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What's your FAVOURITE part of ANY Muse song?


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Hell, loads and loads of things...


Practically the whole of Bliss, but mainly the beginning riff.

The beginning of Supermassive Black Hole, and the ooooooohhs too :LOL:

The KoC riff, of course

The Newborn Riff

The Shrinking Universe chorus




And loads more i can't be arsed to list...:rolleyes:

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Clearly. I mean, that bit at the very beginning, where you can hear footsteps, is clearly the best bit :yesey:


Yes, yes it is :stunned: I love the beginning, its so epic and dream like, and makes you feel really warm and fuzzy inside :happy:

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Yes, yes it is :stunned: I love the beginning, its so epic and dream like, and makes you feel really warm and fuzzy inside :happy:


It does.....:stunned: I hadn't particularly noticed...


And also, the guitar in Fury, the beginning of futurism, when the guitar comes in, and The Groove chorus. :happy:

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the part in escape that goes:

I'll take back all the things that I said

I didn't relise I was talking to the living dead

But I don't want you to think that I care

I never would

I never could again


i assume it's not permanent though,just around these days

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It does.....:stunned: I hadn't particularly noticed...


And also, the guitar in Fury, the beginning of futurism, when the guitar comes in, and The Groove chorus. :happy:


You're not feeling the words :noey:


Fury in general is just :eek: And the Glorious chorus, also :eek:

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My fave bit..........ooh the guitar solo in Hysteria - tis the reason its my fave Muse song, its the sex :D And also............


*the opening bass riff in Hysteria

*the piano solo in b&h - yeah boring I know cos everyone else has chosen it but its just awesome :eek:

* Showbiz - for the the falsetto "G" Matt hits at the end

* KOC riff

* the middle bit in Blackout where you just hear the strings, has had the ability to make me cry on many occasions :'(

*the extra section added to Assassin i.e. the Grand Omega Bosses Edit - changes the song completely!

* Piano solo in Ruled by Secrecy

*The opening of Supermassive Black Hole - that diiiiirty guitar riff :p

*The end of Apocalypse Please - er I seem to like piano solos a lot don't I :LOL:

*New born - the angelic opening and when THAT guitar riff kicks in

*Darkshines - thumping piano chords at the end of the first verse before the chorus

*Megalomania - the organ at the end, very haunting/eerie. Also when Matt hits G# Aflat (whatever?), sounds like Chip & Dale its sooo high :LOL:



There are probably loads more but I can't think of them all right now.....

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The piano (the beginning !!!) of Sunburn.. just awwwweeesome

can't help myself but i love the starlight drums (bam bambam bam bambambam).. :)

the intro of showbiz and the end

beginning of SMBH *awwesome*

megalomia 'paradise comes to a priihiice' the voice *loves*

citizen erased riff live *omg*

beginning of MotP (always reminds me of the concert :))

aww there are sooo many parts i love...

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The Fillip Chorus

The Cave chorus

The Showbiz Chorus

The final Newborn Verse and chorus

Bliss "Everything about you is so easy to loahuv"

Space Dementia outro

Hyper Music "Who-hooo-oo-oo"

Plug in Baby riff, chorus and coda

Citizen Erased chorus and solo

Microcuts chorus


The Megalomania high pitched "disGUISE!!!"

Shrinking Universe Wails

Nature 1 "Now I gotta choose"

Dead Star

Transition from piano to guitar in In Your World

Apocalypse Please piano intro

Time is Running Out bridge and chorus

Sing for Absolution chorus

Stockholm Syndrome chorus and solo

FAWY coda

Hysteria intro, chorus and solo

Blackout solo

Butterflies and Hurricanes piano and strings

Endlessly intro

TOADA solo

RBS louder bit

Take a Bow coda

Map of Riff

Assassin intro and coda

Exo Politics bridge solo

City of Delusion riff

Hoodoo guitar and piano

Knights riff and glissando


Please x3 Let Me Get What I Want

Shine chorus

Spiral Static

The Groove riff and solo

Easily verse

Eternally Missed

Futurism riff

Fury riff and chorus

Glorious (all of it except "Faith....... Strangers Love")

The swear word in Crying Shame :)


My actual favourite moment is the Plug in Baby riff probably

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I know most folk on here must have a particular line, chorus, verse, bar, bridge, solo etc. that they love and listen to over and over again. I want to know.


