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What's your FAVOURITE part of ANY Muse song?


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In no particular order:


Citizen Erased ending

Shrinking Universe wail

Escape, when the riff kicks in and the "Living dead" spot

Newborn, when the riff kicks in

Easily, when the bass kicks in

Chorus of City of Delusion, especially the "Justify my reason" bit.

The amazing metaphor of "Like broken dam you're empty, all that's left is sticks and stones" in Nature 1


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:LOL: I love the random bit where he loses his voice at around 2:55-3:00


Oh and the vocals in execution commentry crack me up every time.


:LOL: I'll always wish I knew what the hell he's going on about in Execution.... instead of randomly guessing .. well I know one thing he says for sure.. 'yayayayayyayaay' haha that's Another of my fave parts of a song! :happy:




OHH and the bit where someone says 'Elmo' in Agitated :LOL: Muse songs are quite funny really..

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-when Matt runs out of breath at the end of Showbiz and it makes one unique sound ;-) plus Matt's voice in the chorus

-the marvelous Bliss riff and especially Matt's powerful voice when singing 'giveee meeeee'

-the screaming in Dead Star (yeah it's coming your way)

-the end wails in New Born and Plug In Baby (and perhaps somewhere else too)

-the final chorus in Hysteria

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Shrinking Universe and Futurism outro wail

SMBH chorus

The chorus riff in Yes Please

TIRO when he says 'you will ssssuck the life out of me' - makes me giddy matt sounds so sexy!

ALL of stockholm syndrome - Muse sound exceptionally great when they have harmonies, I wish they'd do them more!

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I would have to say mine is glorious. The bit near the beginning where the bass kicks in, and its the 3 rd note chris plays. Not too good at music theory so i cant explain properly. The timing is around 0:30-31. Dunno why i think its so good, i just do!!


And i must not forget the epic piano solo at the end of sunburn!!!...


Those two are my favourites, if i see them both at wembley(17th), i can die a happy man!!:D :D

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Ever since the 28 weeks Later trailer, i've had much appreciation for the Shrinking Universe shreaking. Love the final part of Citizen Erased too. That and the bass riff that kicks in at full speed near the start of Supermassive Black Hole.

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Going into the solo of Fury (the whole song actually)

MOTP entirely

City of Delusion.... "I will avenge"

Sunburn.... Chorus @ the end

Bliss (Long Version) ".... The outro appergio makes me wanna play it over and over again...

Micro Cuts entirely

Citizen Erased.... bridge before outro

Chorus of Hate This and I Love You (Especially the destroy bit...)

Showbiz entirely

Falling Away With You entirely


and so much more....

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End of Citizen Erased

All of Glorious

All of B&H

"Sing for Absolution", right when Matt sings that

Hate This and I'll Love You - "I'm getting strong in every way"

And probably the top- The chant at the end of Knights of Cydonia


so many more though...

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Mmm, that will be the dirty sexy riff in New Born, I always sing that riff (when alone of course :$ )

The 'now lets headbang everyone' bit in Knights of Cydonia :D

All of In Your World, I just love it to bits, would be a very happy bunny if I ever got to see it live

And that bit in Showbiz towards the end with the crashing guitars 'pushing us into self destructionnnnnnnnn...oooh'- yummy.

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The beginning of MoTP just :eek: And the solo bit in SMBH I listen to repeatedly :D Good stuff :cool:

Flicking through BH&R yesterday listening to the intros on each song, Muse do have some very good intros that just make you want to listen to the whole song, it's all good :rabbi:

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