁😁😁😁



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4 minutes ago, Claudia O said:

Ok let‘s say definately next year ok? 💪👍

Hype train will leave the station next year for sure but hoping to at least get the all aboard this year with a single. At the very least, I'm hopeful that we wont have to get too deep into 2022 before we're full steam ahead, especially since they have a handful of fest dates.

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