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well i thought it when i heard it over two years ago, but then i find that sometimes 'fear' and 'sorrow' sound like feel and soul :unsure:

haha!!! just because i didn't quite catch how you cam eto that conclusion doesn't mean i'm an ace at understanding lyrics... BY NO MEANS!! :LOL::LOL: i usually come away from a song happy, but bemused at its words!!! :$:LOL::unsure::eek::$

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i remember being more than a bit weirded out by matts singing in microcuts. then i grew to love it.


i still dont know most lyrics very well. i'm one of those people who just sings something that sounds vaguely right, even though it doesnt make sense.


for example: i just looked in my oos booklet at the space dementia lyrics.

i was singing 'eyes is all you need'

when its height - is the one for me



* cowers in shame *

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hey lil miles, what were they lyrics that you misheard in Dark Shines hehe

type 'em out. :LOL:

Just the ones we all came up with:


Dog Shiiiiiiite

Bringing me down

Making my arse feel sore

'Cause it's gheeeeey


I can't contain my laughter whenever I hear this song, now... :rolleyes:

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