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This is the Muse Keeper Thread started by celtic rose, and has been under different ownership eversince, from kuutar to the ever loved, ever missed -Lynzi-.



1. New members have to wait at least 1 month before claiming.


2. Look on the list first, and check the old keeps using ctrl+F.


3. You can have 3 keeps from each of the following categories:

- Muse (that includes songs, performance,etc.)

- Matt

- Dom

- Chris

- Board.


4. You can't claim Muse members (whole) or their family/girlfriends.


5. Ask your claims in a post on this thread.


6. Old members can keep their claims. But members who don't get connected for 1 year or more will have their keeps removed.


7. Do not add to your sig keeps if they are not yet added to the following lists.


8. When you ask for a keep, be sure it will be something that you don't want to remove after a week.


9. If you want to keep a member of the museboards, he/she has to post on this thread giving clearly his/her permission.


10. Remember the use of the words Please and Thanks, if you can.


Thank you.



You can keep:...


...items used in videos, on stage or on photo shoots

physical appearance of the boys

things they said

musical instruments

songs, parts of songs

items of clothing

museboard members or some quality of museboard member...



K E E P S :




Appledoll- Sair

AMfrompoland!!- - Kaisa

amuseme543-You Electrify My Life

Atrocity Vector that never was – RenegadeOfFunk

Aduuu- Gohenko

BlissedOut- Hucksy

black KirkBot - St3phanie3

boomeraangsquad – daphne

best younger muser award 2009 - Alex


Capt'n Cockminster - Ginnie

Ceiling dom – xxatlowxx

Canadian Muse Fans thread-jebecca


daphne - boomeraangsquad

DMHlover - Erica-Jane

DropletInTheOcean- the_invincible_dude

Dombie – tiniih



Emma Loves Muse-Goya

Execution Commentary- the.angular.animal

Erica-Jane - nettynunu

'Effie - Ammeeria

Eurasia - owls

Eurasia flag - fuesch

FireBaptist- Nattybwa

FatalError- T-Rex


fact that no one is paying attention to the obvious instructions not to claim things, and claiming anyway - Asdfaeou

Fans that vote more than once on the internet – doctorinthetardis

Finlay - Luna


Goya- Emma Loves Muse

Georgy Drachenkoeter- pindakaas

Girl Anachronism's ever-failing-bra-strap at Muse gigs - lil'blulalo

haarp's microwave harassment - owls

Helz Belz- iSteph

Hucksy- BlissedOut

herself - Emaaa

hucksy! - Sair Bear

haifisch" - McFrog

Hysteeria - Aduuu-


I am hungry for some Dombread – paralulman

"I ride with Matt through the veins of history" - Elenor.

IMPORTANT! Plz read... Thread - No ones gonna take me Live

ilovemuse's Join The Resistance signature of win - the_muse_assassin


Johanna - stefko_25



kaere – daphne



lame board catchphrases- jon (radiohead, lol)

- Lynzi- AMfrompoland!!

lost153 - stefko_25

Lynzi - Ro

lost153's heart and love - Ammeeria

Lilylolxxx - sammyboy2006

L. - mskitte138

lalalive - Sing_For_Absolution

Lady Gaga – doctorinthetardis


"Matt Bellamy is God" slogan- muse-queen


GloriousAssassin-Princess of Promise

m.u.s.e. <3- Knightofcydonia

message board's Pornogenic threads- Juuso

muse-queen- vibrantXhearts

musefanatyke- Muserock94

muserock94- musefanatyke

Muse board and everything around it - Hans :>

maria_way - nettynunu

maria_way's flirtyness - stefko_25

maria_way's blondeness - nettynunu

Megglen - Erica-Jane

Messageboard drama-Juuso

Muse Family thread- collymonster

Musepower - SetMySoulAlight92

Muse.mu domain - miralize

Mathew Ballemy (from that thread) - Goya

Museslash - Dana R

My own level of obsession - No ones gonna take me Live

Muse Lolz. thread - fuesch

Matt's post on 18.09.2009 - ilovemuse

My Muse three-way air jam on a recent train journey - C13R4N

my own paranoia - Mrguy

Muse I'MMA LET YOU FINISH... jokes - nataly

muse condom campaign - ryno1116

Matt's stare in the photo of their sig - dioyy182

Musekeckteers society - Liz0_o

mskitte138 - L

Noobs who post the "sit the fuck down" video, thinking its new- peep

nettynunu - maria_way

NewlyMused -newbornblisssorigin


nettynunu's love - stefko_25

Nettynunu's blue eyes like Matt's - maria_way

name Mr. Awesome - Kris Nottingham

official muse keeper thread - Alex

'Oh i do like to be beside the seaside' - brian27

Other Muse Topic's section of the muse board - Alex

pindakaas- Georgy Drachenkoeter


post http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=...postcount=1756 - Futurellama

phrase "tighter than dom's trousers" - apocalyptickaoss

"Phenomenomedomenom" - kassy_

Qúentin Räikkönen - Raining_Muses

"Resistance Tracklist" thread - Raining_Muses

Raining_Muses - Kris Nottingham

Sair- Appledoll

Stefko's freakin' amazing amazing drawing skills - maria_way

Stefko_25's red hair - nettynunu

Stefko_25's amazing French skills - Ammeeria

SetMySoulAlight92 - Musepower

Sair Bear - hucksy

Salty confetti thread- dan

Sippe -LyraSilvertongue

Sippe's dignity -RayFan9876

SAA- Smiley Addicts Anonymous - kaere

"sit the fuck down" day - lukester911

sexyplane during 10/27/10--Charlottesville, -bruce57

setlist beef -Sippe

tea bags and sympathy- stardustbaby (tea lady of the SIRA)

Titchy-Muser- punkrockerjazzie

T-Rex- FatalError

the.angular.animal - ILDHHITC

The cat Netty/Netty the cat - Ammeeria

Teh Ballemy Awesomeness (from that thread) - Emaaa

the_invincible_dude - DropletInTheOcean

Takebow19's Greatest Compliment Ever - KAM3L

thread:http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=65149 - Zürischnurre

thread "Hi new here!" created by fevertrees on the 21-12-09 - supermassive_cave

thread "Dom going GAGA" :http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=76125 -NewBornBliss

thread "Your Perfect Setlist"- HenryW7

the_invincible_dude's undertitle which is Little Ninja Mobster-DropletInTheOcean

"ut oh" - No ones gonna take me Live

UnintendedChoice -CharlotteC94

vibrantXhearts- muse-queen

Vote for Alex for best younger muser award 2009 - Alex

Word "Keck" (2009 code solving results ) - bellamy'szetagirl

whole ISPs thread – ilovemuse

Younger Musers' Orgies- Ro

YMT's love dramas - Sair Bear

YMT – ChloenotsosloweyHA

42 (as an answer for Treasure Hunt 2009) - Raining_Muses

1984 – dontask

:awesome:- Ginnie

:eyebrows:- daphne

:facepalm:- Futurellama

:)- apocalyptickaoss

:phu:- Muselim_14

:ninja:- Muselim_14

:fear:- Muselim_14

:vomit:- Zürischnurre

:kiss::pimp::musesign: - ryno1116

:happy:- Elenor.

:chris:-Man 0f Mystery



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:chuckle:-You Electrify My Life

:D:p:cabasa::dom:-anasthesia bellamy


:erm::pope: - dan

:batman: - FabriPav

:facemelt: - Kueller917









all the wires in the UD video - camsarter

all the Hexagons on The Resistance album cover- ¡Tom!

absolute radio resistance interview with ben jones '09 – NicePockets

Assassin intro - ¡Tom!

Absolution intro-Kueller917

Absolution shadow-body people from the artwork-Hyper Chondriac Muser6977

album artwork for The Resistance - the_invincible_dude

"Arabic" part of USoE – monkeymaestro

"Arbourler, Jameson I love you" in Sober-Cydonian Iggy

arpeggios in Screenager - blinkin fightuse

"ahhh verse moi l'ivresse" in I Belong to You – bizarre

Animals outro- GuidingLight93

"all the green belts wrapped around our minds" from Uprising - Contrad!ction

Assassin – muraimandy



assassin (grand omega boss edit) - ryno1116

agents in the usoe treasure hunt - nikite

Argentinian Muse - Hysteria.-

artwork for MOTP single - episteppe

artwork for Invincible single - episteppe

"And you are the only reason, that I remain unfrozen" in Sober - aikiclo

Apocalypse Please arpeggios (those at 1:49 and later) - denisonfire

All the U's Muse are using in the Resistance Tracklisting - Shadows_on_Cydonia

"And your innocence I will consume" from Dark Shines-noodi10

All active humint resources - boshalake

"All of history deleted with one stroke" from MK Ultra - anewreality

"A universe is trapped inside a tear" from Mk Ultra - amdale6575

alternate version of SMBH video – Graceful

April 17th : the day of the first musers uprising -pinkfrenchie1

Apocalypse Please -Violet80s

"All of the love we left behind watching the flashbacks interwine" in Falling away with you- plug me in

Absolution (album)-HenryW7

Agitated Hullabaloo (outro and guitar smashing)-julian3d09

"And I've been in trouble, oooohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!" from Plug in Baby-InvincibleMicroStar

"And we'll love, and we'll hate and we'll die. All to no avail, all to no avail" in Stockholm Syndrome-TibsterV

'And I've had recurring nightmares, That I was loved for who I am' from Hoodoo-Beccabombom


album artwork of The 2nd Law-BobbyR.

Apocalypse Please visuals at Wembley 2007-picko93

backing vocals on album version of 'Assassin' – HelloMrBellamy

"But your innocence is mine" in Undisclosed Desires – macgivera

bedroom acoustics - futurophy

bass line in Shrinking Universe - lalalive

bass/synth solo in Knights of Cydonia - Weeman5872

Bassline in soaked - Cloudent

Bass in USoE Calliope.


Bliss (Extended) live version-Boz

Bliss at Pinkpop 2002 - andrew_berge

Bliss live from Edmonton 2010 Tour -kaitie<3

Bliss demo keyboard at the Bizarre Festival- *OoS*

Butterflies and Hurricanes intro-Spiral-Static

Bliss @ Rock Am Ring 2010 -pluginstarlight

Bliss video -kjk62289

Butterflies & Hurricanes-zinterz

Bliss lyrics-Korni

Bliss @ Reading 2006-FallAway

Bernie the Ufo-Lazza 100

Bernie the Ufo not being used at goffertpark 2010- jackparker

bassline for I Belong to You-EternallyGlorious

''BARARARAARRRRARARARRRH - you know what i mean''-part of Feeling Good from Eurockéennes, Belfort in 2000-furytwinincoma

bass in Undisclosed Desires-canadianmuser

bass in Starlight-hypermusic

'Beg, you will beg, you will beg for their lives and their souls' part of Take A Bow-grabacr 31770

bar of "muse" soap-Adrianne

Back in Black outro after Hysteria@CLMF 2010-MimusQe

Bliss at Wembley 11.09.2010-the_invincible_dude


Bliss style arpeggios-Moonshoes

Bassline from Uno-MattMelRach

Bliss Arpeggio from Pink Pop 2002-lsgriffiths

Butterflies & Hurricanes from Lollapalooza 2011-TrebleRose689

Blackout live @ Glastonbury 2004-MuseHolic111

Burning Bandits lyrics-Jobby

Blackout instrumental version in the credits of the absolution tour DVD -RobynMcCloud

Blackout Solo at Wembley 07' - NickLovesMuse

Big Freeze-Jobby

Bliss arpeggios-dead0citizen

Bliss at RAH 2008 - antoftheproblematique

Butterflies and Hurricanes @ Emirates Stadium 26/5/2013- MandaF

Back in Black riff used at the end of Hysteria @ Emirates Stadium 2013-dylanfallemusic

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Butterflies and Hurricanes piano solo at LCCC-dreamingofhysteria

Bliss from Leeds Festival 2011-Cypher.

Back in Black from Sydney Big Day Out 22/1/2010-Kazy-Babie

Bliss @ Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 2010-KoviZZ

Bliss @ Goffertpark Nijmegen 19th June 2010-lissy.heinz

Black Holes & Revelations (album)- JoshyBarth

Bliss at Earls' Court 20/12/2004 -Fish Custard

bassline from Liquid State- graciegirl

Bass line in hyper music - Nadia1234

balloons at V Festival Stafford - Xx-Bliss-xX

basic ideas of butterflies and hurricanes - Maddie=Muse

Blackout at Wembley - I'd_Rather_Dance

bands Gonzo interviews - Muselim_14

black armchair in their studio - nikite

Butterflies and hurricanes from HAARP - Naughtrish

Butterflies and Hurricanes piano solo-Unspoken

beautiful intro of Resistance - xMaris

bassline in MK Ultra - graciegirl

"Best Act In The World Today" Q award 2009 - mazzamoush

beginning/revved up part in "Soaked" - Mushroom-Knight

"Breakfast with MUSE" private gig on KROQ 09 - Mushroom-Knight

"Building the Future" billboard in the Uprising video - radiam16

boat in the invincible video - Davey

Back in Black riff- Creamy_Peaches

Back in Black ft. Nic Cester- zinterz

City of Delusion- LyraSilvertongue

chorus of Easily - Zemy101

Chaotic Camera shaking in the Hyper Music Video-AaronM1D1

chorus of Undisclosed Desires - Eurasian

Cydonia - I.Wanna.Be.Mrs.Bellamy

Citizen Erased at San Francisco Outside Lands 08/13/11-Killer Rabbit

Crazy Days off of the Newton abbot demo-yoman297

Chris/Dom pleasure expression in the shower scene – pokemew

Citizen Erased at Le Zenith 2001-bruce57

Citizen Erased at Wembley 11/09/10-iJoe

Citizen Erased riff used at Glastonbury 2004-buttercanes

complete SILENCE of Muse fans during Ruled by Secrecy at Wembley 11.09.2010-HyperJamie

