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I don't want to hear the organic acoustic resonance when you hit your wood with a whammy, THIS IS THE BEST GUITAR EVER YET BUILT.....




I read 28 pages of that stuff so far. I couldn't read ONE of that other guy's posts without losing my mind.


I actually like him a bit. At least after 10 pages. It is like he is living in a dream completely ignorant to the outside world. I bet he is happy. Also the thread is epic.

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Oh my god :eek::'(


Even Zooropa - EVEN FUCKING ZOOROPA - is a god compared to this guy :'(


I don't know. zooropa was claiming to be a luthier, and was charging $3500 to build a shattocaster.










Whereas, this guy, is actually a genius.


We all know geniuses have some sort of mental issue.

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