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2019.06.22 Kraków, Poland


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My friends and I are travelling over from the UK to Kraków for the 1st time and wanted to ask a couple of questions for anyone local or in the know. What's the best way to get to and from the stadium? we are staying quite centrally in Kraków. Have you any recommendations for any cool bars or restaurants?

if anyone did want to hangout afterwards and knows of anywhere fun then let us know, maybe we can arrange something with a group of musers. I've met quite a few people previously with my friends in Sweden and it was a really fun night.

your help is appreciated, we are in town for a couple of days, cheers


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I'm coming from Australia.  I'll be in Krakow for just the show on the Saturday night.  Looks like trams 52, 70 and 73 run past the top of the Old Town (close to Kraków Główny station) to the intersection of the road that the venue is on.  Then it's a 600m walk to the show.

Does anyone know what time each of the bands start?

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Hey Greg,


My friend and i will be in Krakow  from  Saturday to Monday, if you would like hanging out after Muse concert will be cool.

What i know is that there is going to be a Polish music festival on Saturday also, which last until morning Sunday (Wianki - Święto Muzyki 2019).

This is my second time in Krakow, last time i went for Krakow pub Crawl it is an interesting experience  to meet new people and see several Krakow clubs.

 eagle_eye i see there going to be a music band allusinlove from Castleford as a support band but no idea what is the schedule.




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The Wianki (or wreath) festival sounds good, looks like its near the castle. i'd be interested in the fireworks display. Not sure where exactly we will be hanging out, I have made a list of beer bars and a few cocktail places near the old town and Kazimierz. I think getting around will be made easier with Uber


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