cable Matt chews in the making of uprising - Anonymoose

Cars at the end of Forced in-resistingkidMUSE

"Can you free me, free me, from this world" - lyrics from Explorer -Jordo21

Christmas lights - wondervale

Citizen erased at the prudential center 10/24/10-amuseme543

Crowd solo during Starlight @ Cincinnati 10/11/10 -MattMelRach

cowbell in the starlight "secret" track-Whatsername

Citizen Erased @ Glasto 04 - Deano88s

citizen erased riff at Le Zenith Paris october 2001-Supermassive_Deadstar

City of Delusion @ Birmingham 06 -didie8835

Citizen Erased at Lancashire County Cricket Club 2010-JoshyBarth

cueca whistles before Feeling Good @ Teatro Caupolicán, Chile - betarraga

Coma - mels734

chorus/lyrics of the chorus in The Small Print-MissM

"Controlling my feelings for to long" from Showbiz-Emmnic

"Cast your ideals on to me", from Shrinking Universe - Scrub

Citizen Erased under rain @ Vieilles Charrues 2010-didie8835

Cave live at Teignmouth 2009 - musetorial

Cave- LyraSilvertongue

"Come on!" from Uprising - Ms. Terious

Crawling-Plectrum-Turtle at 4.02 in the Making of Uprising - Melissaaa

Chris and Dom's tour of Teignmouth arcade - Deano88

"Cherished dreams, forever asleep" from Endlessly - thecraftymuser

Citizen Erased at BDO '04 - DoubleTake

Citizen Erased Oxegen 2010-Michelle10

City of Delusion Trumpet Solo - Couchy

Crying Shame - radiam16

Circle of Death from the KoC vid - Muselim_14

children's voices in CD - Ekinox

"Cute British Set up" from this setlist - Elobliss

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Aurora Borealis

chorus from Uprising - MuseMegz

Citizen Erased at Tokyo Zepp 2001-LuisXDeadXStockholm

Chris and Matt's twin playing in the MK Ultra section of the Resistance dvd -Twonkie

chorus played backwards in Stockholm Syndrome - Magdalena(L)Muse

Con Science - Undead Warfare

countdown on muse.mu 2009 – xuwang

crowd singing along to the KoC riff at Wembley - MrsMatt

Cyber Muse Cover Band - xxatlowxx

Cave outro-Elise<3sMuse

Citizen Erased -xbroken_ideals

"cant get it right" at 2:08 on the HAARP version of MOTP-aeonsummoner

'Conforming on a monday' in Nature_1-pwoper_muse_lover

"Come on, Wembley!" in Knights of Cydoina from Haarp-MUSEirik

clapping from Uprising -CharlotteC94

clapping in Starlight-Sophia_Hysteria

citizen erased- Glastonbury 2010-CalumJWatson

Cave piano solo-Aussie Muser

Citizen Erased solo- randomparrot

Citizen Erased @ Rock in Rio 2010- plug me in

Citizen Erased outro on piano-supernova14

Citizen Erased at Sydney gig dec 9 2010- resistance.revolution

Citizen Erased at Lollapalooza 2011-MUSESTL

Cause I was born to destwoy you from Hate This And I'll Love You-ladybird10

carrot in the Bliss video-Creamy_Peaches

clarinet solo on IBTY-dead0citizen

Dark Shines - Princess of Promise

Dublin 02 2009 Helsinki Jam - Ninjafairy

dodgy TIRO cover from SCD - monkeymaestro

DECK THE HALL BALL- shelbmuse09

Dom and Chris shower scene - Nevermind

Drumming in Stockholm Syndrome-Calliope

Dead Star At Eurocks 2002- LuisXDeadXStockholm

Dom & Chris rehearsing at Foro Sol Mexico City - musse

drumming in the "Bury it"-part in TIRO-MUSEirik

Dark Shines bassline-Kaimon

DVD "Absolution Tour" -HenryW7

Dead Star Live at Bogota (Colombia) 20/07/2008-julian3d09

Dead Star studio version solo-julian3d09

Dead Star intro -Cydonian Iggy

Deftones homage on The Small Print -Alec.

drum stick in space at 2:03 in the Sing for Absolution video-InvincibleMicroStar

drums in Starlight-hypermusic

"Don't waste your time or time will waste you." from Knights of Cydonia.- Mudstep5956

Dead Star Chorus-dan

Dead Star/In Your World EP- ¡Tom!

Dancing man @ wembley 10/09/10-JadeLovesMuse

"Draw another picture, of a life you couldv'e had, follow your instincts, and choose the other path" (Hoodoo)-KnightofCydonia1

drumming in MK Ultra.- Muser_Evie

Dark shines at Reading 2011-McJones

"Don't close the door on what you adore" from Glorious-noodi10

Do we need this? - diamond_writer

dah-dah-dah-dah background singing in Supermassive Blackhole-Lott_

"doo"s from 'You F***ing Mother F***er' - mysterious.orb

Dead Star - Etihad Stadium, Manchester 2013 -Picko

Dead Star at Madison Square Garden 2013 - TrebleRose689

drumming in Animals- AJUltra

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Dom and Morgan's "just eight bars of riff..." conversation at Wembley

"The Dalek" (matts flashy cage set up he used to have housing sexh keyboards)(http://www.musewiki.org/Keyboards)-lsgriffiths

dj scratches in hysteria whistle returning invincible live at msg '07 - beatlesmaniac98

Dead Star - *Starlight

Dead Star @ Etihad Stadium 2013-DifferentPerson

darkshines solo - adds

Dead Star @ Stadio Olimpico, Turin 29/06/2013- FabriPav

Dead Star in Toronto 2013 - dylb88

drum fills in MotP - muraimandy

"Destroy Demonocracy" from Assassin - kassy_

Dead Star @ V festival 08 - essee

"Destroying puppet strings to our souls" in Micro cuts - Hollyberry

drums part of USoE - memerdommie

Doctor Who-ish sound at the end of Resistance (from 5:36 to 5:40) - fuesch

dodgy TIRO cover from SCD – monkeymaestro

DES (early Glorious) live @ Earls Court (20.12.2004)-bell

Easy tiger - Silass

Elbow supporting Muse. -dontask

Endlessly - crazy_chocobo

Endlessly at Wembley Arena 2003-AviatorAsphyxiation

Escape live at Rockpalast 1999 - Citizen Erased

'eura SIA! SIA! SIA! SIA!' in usoe - Priad-Luabe

encore at ACL 2010-Mudstep5956

Eurockeennes 2000 - Jobby

end of New Born- ChrisRowlands

ending of Hoodoo-Citizen_Eraser

EMA lasers - nettynunu

Explorers-lyric: "running around in circles feeling caged by endless rues"-Zolic

'E' in Muse - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

echo-ey cymbals at the beginning of prague –interstellar-anticyclone

evil teddies in the Uprising video - xMaris

Exo-Politics - awaketochaseadream

ending solo played in the Abbey Road version of Knights of Cydonia-Sushy

extended version of Forced In – Cloudent

Exogenesis art work - ryno1116

Exogenesis part 1 at Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 5th December 2010-musedlc1

Exogenesis part II-Redstar

Exogenesis 4-Salvation- Cindykt

eye balloon incident at chicago march 12th show- naomithegreat

explosive section of Hoodoo -gigapoodle

extra-terrestrial/conspiracy theory universe of Muse's music-paintwire


Eternally Missed--MaRiZ

Every vowel used in every song-pwoper_muse_lover


Escape guitar solo-Aussie Muser

early version of Uno video-neigi

End vocalizing in Undisclosed Desires @ Glastonbury, 2010- kh95

Executuion Commentary Vocals-You.Make.Me.Sick


Funny Riff - Glastonbury 2000 -You.Make.Me.Sick

falling away with you – Animus

'Fool For You' in SMBH-Fool For Muse

Fury from Pittsburgh 2013 -museumofmuscle83

Falling Down Riff- Crazy Zombie

Feeling Good @ Taratata- floggedbymuse

Feeling Good at Wembley 10.09.2010- aaliut

Feeling Good -the_invincible_dude

Feeling Good Fucking Version -Supermassive_Deadstar

Feeling Good - Brisbane December 5 2010-. RebelPoet

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the cover of BHaR - Undead Warfare

Falling Away With You riff @ HSBC in São Paulo, Brazil 2008 -bell

Fury intro-Ive got a map of your head

fact that 'Hate this and I'll love you' is an awesome song - Zürischnurre

Fuck word in "Panic Station"- n8a9z

fact that no-one ever knows how to pronounce 'HAARP'-Deluded Citizen

first chorus in the new Stockholm Syndrome live vid from KL 2007 - serious14

Funky Bass Clarinet at the end of I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix) - MicahGTi

First 5 lines of last the part of Resistance's lyrics - Candice: D

Forced In - Cloudent

Forced In (Extended Version)- Finlay

Falling Down - Twonkie

Falling Down acoustic-AviatorAsphyxiation

Futurism Bassline - ChrisRowlands

fork on the Muscle Museum EP cover art - radiam16

fireworks in the uprising video - jog

first seven seconds of Map Of Your Head – Triss

first "I cannot sleep" in 'Yes Please'-whatchaoskills

first wide shot of the band playing at HAARP – episteppe

Fury live at the Royal Albert Hall - Natural_Disaster

footpath closed" sign in the uprising video - interpolpirate

Fury @ Montreux 02 - essee

fury backing falsetto -fuzz8000


Fury – Live at Wiltern Theatre – LA (2004)-ladybird10

Futurism -Violet80s

fork-shaped things from the OOS cover-Morinphen


Fillip at Pinkpop 2000- neigi

falsetto at the end of Showbiz, Reading 2006-BLlSS

Falseto in Bliss @ Versailles Courtyard Paris, 2005- kh95

Follow Me-museeeeee

final riff on Knights of cydonia-dead0citizen

Fury bassline--FutureStar-

guy blowing the horn at Glastonbury 2010 during House of the Rising sun-AviA2

guitar solo in Guiding Light- OriAr

God's Program -SoberBaby

Glasgow Jam-123itssusan123

guitar squeals on Butterflies and Hurricanes- Alec.

Glittery-ness in SMBH video-123itssusan123

guitar & drumkit destruction by Matt at Xacobeo 2010-Polly_


"Give me your heart and your soul" - Hysteria-Ive got a map of your head

Giant Balloons and confetti at Dublin 02 arena 2009 – Ninjafairy

Guiding Light at Wembley 10.09.2010- aaliut

Guiding Light @ wembley 11/09/2010-SEANR

gig (whole performance) at the abc studios in 2000 - NicePockets

gig at Arēna Rīga stadium 2/07/07 – Kriistaque

gig in Portugal in 29/11/2009 - pokemew

gig at Echo Arena on 05/11/2009 - Fish Custard

gig in Raleigh NC 3.10.09 - HighRevoltage

gig in Raleigh 26 Oct 2010- xxatlowxx

gig at Detroit March 13th - ryno1116

gig in RiR Portugal May 27th - Uprised

gig in Baltimore March 3 2010 - HighRevoltage

gig at Boston - ashlematique

gig the 2nd March 2010 in Philadelphia –LadyLauren

gig in Auckland and Sydney Big Day Outs 10 - NZniff

gig 02/27/10 Atlanta - Ella

gig in Aberdeen – MuseMegz

gig on 29th Oct 2009 Berlin – MrsMatt

gig at the Melbourne Big Day Out, Australia 26/01/2010 - AmyW

gig in Brisbane - sebby aka pup

gig in Chicago on March 12, 2010 - nightshadezero

gig in Newark October 24th 2010-MapofYourProblematiqueHead

gig at les vieilles charrues 2010-alicebliss

gig at Bassendean Oval in Perth on 19/12/2010- ProblematiqueHurricane

gig @ Sziget Festival 2010-AssassinRecords

gig in Böblingen, Germany 29-11-2006- *Theresa*

gig in Los Angeles on the 26th of September 2010-Pistol Star

gig in Milwaukee on 6/10/10-Raining_Muses

gig @ Brisbane on 5th Dec 2010.-RipsterZero

gig 'My Coke Festival', Cape Town, South Africa, 24/03/08 - Tim59

gig 'My Coke Festival' , Johannesburg, South Africa, 21/03/08-Tim59

gig in Helsinki Hartwall Arena December 10th 2012-museeeeee

gig at Madison Square Garden 16.04.13-zomuse

gig at Chaifetz Arena St.Louis Missouri.3/8/2013 -SoberBaby

gig at the BB&T Center (22.02.2013)- Princess of Promise

gig in Sydney 13/12/13 -mysterious.orb

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gig in Kiev - Dana R

gig 2012/11/23 Atlas Arena -Linux

gig in Helsinki 2009 - Heino

gig at Hovet in Stockholm 2009 - Vader

gig @ Charlottesville VA, 10/1/09 - silverxflamexx

gig @ Hallenstadion Zurich 18.11.09 - RocktheBeat

gig in Vancouver 1.4.2010 at the Pacific Coliseum – jebecca

gig at Wembley Stadium 11/09/10 - pluginbaby410

gig @ guadalajara 2008 - vico0527

gig at SECC glasgow on 09.11.2009 - C13R4N

gig in South Korea - mafalda01

gig in Raleigh NC 3.10.09 - HighRevoltage

gig in Helsinki 2009 - Heino

gig at Manchester LCCC 04-09-2010 - butterfliesallhavinfun

gig at Wembley Stadium 11/09/10 - pluginbaby410

gig at Paris 2009-11-17 - Syltetøy

gig at Munich 20.11.09 - Soljanka

gig @ Charlottesville VA, 10/1/09 - silverxflamexx

gigs in Texas - Violet80s

gig at Sommet Center in Nashville 03/15/10 - My Unintended xx Becca

gig at the Den Friday 4th September 2009 - Me + Socks + Phone

gig at the Den Friday 5th September 2009 -BreakingOut

gig at Holiday Havoc 09 - BAR0623

gig in Athens 04-10-2007 - natevdokia

gig at Reading 2006-Fish Custard

gig in Montréal March 10th 2010-Aliss

gig in Québec City October 21st 2010 -Aliss

gig at Foro Sol, Mexico City 20/4/10-MaRiZ

gig at Edmonton on 3/29/2010-wombat_714

gig at Arco 09.28.10 -redphoenix7

gig in Paris 2009-11-17 - Syltetøy

gig in Milan, San Siro 2010-pluginstarlight

gig in Rio Rancho oct. 1 2010 -Animus

gig at Goffertpark 2010-jackparker

gig at Cincinnati, Ohio on 10/11/2010-hoosier_muser

gig on 9th Dec 2010 at ACER Arena, Sydney-Elise<3sMuse

gig in Latvia, Positivus festival 2010 -HullaGirl

gig in Parken 26/10-09- furytwinincoma

gig at Roskilde Festival 3/7-10- furytwinincoma

gig in Bergen 2010- MUSEirik

gig in Serbia on 7th of October 2007-marthaartist

gig in Sydney on 10/12/10-citizen666

gig at Lollapalooza August 5th 2011-dylb88

gig at Leeds Festival 2011-RetroShout.

gig at Oracle Arena in Oakland on 4/14/10. -Killer Rabbit

gig at Reading Festival 2011-They

gig at MEN Arena, Manchester, 01/11/2012-RetroShout

gig @ Ziggo Dome december 17th 2012-Lott_

gig at SECC 2012 -kojane

gig 1-24-2012 Staples Center - Aquifa

gig at Lollapalooza, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 05.04.14-RebecaCrespo

gig at Rock in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 14.09.13 -RebecaCrespo

giant circular light in TIRO video - Indyjones445

guitar riff in "the groove" and the drum fills in "assassin" - NatalieTalksTooMuch

gas mask that the Absolution cover guy is holding – Mizutsu

guitar part in Map of Your Head – Jillyduck

green background in AOL session of MOTP-Whatsername

guitar solo in Micro Cuts - Bliss

guitar squeal bits in Uprising – Davinq

guitar intro of Bliss live-RedStar

Guiding Light - Kris Nottingham

Glorious synths - Burning_October

Glorious Lyrics & Vocals - Samara

Glorious live in Ottawa-kaitie<3

Glorious feeling you get from listening to Glorious - Samara


Glorious chorous-VickiJ

Giant Balloons and confetti at Dublin 02 arena 2009 – Ninjafairy

growly "all alone" part in Dead Star - britfilm

guitar riff in Blackout – holyshroud

guy with the green laser pointer at Glastonbury 2010 -Lazza100

Hate This and I'll Love You - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

hatred of Columbus, Ohio - mels734

Helsinki Jam at Liverpool 5.11.2009 - dreamingofhysteria

Helsinki Jam at Birmingham 10/11/2009 - Rockette147

Holiday Havoc 09 show - BAR0623

Hoodoo drumming-Calliope.

