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Best camera for Muse


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Well it depends how far round the stadium you are but even if you're opposite the stage at the back of the stadium with 12x optical zoom you'll still get some decent stage shots and shots of the band on the screens.


You'll be fine with a compact and probably a bridge camera at Wembley;)


Thanks!:) I'm sitting on level 5 section BK 507, row 19, wherever that may be... :stunned: Still really looking forward to the concert!:)

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Maybe you can look into getting a TZ3? They're a lot cheaper and still have the 12X zoom. That's what I have and it's amazing! It takes video, but the TZ7+ are capable of HD video. I think that, and the size of the LED screen are the main differences. Not sure what they've added with the TZ10. Anyway, just a thought.



TZ10 has higher pixels (12M instead of 10M) and higher HD quality (1085 instead of 780 dpi) and it also has a complete manual setting where you are able to regulate the aperture and exposure yourself.

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Oh that is such a shame, I just watched one of your videos. I know just how it feels to have a fairly decent video only for it to be completely ruined by the audio:(


I took this using a Panasonic FZ18 (that's an old model, the newer FZs are far superior) in 2008. what a a song to be ruined too!:(:(






This one is even worse!:stunned:






If you enjoy filming gigs then it really is worth spending a bit extra and getting a good gig camera recommended by others. When I bought my FZ18 I don't think there were any compacts or bridge cameras around at the time which compare with the TZ7 I now own!


Yes... :( Next time I will buy a better camera... maybe for Wembley...

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Is the Flip Ultra HD good for recording concerts? Its small and ive seen a few videos that looked good, but just making sure. I was thinking about getting one by the time I go to my next concert. Plus its not overly expensive, wal-mart has it for like 170 with a bunch of accessories, so thats really nice

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For those of us that like filming, I think it's better to buddy up with those that like to audio record, then replace the audio later. I had to do that with my Coachella videos and it makes a world of difference. My mic held up when I sat in the seats and even at other arena gigs, but it couldn't handle the audio up front at an outdoor festival. They probably have to turn things up louder than usual.










Oh, and I'm using a Nikon Coolpix P100. It has a great zoom and it's nice to film in 1080p, but it handles vibration really badly, even with vibration reduction on. That's something to think about, especially if you're going to be in the pit, and bumped around quite a bit. But that zoom is why I got it to begin with.








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Hey guys, I'm very excited as my new camera, a panasonic lumix zf100 should arrive today :D :D ready for wembley

Aaaaaarrrrrrr I'm soo excited!!!! Never been to muse before and I'm goin on Friday, matts side level 5 so should get an awesome view and test out the zoom, then on sat iv got g/a tickets so gona try and get some close ups :)

Shall I post some here?

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I have to say, I'm pretty happy about my camera this time around. It did so well with pictures (and even some videos!) The only thing is the body looks big for a point n shoot and security does ask you if it's pro. Just extend the lens and show them it's not detachable.


My entire Muse photo collection here, all shot with the Nikon Coolpix P100 (except Oakland):


















And actual distance from stage:







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