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Hmm, for me it goes like in order:



Falling away with you

Citizen Erased

Map Of the Problematique

Sing For Absolution (especially the last part)


Eternally Missed

City Of Delusion

Stockholm Syndrome









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Falling Away With You

The Small Print

Take a Bow

Map of the Problematique



Dead Star

Crying Shame

Shine (Acoustic)

Shrinking Universe


Hyper Music

Plug in Baby



Muscle Museum




Not saying these are their best lyrics but they've all meant something to me before.

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Hi, interesting topic. I'm twice the age of most of you, or more, so I must count double. I see only one mention of my favourite lyric.




I think it's very erotic, and accompanied by that guitar solo toward the end, there maybe should be an age limit for listening to it.


If this thread keeps it up for a while, I will think hard and make a list.


Mette, not really a grandma

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I'd say either Blackout, Butterflies and Hurricanes, or Thoughts of a Dying Atheist.


Though, one of my single favorite lines is from Falling Away with You:


"Staying awake to chase a dream

Tasting the air you're breathing in"


One of the most powerful and meaningful lyrics for me.

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