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RedStar hasn't been active since Sept of last year, apparently?


If people are still into this thing, maybe we should get someone new?


Shit, I've got time on my hands, I could do it temporarily.


That would be great! Shame I still have a bit of a wait. I joined muse.mu about a year ago but had no idea that it was separate from the forum account. So much for grabbing a decent keep.:LOL:

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So, if this thing ever gets started up again and no one wants it (don't think I've seen anyone claim it), I would be more than willing to keep Revolt :happy:


I was going to say that, but that task is for you, I'm not too patient too keep Revolt. It would be hard, and you know it :LOL::LOL:

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Hello there.


I am the keeper of several things and have been for many years, but I changed my user name from Violet80s to •am• a while back and forgot to update things here. Can you please update my keeps with my new name?


I am the keeper of


Apocalypse Please


gigs in Texas / Texas gigs

MOTP Intro

The Small Print

Chris' ever changing tummy

Chris' shoulders

Chris' harmonica skills

Chris' skinny jeans

Chris' overall sexiness


I understand the rules now say 3 per category, but please let me remind you that these have been my keeps for years since the rule used to be 5 per category and i've had these since before this thread and some from the very beginning of this thread.


Please please please update my name on my keeps.


Gracias :D


Who mods this section, so I can PM them? No more requests until we get it sorted out. ;)


Oooops sorry, I should have scrolled up first before posting. I just saw the thread and remembered that I needed to update my name.


Well... whenever this gets sorted... let me know :)

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