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I got ripped of by MUSE


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Firstly I would like to say that I am a big fan of MUSE and all their work, apart from the album 2nd Law seriously that was terrible. Any way one to why I am here today. I went to see MUSE yesterday at the O2 arena and the concert was amazing. However I paid £228.76 for the enhanced simulation experience. Now I will admit I do not know what I was expecting for this, maybe some kind of virtual reality experiences or maybe a look backstage. Also I thought we were going to be let in two hours before every one else.


Now what did I get for all the money I paid? I got a lunch box and a poster and I was let in about 10 minutes before everyone else (that is the people with normal tickets). Also there was another group of people with VIP tickets, I was VIP 2 they were VIP 1. I do not know what they paid but it was less then me, so who do you think was let in first my group or theirs? It was theirs.


So in constitution I will leave you with this. Never by the deluxe VIP package for MUSE (unless you really want a lunch box) as you will get nothing for your money. And I expect recompense on two grounds false advertising and misappropriation of information.  

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The O2 gigs were actually advertised as having no early access to VIPs, that was only something that was added at the last minute. The enhanced packages have also never mentioned going in 2 hours early when it has been active or getting to see backstage so I don’t understand why you’d be angry and expect compensation because that they didn’t deliver them?

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