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Can't find the name of this song.

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shit! all the time I've heard this damn! song I think It was from Muse I was so confused looking through all the cd's and I never find it! the music is very good :p and sounds like Muse to me. lol

so wrong all this time :$

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If you listen to their other songs, you quickly see there is a big difference between matt and the reckless singer.


I :LOL: at anyone who downloaded resistance illegally and was listening to different songs than everyone else. Maybe it'll teach them to buy music rather than steal it.


But yea, i like reckless too.

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Can anyone tell me what the name of this song is?




It's titled 'Uprising' but it's obviously not that song.


Called [Reckless] (thats how their name is on youtube.... )


My favourite one is Supernova and this one:




Someone made up the lyrics: http://mypoisonlife.blogspot.com/2009/09/reckless-no-last-goodbye-lyrics.html


(I wish they had an actual CD you could buy, I never know what the words are especially with this band!)

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