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Aw c'mon, it was the sexiest Muse song out ther until SMBH came out....


I really like Do We Need This? as well. Muse B Sides are actually pretty fricken awesome - thought they deserve to be B sides. Futurism instead of Feeling Good is the only b side i would change. :)

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Muse's popularity is on the rise the United States, and these ten songs will point new fans in the right direction.My favourite Muse songs are Apocalypse Please – Absolution.Its a very nice album.The dark subject matter and music prove to be a beautiful contrast to later songs on the album.

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I'd pick Dead Inside and MoTP.


Dead Inside because I love pretty much everything about the elements of this song (apart from the last line...i'm the greatest guy? come on >_> ). The build-up is awesome, the guitar solo is on point and all the "special chords" Matt is playing during the bridge leading to the climax are so cool.


On the other hand, Map could be viewed as a repetitive song (and to be honest, it is) BUT I'm very found of this particular chord progression (+what Matt is playing live).


In both of these songs, the overall atmosphere always manage to take my "soul" elsewhere and Matt's delivery is full of emotions

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Greatest guy / dead inside = the whole point of the song. Anyone who doesn't get this is literally an imbecile.


Sorry but as a non-native speaker I don't necessarily get all the nuance and subtlety an expression like "greatest guy" can convey in the context of the song

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