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What's your FAVOURITE part of ANY Muse song?


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Just a quick list, off the top of my head:

-Start of guitar + bass in TAB

-Crash symbals in the intro of SMBH

-Kick-ass fast drums in MotP

-Invincible solo

-Assasin backing vocals

-KoC riff + the bit that's up on the screen wen they play it live

-B&H solo

-Stockholm syndrome riff

-Hysteria bass

-TSP - the bit that Chris sings live

-TOADA - the yehyehyehhhh yehyehyehhhh yehyehyehhyeyeye bit

-Newborn guitar intro

-the bit wen the guitars kick in in bliss

-plug in baby riff - one day i'll b able to play it

-ALL of CE - mainly the intro

-the chorus of micro cuts

-the fact that dom plays the drums and the glockenspiel thingy in screenager

-feeling good megaphone bit

-sunburn piano

-fillip slow bit back into chorus at the end

-cave intro

-showbiz guitar wen he plays the tune to controlling my feelings for to long after the first bit of singing

-guitar after last chorus of Uno


bugger thats a long list:p

u kno wat, just put:

-all of muse's songs:D

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My ultimate fav bit is in *Feeling Good* where he belts out that final bit, "freedom is mine etc, where he screams it, almost as if his voice turns into a blow torch at that point, a bit of Freddie Mercury conviction coming through if ever I heard it :D

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Im going slightly off topic, picking a lyric, but i love the line in KoC, "How can we win when fools can be kings?" The only thing i remember about Reading is screaming that line at the top of my voice.


Apart from that, i love the keyboards in Starlight.

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i like the bit in KOC just before the singignt there is a cool backround guitar noise....thats a cool bit..


Also the second chorus in showbiz, when he does the whole...oooooooo.. on a high note. :stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned::stunned:


Im not good at explaining

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"And if my wish comes true, you'll never see me again" - Host


"Our freedom's consuming itself. What we've become, its contrary to what we want" - Take a Bow


"Taaakkee off your disguise" - Megalomania


"I'll cut your name in my heart" - Space dementia

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And Megalomania, the last Dis-GUUUUUUUUUUIIIISE when Matt harmonises with himself. Gets me everytime.


:yesey: I absolutely love the harmonising vocals at the end of that song. They're somehow quite chilly.


However, my favourite Muse bit overall is Space Dementia's ending, especially the moment when the piano finishes and BAM everything comes crashing down. Powerful ending to a great song. I was slightly gutted that they didn't play the outro when they came to Aberdeen :(

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the riff in Knights of cydonia

the guiar solo in hysteria

the drumming, piano and bass in starlight

the distortion in plug in baby

the guitaring in hyper music, the intro

"NO ONE'S GOING TO TAKE ME ALIVE" Chorus in knights of cydonia

intro to take a bow

the trumpet bit in city of delusion

the intro for map of the problematique

and the intro for stolkholm syndrome!!!!!

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After the intro of New Born, when the guitar first comes in.


The chorus of Citizen Erased.


The part in Micro Cuts where the sound goes back and forth.


The vocal run at the end of Showbiz, but seriously, who DOESN'T like that?


The high note in the background during the first "take off your disguise" in Megalomania!

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the intro to Stockholm Syndrome

the bass lines of Hysteria

the last part of Citizen erased(ooh..so lovely)

everything about Unintended ,Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist,Bliss and New Born

the guitar solos of Invincible and Plug In Baby


...and there's a lot more........:p

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I love what I call the "Muse Grooves" the instrumental Jam/Groove sections in alot of Muse's songs. e.g. at 3:05 on Micro Cuts or the section after the piano intro (and before the verse) on New Born. :yesey:


But I have got to say the classic Plug in Baby intro, especially when you can get that uncontrolled swirling Fuzz, you actually feel like you are Matt Bellamy and it makes you want to spin around with your guitar. :happy:

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Stockholm Syndrome (whole song. I can't decide which part of it is the best :))

Hysteria (bass riff)

Citizen Erased (coda)

CoD Trumpet

Map of the Problematique - ,,loneliness be over''

Fury (intro. that delay pwns )

Piano Solos in Ruled By Secrecy & B&H

Shrinking Universe - ,,Purpossless survival..''

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The guitar solos in Thought of a DA and Citizen Erased... magnificent.

The bass line... in every song

the piano in sunburn... Matt made sure that was gonna be his first song on his first album.

and the drum part in the build up of Time is Running Out always gives me chills

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The guitar solo bit at the end of micro-cuts

the start of supermassive black hole

the first guitar bit in bliss

all of plug in baby and new born

the bit in feeling good with the megaphone.


there is so many more, i could go on for hours.

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