Hoodoo -lolren.

hollow, scratchy sound of "Take A Bow" on vinyl.-whatchaoskills


hidden piano in "soldier's poem -escapist

Headup riff -Elise<3sMuse


Hyper Music-MyLostMuse

Hysteria @T in the Park 2010 -Deluded Citizen

Helsinki Jam, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 8-9-2010-ZachWithAnH

hidden "We Are The Universe" Arpeggios in Resistance-jackparker

Hyper Music live @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2002-Maximum Kaoss

Hysteria from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre Gig on the 5th of December- JeGarr

"Hopes and Expectations, Trials and Tribulations, Black Holes and Revelations" -Mr Slim

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Helsinki Jam @ Columbus, Ohio on 10/12/10-nerdz0rz

'How can we win when fool can be kings' from Knights of Cydonia-pinkfrenchie1

Hyper Music @ Leeds festival 2011-muser098

House of the Rising sun-muser098

Helsinki Jam at Reading 2011-goti

Hullabaloo Soundtrack (album)-bruce57

HAARP (album)-bruce57

Harmonics at the start of SMBH live- grabacr 31770

Harmonics in Citizen Erased - Me + Socks + Phone

'heading straight for the clouds' from the song Falling Down -DropletInTheOcean

Hitachi H8 from Space Dementia - H4N5

Hyper Chondriac Music - hyper_chondriac_muser

Hyper Music at Club Quattro 2001 - Silass

Hysteria bass line - the_muse_assassin

holograms in Knights of Cydonia video - Graceful

hiccup in the beginning of Execution Commentary - Anxyous

Hotel Rooms in the 'Uno' Video - Zürischnurre

HAARP Intro of Unintended - Mago94

H in HAARP - xNikitax

Hoodoo at Wembley 2007 - Jemma

harmony on "get it right" in exogenesis - dead-duck

Helsinki Jam at Liverpool 5.11.2009 – dreamingofhysteria

Helsinki Jam at Dublin 02 2009 - Ninjafairy

"Huh!" in Unnatural Selection at 6:27 - Carbo

Helsinki Jam at Birmingham 10/11/2009 - Rockette147

Helsinki Jam in Helsinki 2009 - Problematique MX

horse neighing at the beginning of Knights of Cydonia - Syltetøy

Hoodoo lyrics - jebecca

Hangar 18 riff (from Royal Albert Hall 2008) – Carbo

"Hey you crazy kids!" - MUSEirik

hidden Track off the Starlight DVD-zinterz

Hysteria live at La Plata, March 30th 2011-hikaru_bloom


"I wish I could believe there was more" in Recess - KAM3L

Illuminati/Eye of Horus drawings on their set at the Sydney BDO show - MATCHU

intro to Invincible – Mizutsu

intro of Resistance - xMaris

Invincible video -hypermusic

intro of Glorious-hypermusic

"I Belong to You" at Wembley 10/09/2010-*Theresa*

Insect incident @ Positivus fest'10-CitizeNaMUSEd

"Interlude" from absolution - tunavi

''It's not so easily'' in Easily - jay roam

"I won't let you bury it" in TIRO - mirtaisokay

"I only dream of you my beautiful" from Sing For Absolution.-ibelongtoyou4

I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix) - jebecca

I don't care about the 8th track of the Resistance , just keep Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix - lil'blulalo

'It could be wrong' in 'Resistance - Zürischnurre

'I'll wait a thousand years just to see you smile again' from Resistance - Alliana0x

"I want the TRUUTH" from Unnatural Section - 2674

I want to touch the other side – Map of the Problematique-ladybird10

"I'll hide from the world behind a broken frame" from Sunburn -bisbstuff

" I love all the dirty tricks, twisted games you play on me.. "from Space Dementia-musse

"I will take you home" from Soaked-interstellar-anticyclone

incorrect lyrics in The Resistance album booklet - OUTTA-TIME

interview "We need to talk" – Kriistaque

interview with triple J magazine (from mid 2009) - mrs_bellamy

interview in Kerrang magazine 22.09.2010 - Emmnic


Invincible at Wembley - I'd_Rather_Dance

invincible live from madison sqaure garden in New York from 2007 -beatlesmaniac98

interview from Reading Festival 2000-plasmascreenspider

"Invisible to all, the mind becomes a wall" from MK ULTRA-carinarose

Interview From 2006 MTVu Backstage Pass ; in response to what is just as exciting as playing in concerts -

Matt: You know... if you develop a kind of, what do you call it? A closeness, with a person of the opposite sex, it can, um... develop.

Dom: Are you talking about love?

Matt: [Giggles, with cute smile] Yeah, well maybe.

Dom: Awwwh. -InvincibleBliss

In Your World-zinterz

"I think I'm drowning, asphyxiated" from TIRO-Whispering Shadows

"I cant get it right, since i lost you" from Map of the problematique live-KSee

"I'll still take all the blame, coz you and me are both one and the same" from Escape-Aussie Muser

"I want to be free from desolation and despair" in Map of the Problematique-plug me in

Jokes about Matt & Dom's gay relationship - Megglen

"Just to spit in your face!" in Hyper Music - MATCHU

Jimmy Kane-Maximum Kaoss

«jump on my pleasure pill» from Yes Please- bee03

Knights of Cydonia Live at Reading 2006 - lalalive

'Knights of Cydonia, number 18 in the Triple J's hottest 100of all time' - jessicat

Knights of Cydonia - Davinq

Knights of Cydonia lyrics - f96pt

Knights of Cydonia performed at Abbey road - Tessa

Knights of Cydonia horse - Allyy=]

Knights of Cydonia @ V festival 08 - essee

Knights od Cydonia live at Wembley Stadium on the 11/9/2010-ShatteredTime

Knights of Cydonia video -Unspoken

Knights of Cydonia at Fuji Rock Festival 2010-amuseme543

Knights of Cydonia (GH Version)- RipsterZero

Knights of Cydonia @ Newark 2019-ibelongtoyou4

Knights Of Cydonia from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre Gig on the 5th -JeGarr

Knights of Cydonia Live Visual-Treaders_Cydonia95

Kiwi award 2009 twitpic – Ayal

"Kick me when I'm down" in Liquid State- ryanp16

keys on the Royal Albert Hall Organ (which was played by matt during Megalomania)-caville

laugh in uprising - Liz0_o

lyrics in I Belong to You + Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix - Elenor

lyrics to Resistance – floggedbymuse

live versions of Exogenesis - Mago94

little man in The Resistance cover art - Elight

Live ending to PiB - Victoroy

last chorus to Resistance - Candice: D

"Love Is Our Resistance" in Resistance - hyperMUSEic9

"Love is our resistance" in Resistance - Eurasian

last chorus of Hysteria-TrebleRose689

last shout/lyric/word of Resistance in Resistance-EternallyGlorious

"Loneliness be over" in MOTP-canadianmuser

"Love is Forever" line in NSC-marthaartist

'Lips are turning blue, a kiss that can't renew' from Sing for Absolution-Hyper Chondriac Muser6977

Liquid State-Tim59

last "bringing me down" in Darkshines- ryanp16

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"loved by numbers" from Guiding Light - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

"Look to the stars, let hope burn in your eyes" from Stockholm Syndrome-*Isadora*

last chorus of Megalomania - Contrad!ction

live version Outro of KoC - ryancoke93

last verse in Citizen Erased - Fish Custard

last "It wasnt you in Falling Down -Calliope.

Muse @ LCCC on 4/09/2010-Izzy

March 13th gig at Detroit - ryno1116

MotP @ Helsinki 2009 - Aurora Borealis

middle section of Unsustainable- Citizen_Eraser

MoTP @ Glastonbury '10-dan

MotP live in Toronto March 8, 2010- bisbstuff

Manchester LCCC 04-09-2010 - butterfliesallhavinfun

misinterpretation of Unnatural Selection as "we're not chocolates in the ocean" - kassy_

Munich Gig 20.11.09 - Soljanka

Muse orchestra (The one they said they'l try to bring to 2010 Stadium gigs - mago94

Micro Cuts bass line - the_muse_assassin

Microphone stands - Edguy

Muse playing Uno live at Astoria in 2000 - Lizzie_loves_Muse

Maggie's Farm riff at the end of MOTP from HAARP - Victoroy

Muse's ticket concert Live in Jakarta - musetorial

Matt and Dom fighting over the flare on the Starlight "Behind the scenes video" - No ones gonna take me Live

Muse's weirdness - Egeli

map on the microsite that says //United States of Eurasia (2009) - Foozles

Matt and Dom dancing in the making of Uprising video - Wazlib

matt's,dom's,and chris' glasses in Q Cover Shoot 2009 - musetorial

Muse biscuits from the Teignmouth gig - No ones gonna take me Live

Muse Night On Radio 1 - 7/9/09 - MuseMegz

"Middle 8" in Unnatural Selection - XiaoHu

"Muse's Environmental Credentials" - KAM3L

"MUSE" projection on the curtain at VMAs 2009 - Barnaby

musikexpress.de (we need to talk) interview 2009 - Candice: D

Muse at Coke Live Music Festival 2010 - Bloody Countess

moment when matt's voice breaks when screaming something about Sheffield after

Matt's point-and-laugh, as well as Chris' giggle, during Plug in Baby at the 2010 ???

Muscle Museum - Kirby

Map of The Problematique - Cindykt-OvertureThief

MoTP bass riff. - About 27 Shockwaves

Matt in Australia- apocalypsemuse

Muse in Portugal - T-Rex

Muscle Museum at BDO '04 - Kris Nottingham

Muse in U.S. - makemescreamyourscreams

MotP live at V festival 08 - SetMySoulAlight92

muse's tahoe fishing trip - mskitte138

Muse's musical exploration - bellamy'szetagirl

Muse's anagrams - Finlay

Muse's greatness - Maria Way

Muse's beer - Citizen Erased

Muse In Sydney - EratoSomaGirl

Muse's Darkness - Hysteria.-

'M' in Muse - Couchy

Muse Band Poster (the B&W one next to sandbag shop) - Couchy

Muse's mad code-making skillz - Rockette147

Muse in Lisbon - f96pt

"Matt's, Dom's and Chris' modesty (in the original, unopened packaging)"-ArtsyChick

muse twitter - mazzamoush

Microphone Fiend riff played after New Born on HAARP - Natural_Disaster

megaphone that's screaming matt's name in microcuts - Muselim_14

Muse's Performance at the California Download Festival in 2006 - Tunavi

MOTP intro - Violet80s

Muse Chat in 2006 - jog

MotP live @ Budapest Sports Arena - muraimandy

Minimum – Carbo

Megalomania - Dana R.

Muscle Museum intro - Map of the Problematique

MK ULTRA – Elenor

MK Ultra from the BDO gig - TheMystikEel

Muse Night On Radio 1 - 7/9/09 - MuseMegz

the middle (breakdown) part in Unnatural Selection-iamthefaceonmars

"Muse's Environmental Credentials" - KAM3L

"MUSE" projection on the curtain at VMAs 2009 - Barnaby

musikexpress.de (we need to talk) interview 2009 - Candice: D

Muse in South Korea - On Flight

member-switching performance at Quelli Che Il Calcio tv show - L.

mkultra artwork - Aurora Borealis

Mk Ultra being played live for the first time at Birmingham '09 - ryno1116

Muse App- muse2canada

Map of Your Head -MapofYourProblematiqueHead

"manchester, fuck yeah" plectrum- hypermusic

MK Ultra at the Stade de France ( 11th June 2010 ) -STRANGExSNAIL

Muscle Museum live on the Hullabaloo DVD -Missy411

Megalomania´s Organ-Morinphen

Men of Mystery suits-Morinphen

MK Ultra papers from the BHAR booklet-Morinphen

Muse @Glastonbury 2010 -xbroken_ideals

Muse in Teignmouth on 5/09/09 - OUTTA-TIME

Muse's collection on Zune-KSee

Muse performing YYZ at the Air Canada Center, March 8 2010-KSee

MK Jam at Stade de Suisse-jackparker

MK Jam at The Milton Keynes Bowl-cupkaykie

musers on twitter- Korni

Muse contrast between Rock and Classical music-Dante Medici

Microcuts Outro-Lazza100

Muse's love for RATM -pwoper_muse_lover

MK ultra @ o2 13/11/09-sharika

MOTP [AOL session]-You Electrify My Life

MK Jam from the LCCC gig on the 4th September-plug_in_amy

MK Ultra intro @ Goffertpark '10-dynnnad

meow before the last chorus of the Small Print- TibsterV

Muse being 'toolies' at schoolies- newbornblisssorigin

Map of the Problematique from Melbourne gig 14.12.2010- newbornblisssorigin

Muse looking sideways on Page 4 of Triple J mag (Dec/Jan 2011)- newbornblisssorigin

Muse at the Cavern, Exeter-BLlSS

Microcuts@Montreux 2002-paintwire

Making of United States of Eurasia-paintwire

Muse on mushrooms - paintwire

Micro Cuts-DifferentPerson

Megalomania from Leeds Festival 2011-Cypher.

