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What has been your worst MUSE live experience so far?

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Those two stick out for me. Glasto '10 as well because it was so obviously 'for tv' rather than actually to be a good gig and the 'surprise' was poor compared to the rumours


Yeah I had to mute if after a while when it became apparant it was more a media wank stunt rather than a performance for music fans


Yup agree on all of those points. That combo of Nishe + United States of Eurasia (not to blame) + Feeling Good + Unintended + Starlight really sapped what was left out of the crowd. Too slow and dull. Big Pink were terrible, one of those white lights was blaring me in the face between songs and sometimes during them so I couldn't see anyway. Way too over-rehearsed and predictable pour moi.


Yeah, they may as well have released a bunch of dementers into the crowd, would have had the same effect. And I don't mind the Big Pink but that was bloody terrible. I couldn't see them because I refused to look at the stage as I felt like my eyes were being raped so all I could really hear was some bloke groaning into the mic and my mum complaining

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My worst experience is Marlay Park, not because of the gig which was amazing (Dead Star & Space Dementia !) but because of flight delays


It was a very bad idea to fly to Dublin through London Gatwick, and with Easyjet for the 1st flight (Geneva-London) and Ryanair for the 2nd (London-Dublin)


My Easyjet flight was 4 hours late, I missed the Ryanair flight in Gatwick after an exhausting sprint to the gate where the guy told me that they had just removed the staircase from the plane... I had to go back to the check-in desk and wait for the next flight which was 2 hours late


I arrived in Dublin at around 6pm, my friend was waiting for me for 2 hours (we were to meet in London and take the same Ryanair flight, the one I missed) we took the bus to the hotel to check-in in a hurry then took a taxi to Marlay Park which was further than I had imagined from the centre and there was a lot of traffic


Finally we were in Marlay Park about 10 minutes before Muse started the show !


The same thing happened to me :LOL: the same flights, etc. I arrived 10 mins before Muse aswell :noey:

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