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I Found these Mashups when Browsing the internet See what you think




DJ KO Presents: My Irreplacable


Beyonce: Irreplacable

Muse; Dying thought of an Atheist





Divide & Kreate Present: Britney's Super Massive Hole


Britney Spears: Doin' Somethin'

Muse: Supermassive Black Hole




DJ Aber Stein Presents: Gimmie Some Supermassive Green Onions


Booker T & The MG's: Green Onions

Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

Spinal Tap: Gimme Some Money





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Alright, I would have made a new topic, but since this came up...:indiff:


Post your favorite mashups, whether they be mp3 downloads or youtube clips.


I thought this was quite cool.




And does anyone have that mashup Supermassive Mandy? IT was SBH and MAndy by Spinto Band...and Sexymassive Backhole? SBH and SexyBack? I think they originated froma Radiohead forum. I have them on my iPod, but all of my music files on my PC were deleted ages ago, and I don't have them anymore. :(


EDIT: Google is awesome. Found em in like 2 seconds...the SMBH link posted on the board a year ago still worked :LOL:

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I think someone on youtube did that, but it wasn't good quality...if you have a good one, care to share it? :)


I'm not sure how to upload it on here, too stupid for that but I have a good mp3 I could send on MSN to anyone who wants it.

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^^that ones quite good. Prefer it to the coldplay one


I have Sexymassive :erm: no idea where I got it though

Its on muselive:p

and youtube, t'would seem:


:D Its genious that mix.


I've got Strangemassive Black Love (SMBH and depeche mode's Strangelove) which is brilliant! But yeah, i'm also too stupid to know how to upload it. But you can listen to it here :)


Edit: Crap, it would seem i'm also too stupid to know how to embed youtube videos:$ There's the link instead.

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the link for sexymassive doesnt work? can anyone direct me to where I can find it? or Hysteria/umbrella (I have no idea how that could work!)


these sound really good!


edit: found this eminem lose yourself and deadstar... it's actually pretty good but it just makes me appreciate deadstar all the more!


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