Madness - sunflower1

MK Ultra as set opener- mskatie

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musepit's at Nijmegen 2010-Dannyveno

MK Ultra Live @ Turin, 2009-AaronM1D1

'Man with a Harmonica '-BreakingOut

misheard lyrics in Muse songs- drawakangaroo

moments inbetween Nishe and Citizen Erased at the 10/24 Newark gig at the Prudential Center-ibelongtoyou4

Matt and Dom's thank you's after the Newark show 2010-ibelongtoyou4

MotP in Charlottesville 10/27 -Lynx

Muse in Arizona 2010-ZachWithAnH

music box at the end of Eternally Missed-horsie890

Muscle Museum EP - ¡Tom!

Muscle Museum Bassline-Fool For Muse

MK Jam at Wembley Stadium on 11/09/10-DropletInTheOcean

Map Of The Problematique at Manchester LCCC on the 4th September 2010-RobTheMoose

Matt, Dom, Chris' confused faces 2004:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/369/-JadeLovesMuse

Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix) -Micro Citizen

MK Ultra @ Cologne 16th November 2009 -lissy.heinz

Museism, the Church of Muse -Polly_

MotP @ Helsinki 2009 - Aurora Borealis

Muse's Anxiety - KAM3L

MK Jam-fuzz8000

Muscle Museum live in Ipswich-MUSEirik

Micro Cuts in Montreal 2013- dylb88

MK Ultra live in Detroit,March 13, 2010- Mind Bomb Muse mom

Muse Logic-zomuse

Nature 1 -Aliss

New Born - They

New Born piano intro-patrick478

New born live HAARP version- naomithegreat

new born guitar solo @ glastonbury- vico0527

New Born @ Reading 2011-Babyquack

New Born' in Boston on March 6, 2010-. whatchaoskills

nine minute riff outro of SS from the second Staples Center concert 26.09.2010-One Swei Tres

next Moscow gig (2010?) - Winter_Sun

New Born music video- Jillyduck

The 2nd Law (album) -apocalyptickaoss

"New Born" at Wembley 10/09/2010-"*Theresa*

number 1 in the uno video - Micropaperclip

Newton Abbot demo - Man 0f Mystery

newsreader parts in "Isolated System"- darksky

NSC at Wembley 10.09.2010-aaliut

noise at the end of showbiz - futurophy

new moon version of IBTY- aikiclo

NSC outro -memerdommie

New Born @ The O2 Arena on 27th October 2012- Babyquack

Neutron Star Collision lyrics- jebecca

NME Icons Muse Special 21st May 2010-redphoenix7

"Now the world is upside down I’m heading straight for the clouds" from Falling Down- Izzy


new born opening guitar riff -bard4209

"No one's going to take me alive" from K.O.C -Muser_Evie

'now I have finally seen the light- (from Madness) -Silver Lizzy

orchestra used in exogenesis - someguy2012

organ at the begining of unnatural selection – futurophy

Other Guy" from Knights of Cydonia- Ganon391

outro riff in new born of rock in rio 08 - TMVCarlos

outro to Glorious – iFooled

"Our ancient heros" from USoE - museee_no1fan

Oi's in Uprising - alternaterealities

Osaka Jam - SetMySoulAlight92

Outro of Bliss - Elobliss

'ooo' in MK Ultra - Triss

Overture live in Toronto March 8, 2010-bisbstuff

Ohio State jerseys during Knights of Cydonia at Columbus Ohio 2010-hunterrunfarm

Overture @ Rock am Ring 2010 -Coyblythe

"Oh, our freedom's consuming itself What we've become Is contrary to what we want" from Take a Bow-jebecca

origin of symmetry album cover -rake

Owl Shirt -crowbi_wan

OoS plectrum in the .mu shop- Korni

Overdue in KRCW acoustic session 1999- memerdommie

opening guitar note of Blackout -matt <3 muse

'Our wrongs remain unrectified, and our souls won't be exhumed'. from Sing for Absolution- lolren.

original lyrics to Spiral Static-Micro Citizen

Outro Riff for Hysteria at T in The Park 2010 -Cheesymittens

Origin of Symmetry (album)-HenryW7

OoS setlist from Reading/Leeds2011- Citizen Uprising

Ohio State Jersey's-resistingkidMUSE

octopus in the panic station vid- PanicStationofCydonia77

piano in Sunburn - Winter_Sun

Piano in Citizen Erased-dan

''Please me'' part in Undisclosed Desires Aliss

plug in baby ladies – kalarithinam

Plug in Baby – scifigeekgirl

Plug in baby alien artwork-JadeLovesMuse

Pwoper Fish -noodi10

piano intro to Sing for Absolution- kelbel

Panic Station video - Aquifa

Plug in baby Glastonbury 2004-resistingkidMUSE

piano part of Hoodoo at HAARP-amuseme543

piano in Apocalypse Please-canadianmuser

power outtage at the Muse gig in Atlanta 4/6/13 - PanicStationofCydonia77

phonetics sheets they use during their gigs in another countries to talk to the crowd - nikite

piano in Darkshines just before the chorus - Elobliss

Panic Station lyrics:"Ooooohhh, 1, 2, 3, 4 fire’s in your eyes-And this chaos it defies imagination-5, 6, 7, 8 minus 9 lives-You’ve arrived at panic station" -GuidingLight93

"paranoia" in Uprising-jackparker

piano in In Your World-neigi

Plug in Baby - Brisbane December 5,2010- RebelPoet

Plug in Baby at Eurockéennes 2000-Maximum Kaoss

pic http://www.microcuts.net/gallery/pho...77.search.html - supermassive_cave

Performance at Sommet Center in Nashville 03/15/10 - My Unintended xx Becca

Please Please Please let me get What I Want - Falling.Down

Possible bonus track/hidden track on the Resistance - C13R4N

Popcorn in Teignmouth on september 5th - mazzamoush

paris wheel of guitars (UD video) - Wozo

plug in baby live in sheffield 4/11/09 - pluginbaby410

Piano in I Belong To You-Spiral-Static

plectrum necklace from the shop- pinkfrenchie1

phwoar in the back ground of unatural selection at 6:28-plug_in_amy

Puppy at the end of the Making of Bliss video -InvincibleBliss

Pink Ego Box-CalumJWatson

piano in Con-Science's- Coyblythe

prop guitar from the Plug In Baby video-Morinphen

piano in Nishe at Glastonbury 2010- Tofu

piano broken chord progression during the chorus in Ruled by Secrecy-spark

'Piano thing/ Matt's concerto''-sharika

Plymouth Soundwaves Festival 1997-Micro Citizen

Plug in Baby @ Kaisaniemi 2010-Hysteeria

Plug In Baby from Brisbane 6th December 2010-Blype

Puppets from Invincible video-MattMelRach

Plug in Baby outro HAARP Wembley '07-Pwoperfisher96

Plug In Baby from London Astoria 2000-lsgriffiths

Prelude from Survival-Aduuu-

Panic Station -Aduuu-

performance at the Closing Ceremony at London Olimpics 2012-canuckmuser14

piano in Survival-MandaF

Queen reference in USoE - allypap

Radio 3 gig ("drunken" gig) - I.Wanna.Be.Mrs.Bellamy

rain in Shine Acoustic – Samara

Raw Chicken Q Award Trophy 2009 - Twonkie

riff just before the solo in the uprising - kalarithinam

"Rise up and take the power back..." from Uprising - Melissaaa

Resistance from Teignmouth on the 4th - Micropaperclip

red lights from the beginning of KoC in the Rock in Rio gig – xuwang

references to 1984 in 'Resistance' (the song) - PingleWood

Resistance at Sheffield 04/11/2009 - Davey

(rumored) upcoming performance at the Target Center on 3/24 – glitchinmybrain

real heart in Undisclosed Desires video - WeWillBeVictorious

resistance tour mexico city's gig - vico0527

Recess - I'd_Rather_Dance

rainfall in Shine Acoustic - dreamingofhysteria

Ruled by Secrecy - denisonfire

Resistance – apocalyptickaoss

Resistance video - apocalyptickaoss

Resistance artwork - apocalyptickaoss

rendition of West Side Story's "America" - MxOxDxIxFxIxExDxBxExAxR

resistance tour "destroy" gig intro - McJones

raft they rode in at Charlotte Rafting – xxatlowxx

'rockets' in Glorious - Link

ruled by secrecy visuals- Kojane

Ruled by Secrecy piano solo-Aussie Muser

riff in Recess-FuckMeDom

rising UFO stage during Undisclosed Desires at Manchester LCCC on the 4th September 2010-RobTheMoose

Resistance pro-shot at Oxegen 2010-Kriistaque

Resistance from Pavilhão Atlântico-citizenerasedPT

RBS at Wembley 11.09.2010-You Electrify My Life

RBS @ milwaukee oct 6th, 2010-naomithegreat

RBS at Columbus Ohio 10/12/10-hunterrunfarm

Random 1-8 - ¡Tom!

Ruled by Secrecy in Raleigh 10/26/10-bruce57

rain-infused, sparkly green lasers during Undisclosed Desires, at Oxegen 2010-Michelle10

Roxy Disco from Hyper Music-DeadStar_JDM


robot from the 2nd Law trailer-Kueller917

Ruled by Secrecy Piano-You.Make.Me.Sick

roll of thunder when the music starts in the Shine-that-girl-over-there

Rock Am Ring 2002 performance- FingerFud

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Stockholme Syndrome @ BDO '07-Museo

Space Dementia played at Reading 2011-musse

synth arpeggios in Stockholm Syndrome-zomuse

sunburn from the O2 on the 26th/10/2012- tomwells94

streamer covered tower at LCCC -Kannon

Stadium Tour Protester intro- grabacr 31770

Supermassive Black Hole-MaRiZ

Soldiers Poem -You Electrify My Life

'shame on you for thinking you're all alone...if you want I'll make you wish you were' from Dead Star -gigapoodle

Showbiz (album) -Unspoken

Sing For Absolution bassline-pwoper_muse_lover

"Since I met you" In MoTP-marthaartist

Shepard Tone at the end of Ruled by Secrecy -JoshyBarth

Sober - Animus

'Starlight Live Visual' -Treaders_Cydonia95

Shrinking Universe - lalalive

Stockholm Syndrome chorus - the_muse_assassin

school for young rockstars and screenagers thread - Korni

Stockholm Syndrome live @ The O2 Dublin '09 - hutterflies&burricanes

spine tingling 'ahhhhh' right before the guitar solo in Overture - Elight

Sunburn in Torino 09 - Socks&aPhone

Showbiz At Saint Malo-LuisXDeadXStockholm

Stockholm Syndrome at Pinkpop 04 -LuisXDeadXStockholm

Supermassive Shuffle from the Calgary gig (3/30/2010)-wombat_714

"snowflakes in an ocean" from Neutron Star Collision- jebecca

Stadium Pyramid-They

Sunburn- Princess of Promise

"Stawing awake to chase a dream" from FAWY-AviatorAsphyxiation

Sing for Absolution -MyLostMuse

Showbiz's album artwork. -Spiral-Static

"So scattered and lost, I want to touch the other side" from MotP-Mind Bomb Muse mom

strings in Blackout-spark_

strings-only version that closes out HAARP-spark_

stringy confetti (during Guiding Light at Goffertpark at 19 jun 2010)-sophie.c

Stockholm Syndrome at T in the Park '04 -HenryW7

Showbiz @ Reading 2006-iamthefaceonmars

Showbiz second last note -Aussie Muser

Stockholm Syndrome live at Adelaide Big Day Out 2010 -Nadia1234

SS live visual - srsly


Sunburn bassline - Burning_October

Stockholm Syndrome - Anxyous

Sunburn at Glastonbury 2004 - PuppetStrings

sunburn form Mesa, AZ 20.09.07 - brian27

Sunburn solo-Spiral-Static

Space Dementia outro - Puzzled Ale

solo to Showbiz - muser-name

StarTITS (http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=54132) - schneck

Space Dementia live at Pinkpop 2004 - hutterflies&burricanes

"Spread our codes to the stars" in Exogenesis - Deano88

sparkly sound effect in 'I Belong to You' - dreamingofhysteria

Shine electric - beatlesmaniac

Sheffield gig on Novemenber 4th 2009 where the sheet covering Chris' pillar got stuck as it came down at the start of uprising – ChrisRowlands

Screenager - Bliss

stockholm syndrome at the 100th big day out in sydney - jurrassitol15

"surf rock" slide from "Resistance" - Death_of_Me

Shame on you for thinking you're an exception" from Dead Star - natevdokia

scream at the end of Stockholm Syndrome during the ROCK AM 2004 performance -eneyeseekay

Self doubt and Syphilis - andrew_berge

Sing for Absolution planet - Johanna

Sing for Absolution at Glastonbury 04 - forevermusic

Sing For Absolution at Wembley 17th 07 - Xx-Bliss-xX

Starlight - Wiliamthebloodie

Stockholm Syndrome at Wembley stadium - deadstar

'S' in Muse - melon

Stockholm Syndrome performance at Glasto 04 - L.

Showbiz Cover Girl - astonmartin708

Space Dementia Intro - kjk62289

Starlight's piano intro and backing vocals - MrsMatt

screams at the end of falling down - Ms. Terious

"so waaaaatch your back!’in the Grand Omega Bosses Edit of Assassin-Indyjones445

Stockholm Syndrome at Earls Court 04 - McJones

spontaneity - NicePockets

smashing of antique furniture on ExoPolitics - Mrguy

Spineless from New Born - Justicelol

second A in HAARP - Elobliss

"sounds like forks on a plate" in Micro Cuts - Discombobulator

Starlight lyric alternate version "our trials and tribulations, black holes and revelations" - kassy_

Stockholm Syndrome in Kuala Lumpur - supermassive_cave

Showbiz - Hollyberry

Symphonic Monster aka Exogenesis - L.

Stockholm Syndrome at boston 2010 – escapist

song(s) from The Resistance "about bankers hanging from lampposts - neenz

silver jackets in the Q Magazine shoot 2009 - xMaris

'stomp clap' rhythm in the beginning of I Belong To You - Triss

"show me how it's done" at 2:49 on Undisclosed Desires - Funky Phasers

Soaked - mumiouze89

Stockholm Syndrome live @ The O2 Dublin '09 - hutterflies&burricanes

Spiral Static-naget4music

Stockholm Syndrome @ Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 2010 -KoviZZ

Space Dementia-LyraSilvertongue

solo in PiB at Roskilde 2010-YoGreve

strange doglike "woof-woof" between "cause or love" and "will be forever" in Neutron Star Collision-lissy.heinz

Shine Acoustic-xbroken_ideals

Supermasive Black Hole Kaoss Pad tongue solo at Osaka jō Hall 09/01/2010.-Dante Medici

Sing for absolution (acoustic radio 2) -You Electrify My Life

"secrets locked up and loaded on my back" from Exo-Politics-You Electrify My Life

strings in City of Delusion- drawakangaroo

"Spell cast a spell" - Take a bow-Ive got a map of your head

"She burns like the sun" from Sunburn-Emmnic

Stockholm Syndrome at Fuji Rock Festival 2010-amuseme543

Screenager @ Le Zenith 2001- the_invincible_dude

Stockholm Syndrome synths-pluginstarlight

"Someone tell me why she breaks my fall, and then breaks my heart" from The Groove- Whatsername

Starlight in San Siro, 8.6.2010.- starlike_starlight

Strings in MK Ultra-ShatteredTime

Sober @ Eurockeenes 2000-RipsterZero

second verse from City of Delusion-MuseMegz

Starlight on SNL 2009-ibelongtoyou4

setlist from Brisbane, 6 December 2010- buttercanes

Setlist from Sydney gig dec 9 2010 - resistance.revolution

Stockholm Syndrome from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre Gig on the 5th -JeGarr

Sunburn Solo at Big Day Out 2004 -Cypher.

