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Manson Xy Midi Pad Frame

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Hey everyone, 

I've got a Amptone Lab Midi Pad on my guitar, however a part of the frame of it got cracked a bit. I talked with them and they said it will cost 20€ including shipping to me which is pretty high since it's just cheap plastic. So I decided to create a custom one, and I'm thinking about getting inspired from the manson one since they are kinda wider in the right and left, and narrower in up and down. 

I couldn't find any info about the manson one in the internet, if someone has it, can you please tell me the specs of it? 

This is the Amptone Lab one:


Here's the Manson one:


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I made a 2mm thick carbon fibre one same idea wider when I fitted to my matte cort mbc1. 

Have you got yours working.

Mines all wired but I dont think my Boss katana 50 amp will use it. Any idea cabling up to my Kaosillator would help.


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