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I was watching Muse clips, and this strange thought came to me... What do you guys think? Which muse song/video is the most dirty? Don't get me wrong, it's not that i do some wrong stuff with those videos... :$

I think it might be SMBH video, how 'bout you?:D

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Well have you not seen the hysteria video... Creep central!


Hysteria lyrics are clearly the most pervy/ or maybe more sexual lyrics written.


In my opinion. As for the video, NSC. Honestly a 100 odd yr old bloke kissing a teenager who also loves a dog? Its as pervy as it gets.


But the Muse parts are awesome.

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Supermassive Black Hole is pretty dirty :erm:


Video-wise? I'll go with Sunburn mainly because he's staring at her through a mirror and she's freaking out.


I totally agree with you on the Sunburn video. I thought I was just crazy. :LOL:


Or possibly Muscle Museum, if the theory of it being about masturbation is to be believed.


I've never heard this! :eek:

My whole idea of this song has changed now!


Oh. My. GAWD.

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'Begging for so much more, than you could ever give...'




It is beyond dirty now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MM takes the cake on the pervy-ness. :stunned:




"I have played in every toilet

But you still want to spoil it

To prove I’ve made a big mistake

Too long trying to resist it

You’ve just gone and missed it

It's escaped your world"



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Guest Sarah-x

oh dear :facepalm: wont ever be able to watch/listen to these songs in the same light now :LOL:


TIRO you will suck the life out of me- nuff said:stunned:

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The American cut of TIRO isn't really pervy :shifty:


But Matt is extremely sexy in it :ninja:

I know right?? :ninja:


What about Overdue though? It's pretty arousing if you know what I mean :eyebrows:

and Jimmy Kane? Sex in pain?


And DEAR LORD, why did you have to rape my interpretation of muscle museum like that! I always loved that song because I felt that it was about the origins of the band... now... :eek:


Anyways, the dirtiest music video would probably have to go to... plug in baby.

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