'stop asking where to find the truth to compensate your lies' lines of Timescale Keeper Live@Buffalo 2005 -Minipoito

Stockholm Syndrome played on April 2nd 2011 @ Buenos Aires-Naughtrish

second "ocean" in Unnatural Selection at Wembley Stadium 11/9/10-Grainne Louise

Supermassive Blackhole being played on Doctor Who-BurnOurHorizons


Scratchy sound made at the start of hyper music-Scott7

Stockholm Syndrome outro + riffs + guitar throw at Outside Lands 2011 -polythenelucy

Scream at the end of Showbiz- Crazy Zombie

Stockholm Syndrome at Reading 2011-Boz


sing for absolution lipsync with Chris eating the microphone at 3:06

- Charis19

Save Me-PractitionersAlex

Supremacy's massive 7-string riff-Muser Liverbird

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The 2nd Law trailer-Morgan.

The 2nd Law-Isolated System-FabriPav

Time is Running Out-They

"The peace and joy in your MIYIYIYIYIND" from Bliss at Reading 2011-goti

The Resistance umbrella-polythenelucy

"Too old to dream" from Blackout-thecraftymuser

"Too young to care" from Blackout-thecraftymuser

three tower stage set up-Whatsername

Take a Bow in Raleigh 10/26/10-bruce57

Time Is Running Out @ Wembley 10/09/10-JadeLovesMuse

"This life could be the last" Blackout-amuseme543

Take a Bow at LCCC-dreamingofhysteria

top white line in the "MUSE" logo-ninjabanana

Time is Running Out @ Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 2010-KoviZZ

Time is running out from the LCCC gig on the 4th September-plug_in_amy

The 2nd "Love is our resistance They'll keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down Hold me Our lips must always be sealed" @ Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 2010-KoviZZ

the peace and joy in your mind - H4N5

transition from Citizen Erased to Micro Cuts in OoS - iFooled

"The sunshine trapped in our hearts" in Guiding Light - muraimandy

The Resistance recording in Lake Como - schneck

'The Man With No Name' from KoC video - Me + Socks + Phone

TIRO Acoustic on Zane's Muse Night - Egeli

'this is our last chance to forgive ourselves' in Exogenesis - Priad-Luabe

typewriter/static sound at the start of united states of eurasia - Jack Masters

treasure hunt chaos - Ekinox

"the fat cats should have a heart attack" in uprising-...?

'They just promise to go on' from USoE - niky_e

teddys (RL ones, not the art ones) from the uprising cover - *Chris*

teddys (the art ones) from the uprising cover - Elenor.

"they will not control us" in Uprising - Micropaperclip

"this is out of control" in Resistance - SupermassiveMuseFan

"tell me more, tell me more" in Resistance - monkeymaestro

toilet used in The Making Of Uprising to record the finger clicks - Lizzie_loves_Muse

"They're breaking through" in MK Ultra - Edguy

'The Making of The Resistance' video (funny moments included) - Dana R.

The Resistance tour documentary - Muse_Luver

Twin - nollie

Tom Waits' 'What's He Building' intro to the Hullabaloo Soundtrack- Finlay

"To prove I've made a big mistake, yeah... WHOA!" from Muscle Museum live in Ipswich -MUSEirik

telephone at the end of Minimum-Kaimon

Time is Running out at Glasto 2010- Izzy

Time is running out from HAARP DVD-anasthesia bellamy

"tweets" at the end of MK Ultra.- randomparrot

The international end title-anasthesia bellamy

"Touch the divine" in City of Delusion-JoshyBarth

'Tease me' in undisclosed desires-sharika

Take A Bow at V Fest Staffs and Wembley 17th - Take-A-Bean!

The tingly feeling you get when you hear Matt's falsetto/Muse vocal harmonies – EratoSomaGirl

Texas gigs - Violet80s

Triple J magazine review about the forum: http://erato1.files.wordpress.com/20...pg?w=294&h=543-hikaru_bloom

The Gallery -Hyper Chondriac Muser6977

"THATS A BIT TRICKY" response in Resistance DVD - museee_no1fan

Take A Bow - Jemma

The Small print riff - Jossy99

The Groove - Jemma

'Tied to railroads' in Hoodoo - WeWillBeVictorious

The Resistence Movement - TMVCarlos

The Resistance - JackAndrews

'The USB stick in the Ununited States of Eurasia treasurehunt 2009 - Robertw

"To Dust" in USoE - Cydonian Nights

truck in the Uprising video - butterfliesallhavinfun

television shop in Uprising video - butterfliesallhavinfun

Taratata interview 2009 - Vader

Tiesto remix of Resistance - rikdtripp

The misinterpretation of Unnatural Selection as "we're not chocolates in the ocean" - kassy_

The Small Print - Violet80s

"Take off your disguise, I know that underneath it's me" from Megalomania -lolren.

"There's no justice in the world and there never was"from Soldier's Poem-CharlotteC94

The Small Print at Earls court '04-HenryW7

The Small Print at Rock Am Ring, Germany, 2004-TibsterV

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist- Danny

the 18 second note at the end of Prague- TibsterV

"Tell me do you really care?" line from Do We Need This -Muser_Evie

Tell us, tell us your final wish, now we know you can never return. Tell us, tell us your final wish, we well tell it to the world - Cross- Pollination"-Farelial

unseperated twins in Twin - tuftman

unicorn in KoC video - No ones gonna take me Live

Uprisings B-Side - Shadows_on_Cydonia

Uprising first radio play at zane lowe's - Musejuggler

Undisclosed Desires at Teignmouth 2009 - HaiHopes

Unnatural Selection at Teignmouth 2009 - nightshadezero


united states of eurasia in 5th september teignmout - Priad-Luabe

Unnatural Selection lyrics - Lizzie_loves_Muse

Uprising as opener - brian27

Uno - Kirby

'U' in Muse - Raining_Muses

underline in the Muse logo - Foozles

United States of Eurasia - sebby aka pup

Uprising - Furygirl

Undisclosed Desires - just.me

Unnatural Selection -DifferentPerson

Uprisings B-Side - Shadows_on_Cydonia

Undisclosed Desires at LCCC-Kannon

Unintended- wombat_714

UFO in the background of the T In The Park 2010 interview-Micro Citizen

Unnatural Selection @ Cologne 16th Nov. 2009-Coyblythe

Unnatural Selection at Manchester LCCC on the 4th September-RobTheMoose

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Uprising first radio play at zane lowe's - Musejuggler

Unsustainable - citizen666

"unique things to sign"-LoraMuse

"Unintended" lyrics-Emmnic

Uprising lip-sync @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYKnGMdSQdM-Fool For Muse

UFO version of Uprising intro from the Making of the Resistance DVD - Egeli

Undisclosed Desires violin notes - Problematique MX

Unnatural Selection in the 5.1(including the Queen-esque intro and Matt's UGH at the end of the lyrics) - Problematique MX

UD artwork - Kriistaque

Undisclosed Desires at Helsinki 2009 – Heino

unintended at Ricoh Arena 22/5/13- MrsRaven

"ut oh" when the board goes down – HarleyMuse

USoE @ Taratata- floggedbymuse

Uprising @ Taratata- floggedbymuse

Uprising live at ToTP New Year's Special 2009 - Wozo

Undisclosed Desires video - floggedbymuse

unintended at sheffield 4/11/09 - pluginbaby410

Undisclosed Desires live at Liverpool '09 – dreamingofhysteria

Unnatural Selection verse riff-n8a9z

Unnatural Selection at Wembley 11/9/10-Seijaku

vocal harmonies in Soldier's Poem - Scrub

vocals in Megalomania's outro-Kyonkichi

vma performance 2009 - floggedbymuse

video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdVjCzzJYks - supermassive_cave

video of resistance - apocalyptickaoss

Vegas Christmas tree http://twitpic.com/t9xd5 - Nutmegs

vma performance 2009 - floggedbymuse

violins in the first 'we are breaking through' bit of MK Ultra - Alliana0x

"when we bleed we bleed the same" - musehysteria

"When the zetas fill the skies" in Exo Politics (studio version) -citizen666

wagon-wheel in Time is Running Out - Anxyous

whooshing sound in Citizen Erased - iFooled

"We will be victorious" in Uprising - xMaris

'Woo!' at the beginning of I Belong To You - Psyche

"We have not been chosen" in Unnatural selection - Russell_A

'Who Knows Who' the song they did with The Streets-OriginOfGeorgia

"We are losing control" in MK Ultra - Russell_A

waaalow biit of showbiz - supermassivemuselover

whole drumpart of Bliss - RocktheBeat

what the others don't understand in Muse words - lil'blulalo

wub wub in Follow Me-FingerFud

wave at Pavilhão Atlantico gig in Lisbon 29.11.2009 - Mafalda01

Wembley Stadium flames - McJones

wind chimes in the beginning of Screenager - xxatlowxx

"We'll pray that there's no God" in Fury - denisonfire

'When you've had enough, searching for love, and you miss the touch of someone new..' in Soaked - Maneachicken

"We will be victorious" in Uprising – xMaris

"woo" in Unnatural Selection at 2:01 - star-lit-newborn

whistle after the first chorus in Liquid State - Nipso

wanker video-Calliope

"we've really fucked it up" in crying shame-MaRiZ

wallpaper in Muse's studio-Adrianne

We are the Universe.- carinarose

Where the streets have no name - Muse ft. The Edge -AviatorAsphyxiation

"We're not droplets in the ocean" from Unnatural Selection-Whispering Shadows

"Wild Turkey's been chosen" from Sober-InvincibleMicroStar

whispering in Undisclosed Desires-Dannyveno

"WHOOOOOOOOOOO"s from the PiB Vocal track-WillyVWade

what the reporter says in Unsustainable-GuidingLight93

XFM interview 2006-VickiJ

"yea yea yeaaaaa yea yea yea yea yeayea yea o aaa oaaaaaaa!!" from Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist-InvincibleMicroStar

"You'll Wake the Thought Police" in Resistance - wondervale

"You've got mail" in Instant Messenge-raman779

"You are the one" in Undisclosed Desires - RocktheBeat

You'll burn in hell's in Take a Bow - church

"Your mind's about to fall" from MK Ultra - Contrad!ction

- "You waste twenty years and wind up alone demented"from Fury-dan

"you're my guiding lightning strike" - Funky Phasers

'You're the cause of all this' from Nature 1-AviatorAsphyxiation

"your time is now" from Butterflies and Hurricanes -rake

"You'll feel broken inside, you'll feel" - fwom Spiral Static-. Spiral-Static

'You will fuck the life out of me' Time is Running Out @ goffertpark nijmegen 2010-Korni

"Your soul's unbreakable" from Invincible-Mind Bomb Muse mom

*"You are my Muse" from "I Belong To You (Mon Coeur S'Ouvre À Ta Voix)" -*Theresa*

'Your brain needs some assistance' from Escape-Oranges of Symmetry

Yes Please from Helsinki 2013 - Aduuu-

you stole my overture – Overture-JoshyBarth

"You’ve arrived at Panic station" -ShineAcoustic

yellow teletubbies' kiss(Laa-Laa) during USOE in Glasto- jjjoie

Yellow Muse plectrum-polythenelucy

Yes Please-EternallyGlorious

"YES,PLEASE!" in "Yes, please".- Museluvuh

"You led me on.." from Hate This & I'll Love you-Citizen Uprising

"Yeaaaha BURN!" from Take a Bow- BurnOurHorizons

"You may be a sinner but your innocence is mine" from Undisclosed Desires-hikaru_bloom

"You will not rest, settle for less,Until you have guzzled and squandered what's left,Do not deny that you live and let die"-MandaF

zip effect from the Nova Interview - TheMystikEel

Zetas in Exo-Politics - pokemew

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accent- Caliandra

air that has been in Matt's lungs- itakethebow

Ambling Voice at the Start of Map Of Your Head - Annaa

ass - Ammeeria

Awesome hand gestures – Wazlib

bellybutton - nikite


brain vein in the middle of his forehead - Pistol Star

bellybutton fluff n toenails clippings- Blackwings

blush- Black Cherry

beerbelly- Inepta

Blonde Hair- AMfrompoland!!

