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Muse funny and cute moments

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Heyy guys!


Im not sure if there's a thread like this already. If there is, oh well.


Matt, Dom and Chris are extremely funny guys, do you agree?


So I want you to post your favourite muse funny moments! Also post the cutest moments!


Here's my muse cutest moment:



Matt - when you develop a closeness to a person of the opposite sex, it can develop into....


Dom - are you talking about love?


Matt - well..... Yeah, maybe........ (giggles)


Dom - awwwwwwww.



I just think that conversation is adorable!

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I loved it in that interview one time when Matt was talking about how friendships "develop over time", then Dom says "are you talking about love?" and Matt giggles and says "maybe :3"


I'm not gay or anything, but dammit that was so cute :LOL:

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It's not exactly a cute video, it's more to do with how the video has been edited to look cute.:happy:





And funny?

Is either the rage ones. :LOL:

Or when they're waving for about a minute at Wemberz and Matt's hand keeps hitting Dom's wave. :p


i loved the waving one! They should have used it for the credits like they were going to do lolz


i also loved the cute one!


Dom - secks?

Matt - WTF?! No

Dom - *rejected :(*

Dom - pweeeeeese

Matt - fine then *blushes*

rape fail! Haha!

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