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Rarest song you've seen live.


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Since there's a gap in gigs at the moment I thought I'd make this thread to see what sort of songs people have managed to catch at their past gigs. So let us know the rarest or most unusual song you've managed to see live at a Muse gig!


To start, mine would probably be Endlessly.

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Depends on what you mean by rarest but: Fury, Megalomania, Muscle Museum, Space Dementia, Dead Star. (From 2006 I guess I could say Assassin, Showbiz, and eventually Citizen Erased :erm:) Oh and Back In Black :LOL:


edit: oh well. also Bliss, Apocalypse Please, Forced In, Microcuts, Blackout, City Of Delusion, Hoodoo, Soldiers Poem, B&H, Sunburn, IBTY, Cave. I don't consider MK Ultra to be rare :erm:

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Muscle Museum (x1), Cave (x2), Micro Cuts (x2), Megalomania (x1), Dead Star (x1), Apocalypse Please (x1), Sing For Absolution (x1), Blackout (x2), The Small Print (x1), Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist (x1), Ruled By Secrecy (x1), Fury (x1), City Of Delusion (x2), Hoodoo (x1) and MK Ultra (x1).




Forced In (x2), Popcorn (x1), Dracula Mountain (x1), Crying Shame (x1).


I've seen Bliss four times, extended every time :awesome:.Oh, and Citizen Erased three times.

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The Groove


Ex-regs that are now rare:


Forced In

Man of Mystery



Space Dementia

Micro Cuts

Apocalypse Please


Thoughts of a Dying Aethiest

Ruled By Secrecy



MK Ultra

Muscle Museum (x2)

Bliss (x2)

Sing For Absolution (x2)

City of Delusion (x2)

Hoodoo (x2)

Blackout (x3)

Butterflies and Hurricanes (x3)

Sunburn (x4)

Citizen Erased (x4)

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Well if we're basing it on how many times the song has been played live, my rarest song is Guiding Light. :LOL: I've seen Unintended, Bliss and CE but they've both been played more than GL. I suppose they could be considered rareish these days.


But in current set lists, you're far more likely to see Guiding Light than Unintended, CE or Bliss. I was doing it on the current setlists, as opposed to overall.

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I've only seen them this tour. The only songs I've seen that can qualify as "rare" would be:


Butterflies and Hurricanes x 1

Citizen Erased x 1

Cave (piano) x 1

Soldier's Poem x 1

Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) x 2

I Belong To You x 2


I don't know, but do we count Neutron Star Collision as rare too? They've dropped it now, it seems.


Oh, and I've seen MK Ultra twice too. Lucky, eh?

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Oh, and I've seen MK Ultra twice too. Lucky, eh?


Seen that 3 times :p:LOL:


Okay so for me:





Soldiers Poem


NSC (lol)


I have seen CE and Bliss but I don't really consider them as rare.


In the category heard but not seen: I have heard Soaked at the sound check in Paris and Ruled By Secrecy too.

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