Bellamy Streaks-Maccah

Blue Hair- Nox14

Both of Matt's Middle"Fuck" Fingers- AMfrompoland!!

beer belly- alyssa_

bellamy-computer hybrid noise right at the end of showbiz - futurophy

cleft chin-dutch

"Cheers" at the end of Hoodoo at Wembley - just.me


cheesy grin in the Uprising mime video - niky_e

cuteness - hutterflies&burricanes

crazy eyebrows- hyper_chondriac_muser


Dirty nails – Redstar

eyes- the_invincible_dude

extended right finger during guitar playing- allsoarty

ever changing shape of matt's nose - supermassivemuselover

Earlobes- muse-freak

eye Sex with Crowd Members- the aurora

extremely rushed talking - naget4music

eyelashes - elisanne

Eyebrow lift in the US cut of TIRO - jebecca

epic blue eyes – musetorial

eyebrows- BurnOurHorizons

eyebrow quirk in the Resistance dvd – Twonkie

facial imperfections-MaRiZ

flicking the V to paps - OUTTA-TIME

fingerprint - Eurasian

foot stench- Georgy Drachenkoeter

Fluffy hair and matt in Monterrey - Sarah.Plug.In.Baby

Feet - Luna

forearms - jebecca

fingertips - nikite

full on stare in uprising video - jog

hotness - me0w

hair Salt Lake to Tahoe Lake Fishing 2006:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/1717/-JadeLovesMuse

hypnotizin stare- Trefline

hair (not products)- the_aurora

hair in Rock In Rio - Emaaa

heart - T-Rex

hair in 2006 – floggedbymuse

hair in the neutron star collision video-You Electrify My Life

Hullabaloo DVD promotional photo spiky hair- *OoS*

hairstyle in Rock Am Ring 2010 video interviews-Korni

Legs - kjk62289

Left Hand- Kapranosinium

long little finger- Burning Bandits

laugh- iSteph

left nipple- AMfrompoland!!

left side of Matt's brain- Adrianne

larynx - wondervale

long hair from 1994 – chapel

madly flailing arms- Kapranosinium

Mr. Fatt Matt Belly-my- alyssa_

Moobs in photo http://www.microcuts.net/gallery/dat.../mattymu20.jpg - dead-duck

Matt at RAH - Maria Way


magical blue eyes-MimusQe

non-existent tattoos-Georgy Drachenhoeter


"New Manson"- AMfrompoland!!

nose dent- Bai-Lee

neck - Luna

'ooooeeeehhhh' mouthnoises as he is walking down a corridor at wembley in the HAARP documentary- Cydonian Syndrome

Paris Hilton face- Black Cherry

paraletic stare- fiofo

pout- iSteph

pronunciation in Bliss - niky_e

paleness - MrsMatt

Pasta Belly -PractitionersAlex

rapidly wigglin fingers- Black Cherry

Right Hand- pincushionqueen

Red Hair- AMfrompoland!!

range of hairstyles- Ruby Gloom

red streak in Matt's hair in the KoC vid - floggedbymuse

rollicky belly laughter - Jean_P

smell- ultramarine

speech impediment- Ewwie B

Sex face- Aninhaa

soul- Ellie B

Shaking head during Stockholm Syndrome live - RedStar

sexy dance moves on the SS outro at edgefest 16 - Muselim_14

smiley face when he's playing KAVAI piano – Kriistaque


top of Matt's head- Mayblossom

tiny vocal cords - scifigeekgirl

toes - museiscool

tongue - Barnaby


teeth- canadianmuser

wonky tooth- the_invincible_dude

wrinkle in his frown that appears when he sings - Maryah*Spain

yellow hair from the Eurorocks gig-Citizen Uprising

voice- synthetic_soul


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Absolution Sunnies – Megglen

braces- dutch

bright blue flashing sunglasses on the 12.11.09 at the O2 - Hollyberry

blue boxers he wore at Parc Des Princes- BobjimTheAwesome

blue Italia shirt - Imyreld

Black Absolution Pinstripe Jacket ( The one in this video

)- Crazy Zombie

blue glasses (Rock in Rio 2010)-ladybird10

Blue&white tricot shirt (2009) - Carbo

black shirt with white collar+cuffs - scifigeekgirl

black&silver jacket worn at sheffield 4/11/09 - pluginbaby410

bluegreen trousers from (for example 02 gig 09) - kassy_

black and white (striped) belt with the white suspenders-Lumiere

blue hair-band (that he's wearing @Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010)-Coyblythe

blazer that Matt wore during R+L 2011 -muse maniac

Cravat in the SMBH video- Black Cherry

Checked Suit--muse-freak

coat from the front cover of Q 2009 - Priad-Luabe

circuit shirt on twitpic 2009 - memerdommie

chicken outfit (black one with long tassels/strings) - mumiouze89

chucks - stefko_25

cardboard hat Coachella Festival 2004:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/398/-JadeLovesMuse

crazy but awesome suits-xMaris

disco ball trousers- hyper_chondriac_muser

Eagle shirt- Maccah

EMA 2006 Copenhagen outfit- Karoline90

furry red coat - Kirby

flared sleaves in Hullabaloo - Nadia1234

guitar pick necklace - Pluginbabydoll

grey blazer with shoulder pads (from friday night with jonathan ross)-olivia_muse

grey jumper from the NME Awards in 2009 - Lizzie_loves_Muse

Grandma coat that he was wearing at the Q awards 2009 - Natural_Disaster

grabbing his bum various times on the resistance tour – Kirby

green shirt- AMfrompoland

Glasto Lab Coat-OUTTA-TIME

greeen socks from RAH - TaperJeanGirl

Hawai Shirt - musefanatyke

hooded coat- musefanatyke

hat in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFj7aXfuf8I-CiTiZeN_isErAsEd

hat from this interview(//www.youtube.com/watch?v=s30S6nFxA-o)-Hysteeria

jacket when it blows up during the start of Fury in LA 2004 – nattles

jacket during Muse's performance at the EMAS 2012-PanicStationofCydonia77

lab coat - Kirby

Long Red Coat- Maccah

latex pants -plasmascreenspider

LED Sunglasses - Cam123

monochrome stripy belt- blissedout

Magenta pants (worn in Detroit 3/13/10) - Imyreld

Muse T-shirt 2006:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/1715/,http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/1717/-JadeLovesMuse

mask from the Supermassive Blackhole video- Nattywba

mirror ball jacket from the Resistance tour- Kazy-Babie

outfit at Mercury Awards 2008 - MuseRockMySocks

Orange Shirt- muse-freak

penguin suit from the Brits- blissedout

pussy cat bow in the SMBH video- Black Cherry

piano's and coats- Synthetic_soul

pink trousers from (for example the O2 gig 09) - Hollyberry

pink t-shirt which he wears in the video interview from Bergen -*Theresa*

plectrum necklace-pluginstarlight

Plastic Raincoat/Hoodie from Oxegen -Museluvuh

Reading 2006 jacket- Maccah

red trousers- Karoline90

Rolleiflex - MissM

Radiohead Shrit- Liz0_o

red sunglasses (in Eurockennes 2000) - elisanne

red periodic table shirt - altrocker1807

red shoes-the_invincible_dude

Red Space Jacket (Dior) - maria_way

red unbuttoned shirt from Monterrey - Illuminatist

red catsuit - Poppy96

Red Trousers from the gig at Emirates Stadium 2013-dylanfallemusic

Ring that a japanese fan made for him that comprises of 3 unique parts attached together - shining_dark

Starlight coat- blissedout

sunglasses from Xmas TOTP - Alliana0x

sexy Video shades- AviA2

stripe jumper- AMfrompoland!!

stripe shirt from fishing scene on Hullabaloo DVD- luna89

straw hat and the a doll inside it - _aure_

santa hat - Muse_Fan21

shoes - someguy2012

suit from Q awards 2009 (people suit) - Vader

sunglasses in UD video - HelloMrBellamy

shoes in UD video - camsarter

shellsuit - apocalyptickaoss

shutter shades from the Anaheim gig on September 23rd, 2010-HaikuMarko

shiny black suit http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/49/...3482466d0b.jpg - essee

shiny silver suit at the chicago march 12th show- naomithegreat

shiny red suit (as worn at Oxegen '10) -DukeNatty

sideways American flag shirt http://muse.mu/gallery/fan/photo/20931/ - BAR0623

sparkly trainers -sharika

shiney silver Jacket and and Trousers in T in the Park 2010 -ShatteredTime

scarf in the Uprising Video-InvincibleMicroStar

silver trousers in this pic: http://twitpic.com/29yulw-InvincibleMicroStar

Silver Suit @ LCCC 2010- JoshyBarth

Sunglasses in Stockholm Syndrome Video-resistingkidMUSE

toilet - Nutmegs

Tie with all the zips on, from Showbiz era - crazy_chocobo

terror storm Tee - Muse/Gleek

Tight shirt that he wears in Hullabaloo-sockofwonders

tin foil suit-jackparker

vampire costume in the Halloween gig 2009 – Zürischnurre

white shirt- musefanatyke

weird blue check shirt thing- musefanatyke

wearing Shutter Shades sunglasses - nataly

''Whats the pig deal'' shirt -OriginOfGeorgia

zipper – Starraxx

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MUSIC AND RANDOM STUFF PART 1 (AT THE MOMENT CONTINUES ON PAGE 2 http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=7968557&postcount=21)


acoustic guitar on MoYH - memerdommie

amp SURFING- fiofo

ad lib on the slow part of Citizen Erased-Kyonkichi

amp sex from Coke Live 2010 during Hysteria- Izzy

awkward facial expression during the New Born riff at Eurockéennes 2002.- Minimal

agonised face at the end of the neutron star collision video-ninjabanana

Ali Top Manson - HelloMrBellamy

"aiyaiayi!!!" at wemblys time is running out - Wayloo

'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh....wut' in Map Of Your Head-'DarkShines11

alien in their twitpic 09 - About 27 Shockwaves

air miles -plug_in_amy

apologizing for his bad prononciation before playing IBTY in France-alicebliss

announcing Bing's name in Twitter-Aduuu-

broken guitars- the_schroominator

Black Manson(the one thrown in trash, but saved by Kirkeh)- AMfrompoland!!

Bomber Manson -Jass

Buchla Synthesizer Re-enactmentfrom the JJJ interview - 8th December 2010-TheMystikEel

background singing in the last refrain from undisclosed desires - Kussi

being the "worst fu*king producer" from "Zane Lowe Meets Muse" in September 2009

– wondervale

beat-boxing skills -Kaimon

belly laugh in:


being a cannibal in 'The Making of the Resistance - Resistance' video-Blype

'crap drawing skills' picture-Blype

Cave vocal from the Melbourne ABC Studio sessions 2000 - khfreek

calling Dom a Wanker-Supermassive_Deadstar

"chika-boosh' noise Matt makes in Dead Star (1:47) - boshalake

Close Encounters of the Third Kind before KOC at HAARP - Mizutsu

Chrome Kaoss Manson - Dana R.

crab pose - *Theresa*

cute laugh from the Grammys acceptance speech-NewlyMused

comparing the NME Awards to a 'crazy weird pycho girlfriend' -NewlyMused

"COME ON TORONTOOOO" Voice Crack,Knights of Cydonia @ Air Canada Centre, Toronto - Mar 8 2010-dylb88

"Come in my" from Cave at Bizarre Festival - pianopimp

crazy WHOOOA's- Speedster

camera stare during Madness on Che Tempo Che Fa 2012-AviA2

Crazy Alien Nevada Desert Bouncy Castle- Black Cherry

"close up" from the Undisclosed Desires Video - butterfliesallhavinfun

"Cheers" - kassy

constant reference to 1984 by George Orwell-123itssusan123

car from Jonothan Ross 09 - ModernMyth

Crazy Head movements in the uprising SNL 09 video(especially the shaky one in the last chorus) - G.M.K

"chupalla" that Matt used during Feeling Good in Teatro Caupolican, Chile (2008) – Sapphi

"cause I wan-n-n-n-n-t it now" in Hysteria from Oxegen 2004-Kriistaque

calling Dom a "gay Sting" in Toni's Myspace interview- wombat_714

Casinocaster (Double Neck Manson Guitar)-Unspoken

conceptualisation of Matt 'wearing just socks and a phone- phantasmagorical

claiming that being able to tickle yourself is a good thing in this interview,

- kh95

"christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia" tweet-FabriPav

Drum straddling- yus

drunk at the NME Awards 2011- ibelongtoyou4

Delorean Manson - Wiliamthebloodie

Digitech Whammy Pedals - bshuker

Deep vocals - sammyboy2006

Dodging Skills-RipsterZero

demonic scream in Space Dementia at the Montreux Jazz Festival - Victoroy

drumming skills - Candice: D

double microphone from UD video - NZniff

demonic screams during the bridge of "Can't Keep My Eyes off of You"-bruce57

Dickinson silver retro amp on legs - scifigeekgirl

double bass that Matt stole - Sing_For_Absolution

Dedicating HAARP's performance of Soldier's Poem to 'All our unsung heroes' - episteppe

dedication to julian from wikileaks at the gig in sydney 8th december 2010-harrypottermegan

dog -interstellar-anticyclone

dream potato and hemp farm (as referenced in the Myspace interviews)-TrebleRose689

dancing in the making of Uprising-pluginstarlight

dancing in making of undisclosed desires video-HannahG123

destroying his guitar during Stockholm Syndrome Reading 2011-picko93

'Electrical'' from Easily - BellamysSocket

earphone trouble at Brisbane Dec 6th 2010.- RipsterZero

ending flasetto during Bliss at Reading 2006 - MATCHU

Easily guitar solo - schneck

epic guitar toss at Reading 2011-Scott7

epic moves at the start of Supermassive Black Hole at T in the Park 2010-grabacr 31770

earning guitar chords from Camarón de la Isla - susibel

eagle- Bai-Lee

Epic guitar destruction skills-Cindykt

explanation of Disney on Ice -MopManMuse

epic piano moves in Making of Apocalypse Please-MimusQe

Every massive white balloon-ball that Matt has popped on stage-ninjabanana

extremely high pitched "SHEFFIELD!" in Knights of Cydonia at the gig on 4.11.09 - PwoperMuser

Emex Londaxe guitar- Micro Citizen

"E Daje Roma!" After TIRO Rome 2013- Flor Amarillo

forgetting where he is at the NME Awards 2011- dan.


