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sweepstakes to see muse in LA?


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I found a link to this on facebook. It's a supposed sweepstakes offer in which the grandprize is two tickets to the LA gig, three nights of free accomodation and round trip flight.




Is it legit? Seems very sketchy to me...:stunned:

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Don't you usually have to be 18 for these things? I remember the myspace one with the video you had to be 18. It says only 13 but idk anything about contests:$. And if there was a legit contest wouldn't kirk post it in the news?


Almost every contest is 18 that ive seen, but apparently this one is 13 (with your parents permission :rolleyes: )


i almost entered my dads name but saw the 13 thing and just entered mine.


i dunno if i should have done this though. but the prize sounds pretty nice :U

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