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Muse take rock fans to another dimension in Madrid


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The British group Muse rocked Madrid last night as part of their "Augmented Reality" tour, the only opportunity to catch the trio from Devon in Spain this year.


The 50,000 fans of the iconic rock band who filled the Vicente Calderón stadium, enjoyed a first class spectacle of technology and stadium rock, one of the top dates in the 2010 Spanish music calendar.


After playing Madrid and Barcelona last November, Muse returned with a new show, underlining their belief in stadium rock.


San Siro (Milan), the Stade de France (Paris) and Wembley (London) are other football meccas chosen by Matt Bellamy and company to show that they are one of the few groups able to unleash in the stands a collective delusion of cosmic proportions.


They were supported by The Editors, one of the UK's msot successful "indies" who played songs like "An end has a start", "Bullets" and "Munich."


Just after ten, the stage, resembling a mysterious mother ship, gradually opened its doors to the sound of a distinct martian-like melody.


The emergence of Bellamy (vocals, guitar), Dominic Howard (drums) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass) was accompanied by the hysteria of a feverish audience who had just entered into a trance with "Uprising", the last big hit and symbol of their 2009 album "The Resistance".


"New Born" was one of the few tracks salvaged from the album "Origin of Symmetry" (2001), an album that marked Muse out as different from any other rock band.


"Hysteria" had the public out of their seats and "United States of Eurasia" introduced opera as one of the unexpected genres in which the trio attempted to reclaim the legacy of artists such as Freddie Mercury, obsessed with fusing rock and classical singing.


Muse have experimented with the sound of church organ and even a "mellotron"- a strange Electro-mechanical piano, but had never used an entire symphonic band until "Exogenesis: Sympony, Part 1: Overture", the first installment of an epic trilogy included in "The Resistance", in which Bellamy is able to blend classical music with a devastating rock, making Mozart as contemporary as Muse.


The visual display was spectacular, with rising platforms to the altars of rock and, the last surprise of the night, a flying saucer and alien sighting.


After a two hour show demonstrating that they belong to another galaxy, Muse closed with some of the finest elements of their discography: "Take a Bow", "Plug in Baby" and "Knight of Cydonia".



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I went to this gig last night and tbh the crowd wasn that good they didn't really do the boys justice... the two encores they went off for the crowd just stood and waited for them to re-appear and didn't will them back on stage at all...they mustve been thinking sod u back stage!! and the acoustics were pants, but that's because of the venue and nowt to do with the boys....they played GL instead of MKU again!!! MoTP, Bliss and SS were great tho....can't wait for wembley.....

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