"Fatty's legs"-Moonshoes

funny laugh at this interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyOBqDs65BA-goti

Facial expressions during Bizarre Festival '00-dan

fire alarm voice - notsomuch

Fender Aloha Stratocaster - EJRocky

first vocal note after the Invincible solo at Reading festival 2006? "During" hobomania

Falsetto climaxes on Bliss live and Butterflies & Hurricanes live - neenz

Fuzz Factory - C13R4N

forgetting the Explorers-lyric: "running around in circles feeling caged by endless rues"-Zolic

forgetting the lyrics of Starlight at the Hamburg gig 15/12/12-haarpuna

final falsetto in Take a Bow - MindStorm

falsetto in the last part of Bliss in Rock am Ring 2010-Muser Liverbird

first ever heard "Supremacyyyy"-falsetto-scream at E-Werk Cologne, 20/9/2012-InvincibleMoni

falsetto in SMBH - Muselim_14

falsetto in the last chorus of uprising - patrick478

falsetto at the end (last 3 lines) in PIB - Ella

first Mega-Screen moment (whilst singing along with the guitar bit) during Knights of Cydonia at HAARP - episteppe

"From the back! From the back!" quote from J.Ross 2009 – Johanna

final riff pull in this video:


fading singing accent- phantasmagorical

"fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking little, fucking, fucking little fucking fucking fucker, yeah" from Live Radio3 version of Feeling Good.-Aussie Muser

favourite TV show LOST-anasthesia bellamy


Glass Top Piano- Maccah

guitar plecs- the _schroominator

Guitar From Plug In Baby- Nox14

glass of wine-Terrierka

going body boarding in Australia – BeakyBliss

"Go!" Matthew's saying in Assassin-RobynMcCloud

grand piano - mrs_bellamy

guitar he threw into the water (G1627 Synchromatic Sparkle Jet) - Citizen Erased

guitar strings - Priad-Luabe

guitar solo in Unnatural selection [Extended DVD version] - Weeman5872

guitar straps - Fish Custard

guitar riffs at the end of MK ultra - Tunavi

"Going for gold!" quote from J.Ross 2009 - Johanna

guitar arpeggios from 2:08 to 2:29 in Citizen Erased - Map of the Problematique

gothic-style painting of Matt - paralulman

guitar in Fury at the RAH in 2008 – Syltetøy

guitar solo in Overture- Tunavi

Glass Top Piano- Maccah

Greatest Fear -muse2canada

'Good to see ya, good to see ya' At Glasto 2004-OriginOfGeorgia

guard over Matt's sheep -Ella

Glowcaster Manson-OUTTA-TIME

G1627 Synchromatic Sparkle Jet from Le Summum-MrFartastic

guitar playing skills-Dante Medici

grinning and shaking his head as they walk off the stage at AMA's 2010 after Tom thanks Charles Darwin-Shiner1

Guinness world record for 'Most guitars smashed in a tour' with a total of 140 during the Absolution Tour in 2004-BobbyR.

guitar slide in the National Anthem March 12, 2013 Houston- Caliandra

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singing undisclosed desires while shaking my hand at lg arena 30/10/12- MrsRaven

screams when he's singing at the beginning of Hyper Music: "Waaaa!" - Michael8888

strutt during back in black at the big day outs - jurrassitol15

screaming "I wish I could" in Glastonbury 04' - NickLovesMuse

silver bomber manson- Maccah

Seattle Manson- Plegra

smile during "Plug in Baby" @ Positivus fest`10-CitizeNaMUSEd

specific pronunciation -CitizeNaMUSEd

Shoe Playing at the Mesa, AZ Gig- the aurora

screaming "OCEAN" in Unnatural Selection- Musemaniayoshi

silly goatee- muse maniac

stupid setlist that never include the songs we want- hucksy!

strut during the 26.9.10 LA SS riff-gasm. -hugenkiss

scream at the beginning of Agitated (Hullabaloo live)- Thusterness

speaking polish at Coke Live Music Festival 2010-notreallyclever

saying "Achtung Baby!" on GoTV-Stephanie***

saying "LOOK AT ME DOO DOOM DOO DOOM" -polythenelucy

saying "I'm not a dark person, I'm the sunshine of your life!" in Kerrang interview 2004-goti

saying "You guys are awesome!", and Butterflies & Hurricanes @ Indianapolis, Aug 3, 2011-*Isadora*

Saying ‘And on the Doms… Pfft on the fucking Doms…’- Crazy Zombie

saying "I think we need to rename the muse website to citizenerased.com" at LCCC 2010-mjarre

Scream in The second chorus of the hullabaloo performance of Micro cuts-sockofwonders

singing "Be Mine..." in Darkshines from the Japanese version of Hullabaloo - Ms Cupcake

singing "You cant pushitunderneaththe fuuucking crooowwd!!" at iTunes festival 2012 version of TIRO-n8a9z

Scratching Intro to Hysteria - musechicago

silverssun pickups saying: "Do not look Matt Bellamy in the eyeballs" in Chicago 12.3.2010 - mafalda01

scream in the middle of Fillip in Bizarre Festival - pokemew

speaking German- apocalypsepleez

seven strings Manson - Deano88s

saying "A massive ship is shinking" in the Making of Starlight-Sophia_Hysteria

singing "Thank you San Fransisco!" after Knights of Cydonia at Outside Lands 2011-Kueller917

SEX-y voice in UD - musetorial

saying the alphabet backwards- grabacr 31770

Scratching guitar solo before Fillip - MattC13

scream before the second chorus in Hullabaloo Micro Cuts - Me + Socks + Phone

singing the word "Asphyxiated" in Time is Running Out - My Unintended xx Becca

scream in Micro Cuts from Hullabaloo - MK.Ultra

saying "Tack så mycket!" after Cave during the gig at Hovet, Stockholm 2009(

at 5:13)-Zolic

Screams in CTMEOY BBC Re:Covered- bee03

saying ''Go!' in Assassin around 3:11 - Kriistaque

saying to Dom: Fuck off, you cunt! Yeah you...-starlike_starlight

snapping his fingers to the microphones in the UD video - Problematique MX

spins in plug in baby at sheffield 4/11/09 - pluginbaby410

smiling after announcing Butterflies and hurricanes on HAARP – Naughtrish

saying "Godaften København!" at the Parken, Copenhagen gig 09 - Tippy

smile before they start playing KOC when they first are on stage and he's looking at the crowd at Reading 06 - Glorious Resistance

saying 'Obrigado!' with a bad accent @ Rock In Rio 2010-disturBEA

saying "I could die, his head could blow up, he could kill Dom, or he could get naked and fuck Chris" in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8VwurecjQA - supermassive_cave

saying "Veeegas Babeh!" at Las Vegas '09-interstellar-anticyclone

smile after someone had thrown a flag into him during the Plug In Baby outro (HAARP) – mirtaisokay

strings has ever snapped- Deluded Citizen

sly creeping-jemzaza

slap dance-jemzaza

sleeping twitpic that Dom took as a revenge-n8a9z

saying "Howdy Ya'll!" @ Fort Worth Convention Center -FallAway

saying "It's fucking sunny at last!" @ Glasto 2010-On Flight

smile to the crowd after playing Can't take my eyes off you, on BBC TV-nattles

saying" For the messageboard" after Bliss Live @ Goffertpark Nijmegen 19.06.2010-Izzy

saying "That's the biggest moshpit I've ever seen! And I've seen a few!" after TiRO on HAARP -OUTTA-TIME

saying "alles ok" at the end of USOE at Goffertpark-Tofu

saying "Mmmmm, H8" at the beginning of Space Dementia -Screenaged

saying "Cheers ya'll! " at the toyota center-Museluvuh

saying "Houston we have a problem!" at the toyota center-Museluvuh

saying: "You're the real fans" at Wembley on 9/11/2010"-mjarre

saying "I like that fish because it reminds me of home" at the end of the Hove '10 interview-Emmnic

saying "I am the most powerful man in the music buisness" in the Gonzo interview 2003- VickiJ

staring contest between Matt and the camera which took place at the Eurock 2000 while playing Minimum-Tinyenaira

smile in the interview at hove 2010-Gothsidonia

saying 'SANTA CLAUS IS COMING, COME ON!" from Sydney gig 13/12/13-EMM4K4TE

saying "please me, fuck me how it's done" in UD from Sydney gig 13/12/13-EMM4K4TE

singing "destwoy" instead of "destroy" in New Born- Kazy-Babie

saying "OHH SHIT i'm not used to using condoms"in this interview:

- ninjabanana

saying "bombastic"-hey

smiling at the crowds screams during his Undisclosed Desires Keytar Solo at the LCCC 2010-hypermusic


saying "nimnimnimnimni" in the kroq interview 2010-amuseme543

Shakespeare pose-Dante Medici

Saying "Uh How's It Go?" Before Screenager at Eurockeenes 2002-Micro Citizen

shiny balloon on a string ( from the Hullabaloo DVD)-hoosier_muser

stage presence-pwoper_muse_lover


saying "Flash - AAAAHHH"-Hysteeria

saying "Tusen Takk" ( in Bergen 2010) -MUSEirik

saying "Who do you think you are?" at the 2011 NME awards-EliteAssassin

shuffle dance during Hysteria at the Brits 2004-Dante Medici

saying ''Easy tiger'' after performing The Groove-Citizen Uprising

subconscious mind-You.Make.Me.Sick

Twisty Kaoss Pad - bshuker

“The Resistance” mosiac Manson guitar - ryno1116

tiny voice in the background of Resistance or 'I'll make you feel Pure' in Undiclosed Desires - Twonkie

"The cracks and the memories" during Screenager at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2002 - LuisXDeadXStockholm

TIRO shuffle- Speedster

thanking Michael Eavis for farming tips at NME -Tofu

times Matt has visited Norway- Karoline90

throwing his guitar in birmingham 2009 - futurophy

throwing his guitar at the drums at Lolla 2011-drawakangaroo

"This next song is called Butterflies and Hurricanes" from HAARP - OriginOfShowbiz

talking about Christian rock at KROQ 09 - Socks&aPhone

"that was like proper fucking rock and roll, wasn't it?" from the groove in the states vid - McJones


TARDIS noise Matt makes with his guitar at the end of Hyper Chondriac Music-XiaoHu

Twin Peaks Album & Mask-Victoryrose33

trying to stabb Dom with a knife- link: http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/770/ - Dante Medici

tripping during Bliss @ Versailles Courtyard Paris, 2005- kh95

teardrop while performing Endlessly in Wembley Arena 2003 -pwoperem

" uh oh,i need to go toliet" in the Haarp dvd - Sarah-x

using the Mexico flag like a superhero cape -MaRiZ

unpornogenicness -decayingfantasies

unusual behavior at Bizzare Festival 2000-You.Make.Me.Sick

"umph" after the first verse in Panic Station- AviA2

"Uprising" knee slide at Glastonbury '10-JoMUSE16

voice cracking at the 2nd chorus of Megalomania from Hullabaloo-zaltakid2000

video of Matt making noises with a balloon- Lacuna

video game character in guitar hero 5-Whatsername

vein drawing - kassy

various forms of inanimate object rape/sex at Sydney gig dec 9 2010- resistance.revolution

"Vegas! Vegas! We're in Vegas! Vegas Baby!" at the end of Uprising live from The Joint in Las Vegas, 2009 - Wazlib

white piano- hysteria87

"What you're doing to me" in microcuts - lil'blulalo

water fight that broke out with dom in interview with ben jones '09 - NicePockets

whistle intro to Time is Running Out- jebecca

when Matt pokes Dom in the Making of Undisclosed video-ibelongtoyou4

"WTF" expression at the TITS sign from Etihad 2013- JaHawk2009

Way he says « Suck» in TIRO-bee03

way he says "Pwoclaim" in Apocalypse Please- AviatorAsphyxiation

way Matt says, "pwoper"-Adrianne

way he says, "You can't push it underneath the ground" during TiRO at Glasto '10-MapofYourProblematiqueHead

wearing eyeliner-MaRiZ

worried face before the French bit in IBTY at Stade de Suisse- trogette

writing on Matts right shoulder telling him to get a hair cut (http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/5094/youngmuse.jpg)-Museo

way Matt sings "Come to be, how did it come to be"-XiaoHu

way Matt says "Top Cat's" In Cincinnati Oct 11 2010-Shiner1

way Matt sings LOSE in Nature_1 -starlike_starlight

way Matt says "price" in Megalomania-MuseHolic111

way he sings 'you're so phoney and always surrounded' in Huluballoo zenith - HannahG123

weird respiratory noises in Dead Star between lyrics-Malton Seadog

weird screams at Bizzare 2000-amuseme543

"Woos!" from the Oct 2010 Ohio gigs -Shiner1

way Matt says "Weally?" -citizen666

way Matt sings the last "falling down" in Falling Down-Kyonkichi

WTF expression all through the Feeling Good chorus on Radio 3 2001 -TurtleBunny

'WOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!'' in KoC @ RaR 2010( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXZz9CjsT14 at 2:22)-moomGER

with White Tiger in Vegas:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/394/-JadeLovesMuse - ...

yelling come on england in HAARP soundtrack - SupermassiveMuseFan

yeah!yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! at in the middle of hysteria live at wembley - musehysteria

"yee-haw!" during TIRO at Wembley - hucksy!

Yamaha Pacifica 120 - OUTTA-TIME

42nd sheep-Liz0_o

7-String E-Shape guitar- Ross0203

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American Flag Leather Jacket:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/572/-JadeLovesMuse

blue trousers- blissedout

Black Shirt With Pink Tie- Nox14

black vest- the aurora

boots from that MTV Asia awards2008 video - HullaGirl

blue tie - Jemma

black and white striped HAARP Tour belt - kassy_

beanie in the Dead Star vid- HumptyDoody

black trousers with the silver discs down each side-donmorgan

Black Ray-Ban Wayfarers-123itssusan123

Dommy Frog (http://www.microcuts.net/gallery/dat...ajaj_Dommy.jpg)- rake

drunk glasses-kjk62289

cut off shorts and his dirty boots-kjk62289

floral bra collection- Adrianna

freakin' awesome awesome sunglasses - maria_way

Flash Gordon T-Shirt – DoubleTake

green jeans-plug_in_amy

glitter sunglasses-diamond_writer

hideous lime green trousers- Black Cherry

hat from the MTV Music Awards vid - forevermusic

jacket from the Starlight video- blissedout

leopard shirt-AMfrompoland!!

leopard print jacket from grammy awards 2011-starlike_starlight

metallic blue vans- Jenneeeh

motorbike helmet from Fujirock gig 2010-Exoval

leather jacket- the aurora

Leopard print belt - NZniff

Leathery-ness as described by matt-sockofwonders

outfits in this pic http://sv.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1620l1e&s=7-Ive got a map of your head

outfit in the Panic Station video - Aquifa

purple and black scarf - DropletInTheOcean

pink trousers- blissedout

pink and black converse- blissedout

Pants- Ruby Gloom

pants at the Boston March 6, 2010 show-whatchaoskills

purple underwear from the Roksilde interview -hoosier_muser

pink leopard print shirt- Calliope.

pink and blue tee- musefanatyke

Queen shirt- hucksy

Red Shirt and Black Tie- L'amour

red trousers - maria_way

russian hat - Illuminatist

rayban sunglasses-plug_in_amy

silver Dior jacket-blissedout


silver Converse- Im_only_happy_when_it_rain

silver chucks-RobynMcCloud

Slipknot mask- Nattywba

silverat least it looks like theyre silver..pants-Jenneeeh

stripe black and white jumper w/ black pants- the aurora

space helmet- ILDHHITC

SMBH outfit - stefko_25

s bolo tie from the KoC video - Imyreld

skull shirt – memerdommie

sunglasses on the "Chris goes for a ride" twitpic - xMaris

"Sparks Will Fly" T-shirt in the Resistance DVD - mazzamoush

silver/white spraypainted jeans in twitpic 2009 - Aurora Borealis

Spiderman hat from the twitpic 2009 – Jemma

sleeveless t-shirt from L.A. Rising-hikaru_bloom

silver Converse shoelace(The Aglet)- InvincibleMicroStar


Spiderman outfit-zomuse

tight lamee shirt from the Landover gig - MrsMatt

t-shirt Dom wore at Q awards in 2006 - natevdokia

Undies – musehysteria

underwear from the Undisclosed Desires video-Lumiere

voodoo T-shirt in twitpic 2009 – devonscreen

Vicky Cryer Leopard Shirt -Crazy Zombie

white trousers- MelAssassin

white trousers when they were stained from the Making of Starlight video-Whispering Shadows

whole rainbow trouser collection – MUSEingJoshuaTree

white chucks - hyperMUSEic9

wetsuit-Cydonian Iggy

yellow trousers- Karoline90

yellow belt - Illuminatist

yellow and black polo shirt- the aurora

yellow shorts-Sophia_Hysteria






arsecrack hair- bethan

Bass Pedal Foot- Caliandra

butt- Brisk

Blonde Hair- AMfrompoland!!

