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We share a common passion for Muse. Enough of one that we daily commute to the board to make our feelings known. I firmly believe we have more than just Muse in common. I don't want to post a survey I want you to say a few things about yourself that you feel are noteworthy and lets see if my theory is true. I hope to nod my head in agreement with any or all you may share. Dig deep it is way more fun that way.

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Hey that's a cool idea! nothing like a community feel :D


anyways here are some 'noteworthy' things i suppose:

- I'm a democrat/liberal in the states (pro-gay marriage ect. ect.)

- I play an instrument, violin, but I also fiddle around with piano and guitar excessively thanks to muse

- I get really passionate about things, and tend to spend hours on something that I'm enthusiastic about, but spend very little time on other, probably more important things (like school or other responsibilities) :$

- science is my favorite subject, as well as history/social studies (I always get A's in these subjects because I luff them :awesome:)


anyone else have anything similar?

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*well... i'm liberal too, :awesome:

*play guitar since i was 9? and piano sometimes, but not as often as i should...

*i get bored of things very easily... :shifty: if they're not very relevant to me... that's why i only have 2 or 3 things that i really love, Muse, Music and crazy trips with friends

*I enjoy a lot talking about history, secret societies (fav subject)

*i prefer independent movies than massives ones... and that usually happens with music too...

and im a girl


im sure we'll have that in common with some ppl here :chuckle:

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*Doctor Who is my favorite thing EVAR

*I don't care about politics, all the leaders are corrupt :awesome:

*I'm extremely into science and sci fi

*I love playing the piano, I've played for almost 12 years now and I enjoy playing guitar on occasion

*I love Radiohead's music, almost as much as I love Muse

*I am one of the least sporty people ever and I love cities rather than outdoorsy places

*I enjoy dying my hair awesome colors :happy:


EDIT: And I'm a girl! :p

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  • I'm liberal. But also religious. Sort of.
  • Played piano since I was about 3 or 4, started piano lessons when I was 5, self taught loads of other instruments though I suck at most of them.
  • I don't like talking about history, but I've always enjoyed learning about it.
  • I like physics in theory, but I can't get my head around the math so I gave up. :$
  • I like reading but I get bored of books quickly. If I sit down and actually don't get distracted I'd probably be able to devour books, but it usually takes me weeks to get through a single book because I keep putting it off for later...
  • I talked to a squirrel once... and a pigeon several years later.
  • I also much prefer cities to any other place.
  • I'm a girl! :LOL:

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* I play piano, have been since I was 8

* I'm a vegetarian :D

* I'm fluent in both French and English, and I'm learning German (love languages)

* Studying to be a doctor (hopefully a paediatrician)

* Arcade Fire is also my favourite band

* Love horror movies!!

* Totally obsessed with Harry Potter

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*I'm rocking out to muse as i write this. :p

* I am artistic in many ways from drawing to knitting

*I love to go out walking and getting out and about facebooking

* Would like to get either a violin or guitar but my lack of knowledge about the type of guitar is letting me down

* also i am an institution escapee they are still trying to find me dont tell em im here mmmkays


also i am a girl which i think this board makes up about 99.99% and the other 0.001% are guys



my mom saids this is a def potential muse album cover...



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nice idea! :yesey: i already found some common things.

- i love science, and i'm learning to be a vet (if i make it to the university, i have the last exams in 2 weeks!!)

- i'm in love with nature, i literally worship animals, and i'm an elephant fetisher :awesome:

- i love spongebob

- i'm not into politics, and i'm not religious..(but not atheist)

- i only play on harmonica..:$

- i'm totally obsessed with Avatar, and LOTR

- and i get addicted to things too easily..i'm a twitter addict, although i've managed not to go there for 2 months because of my exams :p

- and i'm a girl.


PS and i love muse. :LOL:

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- I am artistic. I draw cartoons, real life (portaits) and I am an art enthusiast. I also paint large abstract works with space themes.

- I love science and particularly space. I'm not smart enough to be an astronomer but still wish to pursue something in science.

