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Simulation Theory -Cologne - Saturday 29th June - Tickets available


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I've x2 tickets for Saturday 29th June, but cannot attend.

I live in the UK so bought these tickets with the intention of collecting from the stadium on the day.

I am offering these tickets to anybody who wants them, I have no price in mind, mainly because it says "bring ID card" when collecting tickets...if any interested party wants to try to collect them I will gladly send you the confirmation email, in the hope that it is sufficient for you to collect the tickets, but I cannot guarantee this...

Ticket details are:

Osttribüne Unterrang O3 - Row: 18 Seat: 2  
P 1 Lower Bowl seated - Endpreis 92,40€  
Osttribüne Unterrang O3 - Row: 18 Seat: 3  
P 1 Lower Bowl seated - Endpreis 92,40€ 

And the confirmation email states:

Please pick up your tickets at the venue's box office. Tickets will be ready 1 hour before the event. Please bring your confirmation and your ID card.  

So, if you are interested, and want to try to get these tickets, if you're successful then I'm happy to accept in exchange WHATEVER you think is reasonable (pay me after the gig), but there's a risk that without an "ID card" you might not be able to collect them...

Message me if you're interested...

I have recently seen them at the Etihad in Manchester, and it was AWESOME!

Thanks, Neil.

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If anyone wants some ridiculously cheap tickets for Saturday's gig (29th June) at RheinEnergie Stadium, Cologne, let me know...

I bought x2 some months back, but can't make it (have managed to see them at the Etihad though) - I'm based in the UK.

I have x2 tickets, seated (P1 Lower Bowl, Row 18, seats 2 & 3). They cost me EUR92.40 each.

Make me an offer! Pay me after the gig!

Either contact me through this forum, or call me / message me on +44(0)7527 453 152.

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