Mine is at the end of Citizen Erased when it goes from F major to F minor.....mmmmm :happy:

The end of the long version of bliss, do they only do the long version live?

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Fillip: Slow bridgey bit. :yesey:

Falling Down: "Too late, I already found, etc."

Showbiz: Sinister eye-twitchin' finger-lickin' drummy intro, when guitar kicks in after the first verse, all choruses, solo, outro, that mega last note. Not much, then.

Escape: "I'll take back all the things that I said, etc."

HT&ILY: Chorus & outro.

New Born: Riff entrance & chorus

Space Dementia: Outro

Citizen Erased: Riff & chorus

Micro Cuts: Bridge & outro

Megalomania: The entire song

Apocalypse Please: Those waily sections that I can't actually describe :LOL:

SFA: Last chorus & "Our wrongs remain unrectified..."

Stockholm Syndrome: Post chorus section & outro

Blackout: Solo and last chorus

Ruled By Secrecy: Piano kicking in after second chorus

Take A Bow: "And our freedom's consuming itself etc", and everything after that

City Of Delusion: Chorus & funky guitar in the second verse

Hoodoo: "You should never be afraid..." right up until "I will take the blow for you"

Knights Of Cydonia: Outro

Dead Star: Chorus & riff

Host: Most of the song

Spiral Static: Ditto

Futurism: Same again

Nature 1: Yep, the whole song

Hyper Chondriac Music: Once again, indeed

Shrinky: Outro

Recess: The guitar in general & tremolo bit onwards

Piano Thing

Con-Science: "Try bend the rules", build-up and outro

Coma: The "heeeeeeeeyyyyy!" before the last chorus. :LOL:


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Wow, I love far too many little things to mention them all, but I will list some of them, in no specific order. Unsurprisingly, mine are very like others’ choices. (Obviously almost Muse’s entire catalogue of music is wonderful in full, but you did ask for specific favorite parts to songs):


- The arpeggios to Bliss.


- The first twenty-seven seconds to New Born.


- For Plug in Baby: at 00:32 “I’ve exposed your lies…baby…the underneath’s no big surprise” and then at 1:31-32 the “oooooh”; and then at 2:42-3:06, after “tired of living”, the similar “oooo”, on to “and I’ve seen your loving…Mine is gone…And I’ve been in trouble…wooaahhhh”

..Man I love that. :D


- The guitar slide at 3:48 on Citizen Erased is wicked.


- The chorus, and piano sections to Sunburn – I love the level of ardency in that song; it is so exhilirating.


- The synth from Endlessly at 2:39-3:30. It’s incredibly compelling, and reminds me of something that is difficult to describe…something that would sound strange and silly if talked about.


- The entire song is masterful, but I especially love the enveloping guitar to Stockholm Syndrome at 1:23-1:29. Also the fluctuation in background vocals on the lines “let your anger rise”/”Let your hatred grow”. But it’s difficult to pick out any one section, I might as well say I favor the entire song…


- The strings to Blackout – they’re consolatory.


- “Interlude” from Absolution.


- Of course the bass to New Born, Muscle Museum, Hysteria and mostly every other Muse song…


- The Chorus to The Small Print – I love the guitar, and especially the vocals at “Saaaaaay, it’ll make you insane…” and the general mood the song carries.


- The dynamics, strings, and drums to City of Delusion.


- The descending guitar and piano notes at 1:33 on “Why….” of Hoodoo. (I think they are guitar and piano notes, it could be bass and piano, or something else…correct me if I am wrong.) Just a little nuance; it appears to be very common in many styles of music, but I’ve always enjoyed it.


That is all I can think of at the moment, but it is definitely enough to portray the idea…

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