- When I like somethhing I usually go all out on it and find out anything and everything about it (ie Muse)

- I'm really shy and awkward around people I don't know. Until they know me then I'm a freak.

- I play the guitar and am tryingto learn piano. I sing (badly) with my sister (drums) in a small amateur band

- I like learning about interesting things (psychology, conspiracies and sciencey stuff)


That's all I can think of now...


I can agree with quite a few things on this thread.

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  • Doctor Who!!! is it just me, or does just about everyone on this board love doctor who??
  • hehe not so sure about the science stuff...not really into that :p but sci fi can be pretty darn awesome
  • fb is waaay too adictive...:rolleyes:
  • i've been playing piano since i was four, trying to teach myself guitar... (and failing :p) would looovve to learn to play drums but i dont think i have time at the moment, and i sing...pretty badly but i love singing and would also love to be in a band :awesome:
  • i'm also shy and awkward but then a freak once people get to know me :LOL:
  • i guess you could say I'm artistic, I love photography, I cant draw or anything like that, more into arts like music and story writing and photography and that stuff
  • I love reading


ok I should probably stop there otherwise I'm gonna seem really self-absorbed :rolleyes:

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This is fun!

- I dont really have much interest in politics or religion

- Ive played the clarinet since I was 8 and have worked through the grades - but I come from a completely non-musical family

- I love physics as a subject and would like to study it at uni

- I must be the least artistic/creative person in the world

- I dont watch many movies, but I love action/thriller/fantasy films (Lotr, Avatar, James Bond:cool:)

- In real life I am quite shy and introverted with people I dont know. I am quite reserved even with people I do know.


I'd better stop now before I end up writing an essay about myself

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- I'm not really sure what political view I have, but our govt now is rather terrible

- I've been playing drums for 6 years :awesome: and fiddle around with the piano

- I'm really into psychology and the way things work, why things are the way they are.

- I'm not religious.

- Space is the shit. Look up space porn and you'll know why!

- I'm kind of shy,


Hmm not sure what else

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* Dr Who, especially Matt Smith and David Tennant

* Playing guitar and piano badly

* Enjoying reading about weird stuff

* Only having 3 great passions, other things bore me

* Most of my friends have to have a similar music taste to me, other people are either annoying or just not my sort of friend :p

* So by the one above i think i can usually judge a person on their music taste

* I have to admit i am pretentious, if i could wear a top hat and monocle i would.


thats about all i could think off that may apply to others on here :p

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- I'm absolutely liberal..but i try to be tolerant ;)

- I love art, all kinds, but my own output generally takes the form of paintings, drawings, etc.

- I'm not religious, but I like the idea of a "higher creative energy" (as Dom put it)

- I used to play piano, but gave up when I heard "Piano Thing" :p . jk i mess around with guitar and piano

- I love science (molecular and cell bio ftw!!!) and sci-fi (and firmly believe that the book 1984 is not sci-fi, but prophecy, considering the current state of citizen surveillance and globalized government...but I'm ranting)

- I'm a total loner, but I like it

- love reading!!

- I don't like explaining myself. so thats it

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- I looooove science, which I am doing at uni

- I'm a christian (some variety of protestant)

- I care not for politics. Politicians and other such bureaucrat-like people make me sick.

- I am a frozen coke addict

- I have a cat! :D

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*I'm an atheist

*I don't care about politics cause our country has been really fucked up when it comes to that since war

*I looooove Dr.Who

*I love reading(unlike most of the kids my age)

*I'm a girl :D

*If you'd see me on street you would never say I listen to rock(I wear a lot of bright colors)

*I can easily get addicted to twitter,facebook,myspace...etc.

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wow this is amazing! Just looking through now I can see so many things I have in common


~Ive taught myself piano since I was... 7/8-ish. I love music

~Im not that into politics/religion

~I really like science. Especially astronomy- Id consider working at the Sydney Observatory or NASA one day as my career. but I also like physics

~ Im really introverted around people I dont know, but Im totally different around my friends and family. they know i have problems :LOL:

~I actually like school. except for maths. maths can burn in the deepest pits of hell.

~I'm all for justice in the world

~ ... & Im female :p

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