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When I read the title my immediate thought was 'Kate' :facepalm:

yeah- admittedly- me too :$


Tom Morello and Matt Bellamy guitah battle... fuck yeah.

:stunned: no. words.

that would quite possibly be the most awesome thing I'll ever see in my life :awesome:


Maybe Matt's father? :$

That would be so nice!! :happy:


Im really looking forward to this mystery guest!!!

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I'm thinking they should incorporate a Matt/GaGa TV suit war :chuckle:


That would make sense. Pretty sure Matt said that he got direct inspiration from his Dad's band in doing the guitar for KOC :awesome:


Yeah, I remember seeing that somewhere. It'd be awesome to see someday in my opinion. Father and son rocking out. :happy:


I highly doubt Matt's father will play with them in Glasto.It will be weird for Dom :(

But it's quite possible for Wembley!;)


Oh man. I didn't really take that into consideration. :( Poor Dom. Hopefully Glastonbury this time around will be remembered positively! :) And Wembley would be awesome to see them perform together! :musesign:

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Wasn't there talk of Bono appearing at one point? Though I thought U2 stepped down from headlining due to a back injury, or was that the Edge?


Yeah, there was talk about Bono I believe doing something with them or at least Matt mentioned it. And U2 is not headlining now and have pulled out due to a back injury that Bono incurred. Which resulted in him having emergency surgery.

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Not to be outdone, MUSE also promise that a "very, very special surprise guest" will perform with them.


Drummer DOMINIC HOWARD said: "If it comes off, it'll be a huge moment for Glastonbury.


"It will take it to a whole new level for us."


It can surely only be an axe god like JIMMY PAGE :awesome:, BRIAN MAY or EDGE.'


This is conflicting. "Muse promise" but Dom "if it comes off". That doesn't sound like a promise to me.


Anyway I don't really care too much. Muse are who I am looking forward to seeing.

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Exo in full with the Philharmonic was the first thing that came to my mind. That would be pretty tough to pull off logistically, but amazing.


P.S can we please have at least one thread without these silly KH remarks? Grow up.

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