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Scary Murphy Spiderhands

Claudia O

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3 hours ago, Claudia O said:

Maybe the gigs are in two parts, like 20-30 min intervalls for changing stage-settings? Not sure if I'd like this .. 

I'm still wondering if parts of the props we've seen are augmented reality. I just can't imagine them handing out special glasses to everyone, or requesting they look at their phone. Maybe the augmented experience will be on screens? 

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Fuck me that is actually incredible.

And that ‘Guitar Noise’ as well? One of my fave things I’ve heard Matt do live in ages, sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror film. Takes me back to the days that first got me hooked on Muse, with Matt making all these sounds with his guitar that I didn’t know existed 😍

Will the ST era ever STOP giving?

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