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Muse & The Twilight Saga. (Other random ramblings...)


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I HATE IT. Twilight.... Well, how to explain it. I don't want to use hate, I guess.

But, I really dislike it. And it seems once again, America is doing something else

to fuck up something. I've been hearing so much crap about Muse going

mainstream because of Twilight.


I highly disagree. Listen to NSC. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TWILIGHT.

Then, the fact of the Resistance not meing Muse-y enough. Seriously?


To me, all it seems like, is that Muse is trying to find another side of themselves

to release something greater than the last album.


Okay. My rambling is over for now. :p

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I 100% agree with the OP, NSC is a great song! It's supposed to be cheesy and lovey because he wrote it about that phase in every relationship. Beautiful :)


It's ok Mr.Bellamy, I get you even if no one else does hahaha.

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