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Need help with sizing Info!


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i'm actually planning to order the muse flock logo hoodie online,

but i need the measurements first.


any idea on how to get the correct measurements? as in, how do we actually measure the needed lengths for chest and length?


i tried looking for it on the net but just got lengths that are just way off from the ones stated in the shop. measuring half the torso got me a size too small, whereas the standard measurements for chest were too big!! any help here?


or if anyone has bought the hoodie before,

can i trouble you to take measurements for me for your shirt with the normal sizing chart?


would really appreciate it! :D


Mens Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt - 80% Combed Cotton / 20% Polyester

S = Chest 57cm, Length 57cm

M = Chest 61cm, Length 59cm

L = Chest 65cm, Length 62cm

XL = Chest 69cm, Length 65cm

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