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well like really it just depends on what exact color red a person is wearing, and what the color combination is.

like maybe some people aren't attracted to a stop sign sort of red but maybe that group of people are more interested in a deep burgundy red instead. also someone can react differently if you take the specific shade of red and pair it up with another color. ex: red and white together creates romance apposed to what feeling red might trigger when by itself.


so it all depends on the exact color/color combo and the viewers perspective.

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This is just lol. :LOL:


Anyway. I hate Matt's red suit. Makes him look unattractive IMO. I like a guy in black :LOL:


Yep I don't think that was one of his "finer" moments... But I think it was mostly because of that awful haircut he had. I've always been a fan of his shaggier hair.

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This is an interesting research although I never find Matt attractive in the red suit.

On the other hand, my husband used to wear a lot of red outfits when we were first dating, so there might be some truth to the research. *shrug*


Actually, in a course of design I have at school, we learned how red affects both women and men.


- If a women wears red, she shows her sexual assets. Biologically, it refers to body parts becoming red while making love (blood making red lips, blushing cheeks, etc.)

- It could be about the same for men BUT it also refers to power. An angry or energic face is red. Biologically again, it's attractive for females to be with that "red man" because he seems powerful so he can also protect her ...


So Matt has studied his biology well. :p

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