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It's the first time I hear of it and I found that Muse was 50-50% with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like them too but.... let's make Muse be a winner another time, everyone! (or was I the only one who didn't vote 'til now?:D). Gods should never lose ;)




We have til the 21st




Sorry!!! I didn't see there was another thread here http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=76381

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Protip for people who want to rig:

If you're using FF, press Ctrl+Shift+P

Goes into private browsing

Just do that as many times as you want.

Also: helps to have this site as a bookmark.


Protip: Private browsing only hides what you're doing on your PC to other people who might use your PC in future...it doesn't hide your IP address from others on the network/web. Therefore your multiple votes won't get counted, the vote box will just say "Thank You, we've already counted your vote".

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