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Matt Bellamy "facts"

Dante Medici

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I found this in a random website. Post yours if you want.



Matt Bellamy “facts:”



The spikes in Matthew Bellamy's hair are really antenna he uses to communicate with aliens.


Scientists have come to the conclusion that Men are indeed from Mars and cited Matthew Bellamy as proof. No word yet on women being from Venus.


A person who claimed to have seen everything was proven wrong when the ‘Sing for Absolution’ video came out. Before seeing Matthew Bellamy try to act, the person had never seen worse acting than Hayden Christenson’s performance in the Star Wars prequels.


Matthew Bellamy is Luke Skywalker's real father.


Half of the tin foil in the world is woven to make Matthew Bellamy’s shiny pants.


When Matthew Bellamy moved to Lake Como in Italy his eyes gave it low self esteem.


When twisted fans sent Matthew Bellamy saying they would kill themselves if he did not sleep with them, Matthew Bellamy proceeded to fuck them through the phone. Then he killed them.


Matthew Bellamy’s falsetto is the result of God mixing up his and his sister’s vocal chords as punishment him for being an atheist. It backfired. Now God works for Matthew Bellamy under the alias of Dominic Howard.


Eight years ago Matthew Bellamy had the aliens on Cydonia clone his mind in case he ever lost it. Over the last eight years Matthew Bellamy has gone through more minds then Courtney Love has gone through rehabs stays over the course of her entire life.


Matthew Bellamy counted to infinity…… twice.


Matthew Bellamy can put out water with fire.


Matthew Bellamy is hooked up to a nuclear reactor during live shows. That is why Matthew Bellamy never runs out of energy. Ever.


Matthew Bellamy wrote every song 50 Cent ever did when he was on Magic Mushrooms. As punishment, he had to be interviewed by Dylan and Marianella on Fuse’s Daily Download.


Once Matthew Bellamy met Bill O’Reilly. Someone took a picture. Bill O’Reilly magnified Matthew Bellamy’s looks so much that no man on Earth except for Matthew Bellamy could get laid for six months.


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The only thing Dominic Howard, guitar techs, and fear have to fear is Matthew Bellamy.

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