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Shame on museliveconcerts.com!


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Hi all,


Bought tickets for Madrid Concert 4 months ago. 4 days left and nothing received at home. Drop an email asking for my tickets and received the next response ( red). I also attach my last email (blue), waiting for a response :mad::mad::mad:


I excepted a completely different behaviour from a big band like Muse.


Any help will be appreciated.




Dear MuseLiveConcerts.com


Your response is totally unacceptable.

I've boughts the tickets 4 months ago in your own website!

Today, 4 days left for the concert, i send you an email asking for my tickets and receive this email.

You have been let down by your suppliers, but I've been let down by you.

What would be happened if I don't write you this email?

Please can you say me where my tickets are or where my money is???

I'm sure that although this seems a fraud it's only a misunderstanding.


Muse is not a small band, it's a very big band with a lot of staff working for all this issues running fine.

I'm totally sure that you can find a solution for this because I can confirm you that this is causing me a lot of inconveniences.


I'll appreciate a prompt solution for this unpleasant issue,





De: info <info@museliveconcerts.com>

Para: info <info@museliveconcerts.com>

Enviado: mié,9 junio, 2010 16:44








Unfortunately we have just heard from our suppliers that we will be unable to supply the tickets for your booking. We have been let down by our suppliers and will be unable to fulfil your order. Please accept our apologies for this.




Please contact your card issuer and instruct them to perform a chargeback to reclaim the money paid.




If you paid by credit card then you are covered by legislation against non-delivery of goods.








If you paid by debit card then you are covered by Visa Scheme Rules:








We are unable to return any funds from our side.




Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.









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Yeah. I don't understand how people get duped into buying tickets from these sites! :wtf:


If you want to go to a gig, only go through sites that are directly linked from the muse.mu site. There's a little "buy tickets" button on each show date.


And here's the notice about museliveconcerts.com being bogus: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=72783

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Thanks oll for your replies.


I was almost sure that it was an official site to get the tickets.

My email was polite even thinking that this problem has been caused by the official site.


Now I know that the guiltys are others. I hope for them a life length diarrhea... ;)


I'll have to wait a couple of years more to see this guys :(


Or pay 2 times for the same concert :mad:


Regards all.

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