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WHAT the hell was MATT BELLAMY thinking when he picked out this clobber?

It may have been chucking it down during MUSE's set at the Vieilles Charrues festival in France but that's no excuse.


Broll-amy ... he even resorts to umbrella

Rock stars are supposed to have style.

You wouldn't see KEITH RICHARDS in a Perspex mac and plastic specs.

But at least the trio made up for it with a blinding show at the bash on Thursday.

Meanwhile, bassist CHRIS WOLSTENHOLME is the last of the band to leave their home manor of Devon - he is selling his seven-bedroom gaff in Teignmouth and moving to Ireland

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Which bit? :)


pun on singing in the rain, mingin' is slang for ugly/disgusting/etc If that's what you meant :unsure:


oh, i didn't know what mingin' meant...lol thanks


they're dissing him for wearing silly costumes? :eek:stupid people

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That raincoat was actually one of the most sensible things he's worn on stage lately.


Dom's getup with Matt's McQueen coat, red Wellingtons, the red headdress, and yellow briefs worn outside black tights, on the other hand... gets no such mention. What does a guy have to do to get in the tabloids, anyway? :facepalm:


Well.... no let's not go there! :chuckle:


Too true though Dom's outfit was a lot more outrageous. Did he wear it again in France? I saw a small mention.

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