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timo maas did a great job on sunburn


i was pretty disappointed w/ whoever did the disco remix of KoC


Goldfrappe might do the job on any number of songs, and

I think I'd like to hear more timo maas remixes. He does alot of good stuff.

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i really like most muse remixes, and I would have said simian mobile disco because so much of their stuff is awesome, but they just murdered KoC - seriously, what were they thinking? So now I'd say Justice, and I reckon Timbaland messing with muse is an awesome suggestion.

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SMBH can get a few decent remixes squeezed out of it, but it is a kind of dancy track anyway, most other remixes ive heard of other songs sound a little dodgey...


Actually I've got one rather good Remix of SBH. Dunno who made it, but that's the only good one I know. :erm:


I'm not a fan of remixes in general.

And Simian Mobile Disco have just raped KoC.

I listened to it when I got the CD, and some months later, because my friend wanted to hear the horror.

That's enough for some life times. *shudders*

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I was bored today so I made an dance remix of Exo Politics


now... It really is not very different from the song, it´s just more dancy!

It is not one of those so called remixes that are´nt at all like the original,

this is more like a dance re-mastering, so to speak!


Some may like it, some may not!



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Knights of Cydonia (John 'OO' Fleming vs Wizzy Noise Rmx)


The reason I love this as oppossed to say the god awful Mobile Simian Disco version on the single. Is because this remix keeps the essense that made the original such a class act. High energy, the riffs are all there, the emotion, the sing along chorus. Perfect. I'd go mad for it.

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