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Post your non-muse drawings/artwork.


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I have my own thread cause I'm greedy. I've done nowt worth mentioning for the longest time though. There's some good shiz in here.


Something all of you probably had to do in high school.

You are all going to college for art? I'm getting a little depressed. I'm not sure I want to pursue art anymore. Being average at something isn't what I want to fight against for the rest of my life. But I don't know what else to do. How would you solve a problem like this? If you understand my bullcrap.


Art seems such a competetive area now. I'm expected to do awesome work all the time and I hate it. I know it will suck when I go to uni and everyone's work shits all over mine. I hate even more that that is even an issue. I know what you mean about depression. Art is really uninspiring for me lately. I went to the tate modern hoping for a boost and left thinking art is a pile of wank lol

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The artworks here are awesome:happy:I could do a bit of it but not as awesome as the ones posted here...haha:p


Kenshin Himura and Enishi Yukishiro from the Japanese OVA series of Ruruoni Kenshin




I consider this as one of ma best work:stunned::happy:

I drew this 5 years ago:D

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Holy crap those are good :LOL:


I really wish I could do serious drawings or paintings. I just can't...draw, haha. Or imagine lighting/folds in clothes, that sort of thing.


Thanks :D


I can draw/paint from photos no problem. But I seriously have no creativity whatsoever :LOL: I suck at thinking up original ideas or drawing with no references.


Oh here is a very quick pencil sketch I did a few months ago:


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I've decided that I'm not very good at drawing objects and people and stuff, so I've started drawing that sort of style because it suits me more :happy: Sorry about the dodgy angles and reflections, I used a camera because I don't have a scanner. Oh and sorry about my dodgy colouring.

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