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Resistance disscusion thread


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I used to love this song, I'd have it on repeat, listened to it over 100 times and even did a cover of it. Must've been one of my favourite Muse songs since it was released, up until about May.


Now I couldn't care less about it...

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I couldn`t forget,when I went to this tour.

First performance and Resistance were mixed,

it`s coool and impressed.

But I hardly ever listening now:stunned:




At first he found Resistance to be mediocre both live and on the album, then he started to like. Finally, things took a turn for the worse, and he stopped listening to it :(

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I actually like Resistance, the 'could be wrong' bits are a little annoying but otherwise it's fun.

"it could be wrong" is soo cool!! ;)

From my own experience, everybody in the audience sang the it could be wrong bits! A bit like the Follow Me bits or the hold you in my arms de Starlight. Some say they don't like those songs but they can't help singing along (very loud) those "bits". :p Everybody know them by heart.

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