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NRK Video Interview with Matt and Bergen Review


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Nice interview, thanks for posting.:) I hope for the same as him that in another 10 years things will be the same for Muse. It's so nice that Matt feels like that, content in what he's doing, though acknowledging that it's not exactly a holiday. Muse have done well to hold everything together as so many bands fall apart after a few years.


There's possibly other things they would rather be doing at times and bearing in mind that it's unlikely that they actually need to do this to live, I can imagine that there may be times, when there's yet another flight to catch, that they might feel like walking away momentarily or at least thinking about walking away in the future, but there is such commitment there, and that's great to see. :happy: I hope all three of them feel the same.


As they've said before it's their friendship that keeps them going and I think that is a vital key to Muse's success.


Just adding, that I'm not sure how they are working out these polls because I thought CE was the top choice for an old song yesterday and Matt said it was Bliss.

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Thanks for posting, that's a lovely interview, Matt seems to be in good shape, remembered which album Bliss comes from, listened to the interviewer. Really good interview!



But seriously, yeah, it's a good interview.

Must be nice to be so happy with your job you want to do it forever through all the hardships. :)


Matt also looks fantastic in pink. :p

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