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Weirdest reasons for not liking Muse..


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A friend of mine said they sound like the Cure (???) and she hates the Cure. :wtf:


Thats like saying "I hate Muse because they sound like <insert band name> and I hate <same band name>"


I've actually heard "I hate Muse because they sound like Radiohead and I hate Radiohead" :facepalm:

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i saw muse's concert in teignmouth (sp?) on TV

and my dad was next to me, asking about them

so i showed him my favorite song (micro cuts)

and he said matt's high singing was like almost like screaming :facepalm:

and he is in love with starlight (he also says starlight is the only song where matt's high voice is appropriate and not weird)



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i was in AZ with my cuz and i was listening to UD...


ME: do you like muse?

HER: eh. they're ok...*continues texting*

ME: why just ok?

HER: hmmm, well i don't like the keyboard in this song *refering the REAL strings* i don't consider a synthesizer to be real music.

ME:*giving her the :facepalm:* ok #1 those string are real... i saw the making of vieo for this song and #2 saying that a synth isnt REAL music is like saying limestone isnt a real rock because its layers of pressed sediment over hundreds of years!

HER: yeah well eh...


i thought i made a good point there...

i think im good at sticking up for muse:yesey:

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i made a mixed Muse CD for my friend's birthday. she listened to it once and asked me why matt was a singer if he had asthma. i have never forgiven her for that. and now that is her excuse for not liking muse. and now she has me automatically listening for matt's gasps in every single song. :facepalm:


Is it possible to share the tracking list of the CD? I've just noticed that lately I don't mind his gasping like I did before.

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Actually only one person I've tried to get inot muse hasn't liked them, but he happens to be my best friend. He says their too cheesy and pop. (This is coming from a guy who likes Bon Jovi:rolleyes:)

Apart from that Muse seems to be quite popular here. Theres no real 'musers' but if I play smbh or KoC then they recognize it

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My dad just said that "all it is is party music,you can't sing along to it do anything graceful with it." In the moment, I was pissed, but then I thought about it:

1)What parties are you going to? I wanna go! :p

2)You can't do anything graceful with it? Have you NOT seen their music videos?

Actually,he hasn't,but my point still stands. ;)

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"I don't like Muse, those teddies scare me."




from the single artwork or the video? because the ones from the video are, in a word, awesome. the ones in the artwork are too cute. either way, i want to slap whoever said that.

The Pwoud And Pwoper Keeper of:

The clapping in Starlight :boobs:

Matt's silver Converses :matt:

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Guest Bliss272

I've heard crazy reasons.

1.They remind me of Twilight

2. The lead is a mouse and his "henchmen" are rats

3. "They hold the record for the most smashed guitars!!! The Who smashed guitars!! They are copiers!!"


Lol, there are some crazy reasons out there....:LOL:

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