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Favourite Guitar Solo


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Recording - Knights Of Cydonia

Live - New Born




Like a few others, I'm not really sure if I know the difference between a solo and a riff. :) I didnt even know the term riff, actually, untill I started liking Muse. :p But if i'm correct...I like the solos in Thoughts of A Dying Athiest,Knights of Cydonia, Invincible :)


there isn't a solo in KoC!


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haha exactly i really can't tell the difference can I?

So is it a riff then because in an interview matt and dom were asked "which song would you like to be remembered with" and they said the riff at the end of KoC

It is a riff because it is a riff, simple as that :p

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I would have thought that was abvious. a solo is usually a short section in the middle/towards the end of the song. A riff is a series of notes that carries through the whole/most of the song.

it's really something that you in most cases just know. It's hard to describe why you know, but "that" is clearly a solo. "That" is clearly a riff.


And yes, most of the time a riff is played several times in the song.

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