blond/white/black hairstyle in the HAARP DVD - AmyW

Bellybutton – musehysteria

balls -DOMatika

chuckle- brisk

cuteness - sammyboy2006

cuticles - Barnaby

chest in the KROQ interview 2010-FuckMeDom

drummer muscles - angel2k86

" Doms going bald"?- asdf

dark brown hair - MuseAddict101

eyes- Megalomania


Eyebrows - EndlessBliss

Emo Dom-guitarchaeologist

family jewels - HarleyMuse

few remaining elbow hairs - episteppe

Face - musehysteria

heartbeat- Blackwings

hair- Decayingfantasies


hip thrusts from the 2008 Asia MTV awards - nettynunu

head – paralulman

image- Drakey

Itchy bottom of Dom from Roskilde-Terrierka

lips- L'amour

Lower Back- the aurora

Left-right head movements while drumming - jebecca

laugh – Kirby

Left ear - Kinky_Shinku

lazy left eyelid -Howince

Nostrils - dead-duck

neck – punkrockerjazzie


nose hair-lisloos

Over-exposed hip bones – jebecca

pouty pose - HelloMrBellamy


right ear - lottiefunk

sideburns- Megalomainia

smile- Girlfixer!

soul- Decayingfantasies

sunglasses- Brisk

Smexy Belly Showing Wembley Stretch - Megglen

smirk - mskitte138

stubble - Lizzie_loves_Muse

the way dom smokes – nikite


various dances- ILDHHITC




Abbey Road version of Map Of The Problematique - Intro

alternate drum beat Dom plays for KoC live-Shignett1

xylophone- fiofo

Black and Chrome drum kit- orangepeel

White and Zebra Pork Pie Drum Throne- Shignett1

broken drumsticks- the aurora

black drum stick in UD music video-Lusesita7

cymbals – forevermusic

camp voice at LCCC 04/09/10-Deve2k

"Cheers" in his end-of-gig speeches -*Theresa*

Dom on cover (of US magazine) Modern Drummer - MissOrange94

drum chair- Megalomania

drumsticks- Aninhaaa

ducking glowsticks at Manchester LCCC-Siby

druming during the piano part at USoE-Lusesita7

drumming in motp- aMUSEdflick

drumming @ Berlin 29/10/2009-CitizeNaMUSEd

drumming for Butterflies & Hurricanes- punkrockerjazzie

drumming in Apocalypse Please at Wembley - eternallymused

drumming during Butterflies and Hurricanes at Glastonbury 2004 - Pistol Star

drumming on Resistance - L.

drum solo at T in the Park 2010-123itssusan123

disassembled drum set from the end of Glasto '04 - SilverSunMuse

Drumming in Popcorn - ryancoke93

drumming in Assassin - BAR0623

drumming in Undesclosed Desiers-ashleyski

Diligence (as a drummer) – episteppe

dancing in the making of Uprising-pluginstarlight

drum stool in KoC-InvincibleMicroStar

drum stool in TIRO-InvincibleMicroStar

flying drumstick in the S4A video- Black Cherry

Flag at Dublin 2009 - inSpektor_Knight

gold drum kit - CydonianCrystal

head banging in the making of MK Ultra - pritijes

HAARP drum riser-Shrinking Universe

'Into The Supermassive' at Wembley - Citizen Erased

'I Belong To You' Gong - Contrad!ction

Light Up Electronic Drum Kit. -carinarose

mic that always gets stolen by Matt-jackparker

miming Uprising in Quelli Che Il Calcio tv show - xMaris

off tune singing- Goya

resistance drums http://www.microcuts.net/gallery/dat...EchoArena4.jpg - Alienferret

shakers from the Absolution DVD!!!- Broken Inside

Singing In Can't Take My Eyes Of You- Nox14

singing "into te supermassive" at Wembley 07- You Electrify My Life

singing badahbadah in 'cant keep my eyes off you' -HannahG123

Starlight Clap- Nox14

Smashed drum kit at Reading 2011 -Scott7

see through floor tom - Ganon391

silver drum from the Q photoshoot-AviatorAsphyxiation

transparent drums- Purplesum

tower in the resistance tour set - vico0527

transparent drum set from HAARP - Lumiere

"things are good at the moment man.." in the 2010 NME interview - Calliope

"thank you Sydney" at the Auckland BDO 2010 - resistance.revolution

timpani-On Flight

voice - Soljanka

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ass scratching-Victoryrose33

attempting to put the best british band NME 2011award up Matt's nose.- NewlyMused

aviators- guitarchaeologist

allergy to apples - masqueradian

answer to question from Kerrang interview 22.09.2010,"what might that album sound like" - "Fuck knows".-Kris.

"AHHHHH" during the Werchter 2007 interview - brian KEEEEM

ability to "smash up a 15 grand mic" - Muselim_14

"Anyone want a date" in the taratata interview 2009 - Kussi

attempts to use twitter - kassy_

Brie Cheese - dilshad

Brazi's flag Dom wore - HullaGirl

"Big cheers" from Hullabaloo - EratoSomaGirl

Buke - Laurabrussell

"breaking" the mic in the making of The Resistance DVD - graciegirl

Beard speech in the Resistance dvd - Twonkie

being a fan of any kind of porn ( as said in the Taratata Interview 09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfc7gtiXNH0) - Soljanka

"Boston, You're Fucking Amazing" at the 2010 Boston gig

black Ray-Ban aviators - MissOrange94

bed at his home in the south of France-donmorgan

Cowboy Dom from the MTV Asia Awards 2008 - SetMySoulAlight92

cowboy dance from MTV Asia awards - miralize

curves - aMUSEme

cockminster - L., mskitte138

'Church of DOM' (twitterphoto 2009) - nagnoo94

cheeky grin at DomCam in Citizen Erased from the 2010 xmas pressie- Kazy-Babie

crying while watching Bambi -apocalypsepleez

Columbia Flag- ¡Tom!

crotch grabbing (official photos) - mskitte138

confetti explosion on Dom at the Raleigh gig 10/26/10-SilverMuse603

copy of the resistance that dom has on this pic

http://web1.twitpic.com/img/29316904...0a4-scaled.jpg - Priad-Luabe

Coke and Marlboro ciggy stash – pritijes

comment in NME Magazine (06/03/2010 issue) saying ' Matt and Slash in a cupboard smoking a fag! WEIRD! Matt doesn't even smoke' - Lizz24

civvies" (http://twitpic.com/1gy2dz http://twitpic.com/1gy39p http://twitpic.com/1gy2yq http://twitpic.com/1gy2lf-jebecca

cleaning it up (water on Dom's stool at Jinsan)-pluginstarlight

dance from Hullabaloo DVD- AMfrompoland!!

"Dom get's bossy" line from tweet 2009 - illuminatus

definition of love - scifigeekgirl

down beats - mskitte138

'Dududun-shi-dun!' from the "SIT THE FUCK DOWN!" video - My Unintended xx Becca

dropping his sticks at the beginning of Guiding Light in MoTR DVD - amdale6575

drumsticks (all) Dom's ever broken-Deluded Citizen

duck watching (as referenced in that "try to be Muse" interview from 2003)-TrebleRose689

description of Dom as "an octopus-armed force of nature" in the Acer Arena 2010 review-Lynx

sleeping dom-kjk62289

excessive use of the word Cheers-guitarchaeologist

expression while flinging away a piece of food (or thing) on Making of Starlight"-Sever

Eloquence – episteppe

Faff Bag- binarysonnets

Fluffy Handcuffs- Major

Fishing Skills- Liz0_o

falling over in the Haarp Documentary- Bai-Lee

floating drumstick - Johanna

face on a loaf of bread - JackAndrews

Fashion sense - pluginbabyxx

favourite fishing rod-Terrierka

Face while watching magazine (twitpic 2009) - Me + Socks + Phone

face in that twitpic http://twitpic.com/nk5s9"]http://twitpic.com/nk5s9 - RocktheBeat

fact that Dom Howard wants a BTTF DeLorean -CharlotteC94

Feminine Side- ¡Tom!

'getting over a hangover technique' on the hullaballoo dvd- Ruby Gloom

geographical fail in perth.. or was it adelaide - Muselim_14

"graZZie Torino" in gig 09 - Socks&aPhone

golfing skills -angel2k86

goodbyes at the end of the Stade de Suisse -NinjaTofuPrincess

goblins infestation in dom's house -Animus

goblin friends-Cam123

getting covered in streamers at LCCG-AviatorAsphyxiation

hilarious French accent- rockmuse88

Head movement in the KoC video-guitarchaeologist

Hendrix - aMUSEme

hand gestures - Wazlib

hair in Feeling Good video -MimusQe

horrible Spanish from the South America tour video - pianopimp

huge smile as The Edge leaves stage at Glasto 2010-donmorgan

"I was scared" when he's talking about being on the bridge in Vancouver, from the interview on the Fox 99.3-bisbstuff


in Australia - Goya

in mask quote "The band walk in on stage, all fucking nine of the fuckers"(end quote) - EratoSomaGirl

iPhone - devonscreen

initials - Mushroom-Knight

impersonating an Ewok- link: http://twitpic.com/1chdwf-Dante Medici

Jack Daniels- Dirty K

"JUST TOUCHED MY ARSE" on the making of starlight vid - Muselim_14

kinky sex- Powerless

Keys to Dom's London Flat - Annaa

love of the word Cunt- ILDHHITC

looking like Magician (Magician Dom) - masqueradian

love of The Beatles - Take-A-Bean!

laugh in the brief interview at the Brit awards in 04 - SomeRandomPerson

love of orange juice - Jemma

love of the word "surreal" in the SMBH video-hoosier_muser

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"lovely little last glimpse of sunshine" in Nijmegen 19th June 2010-lissy.heinz

little-boy glee face – lezah


Mum- gocanux

'MERRY CHRISTMAS!' at earls court - shining_dark

microphone that Dom almost swallows on the HAARP DVD while saying "How is it going Wemb-uh-ley? -OriginOfStarlight

mistake in Chris' interview 2009 - Zürischnurre

"Nice cock, to the man with the white flag" at V Fest Staffs - Take-A-Bean!

ninja Dom-museeeeee

"One riff can make all the difference" from HAARP documentary - Mapoftheglorious

obvious gayness - xxatlowxx

overuse and weird way of saying bizarre-Hyper Chondriac Muser6977

puppy- collymonster

popping the balloon with his drumstick during PIB in Charlottesville-Lynx

piece of food (or thing) Dom flings away on Making of Starlight" - Sever

priceless barrel man reaction - paralulman

pronunciation of the places they play at - supermassive_cave

peace sign Dom made at me in Cincinnati 2010-hunterrunfarm

ruins of Dom's Earls Court kit - forevermusic

recording the new album in a field of sheep - deadstar

random drunken ramblings at the Europe Music awards in 07 - SomeRandomPerson

real old boxer moves - Samara

random bumshot in the UD video - Aurora Borealis

resemblance to a puppy - hutterflies&burricanes

reply "No, you idiot!" from the Nova interview – Wondervale

rabbit - nikite

reluctance to dress up as Peter Criss-The Whorenado

"starlight is running out" error- hucksy

sarcasm- fiofo

sex face -zomuse

search for dommeh on Omegle-Dannyveno

saying "Wembley" at Wembley Stadium - Sarah.Plug.In.Baby

soul and feelings - maria_way

shaking in Sit The Fuck Down- screen-saver

"Sit the fuck down!" - makemescreamyourscreams

SpiderDom - MuseAddict101

snots - BellamysSocket

saying 'Hello there.'-DarkShines11

Snowboard - nohopeinfear

strip on HAARP dvd - Muse_Fan21

super hero horse (twitpic 2009) - K42

saying 'this next...' before House of the Rising Sun at Melbourne 14.12.2010- newbornblisssorigin

saying "My name is Dominic Howard" from the speed date interview-FuckMeDom

saying "Our drummer here, Matt" - foxeylady

saying : "everyone went vampire nuts" on a phone interview talking about Twilight - Kriistaque

saying 'I Love The Flags!' - Glastonbury 2010 -Lazza100

saying "lovely flags" at glastonbury 2010-apocalypsepleez

saying "Look, a fish!"- Coyblythe

saying "How's it going Wembley?" from the HAARP DVD - sunflower1

saying "Easy" after Matt calls his jeans gay-You Electrify My Life

saying "Look at that bloody skyline!" from Lolla 8.5.11-MissOrange94

saying "We love you, Rio" at the Vivo Rio concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008.- bell

Spiderdom at the Lievin gig 31/10/2009 - L.

saying:"Thanks San Diego you guys are great. Its been a long time. I wanted to do some quotes from Anchorman but I'm afraid they're all too offensive" after the San Diego gig 22.09.10-soret

saying "Tusind tak" at the Parken, Copenhagen gig 09 - Tippy

saying "Shit!" after learning that he lost the Hottest Male Award to Matt – paraluman

spice girls shirts personally packed by dom - jebecca

speech at Rock for People-Lusesita7

Sun Reflecting Off Dom's Aviators - Annaa

smile while playing the drums in Undisclosed Desires-Gothsidonia

saying "Tusen Takk" ( in Bergen 2010)- MUSEirik

scratching his nose during Cave at O2 Arena, London, 13/11/2009-Dante Medici

Speaking Polish-AMfrompoland!!

towels- theangelthatislo

tower curtain getting stuck - Brisbane December 5 2010-. RebelPoet

tetanus shot after Matt threw a guitar at him. As watched by Matt - ilovemuse

'that's the ticket' at the Sheffield gig 2009 - OriginOfGemini

telling the crowd "hey, Norway, we've missed you..." during the gig in Oslo 25/10/09 - MissM

telling a drunk Matt to 'take it easy'-newbornblisssorigin

trip in the behind the scenes at Wembley video-InvincibleMicroStar

thank you after the 12Oct2010 gig: "Nice one Columbus! It's good to see you guys. You guys fucking rock! We love you. You guys are great. We'll see you again. Cheers. Thank you."-Shiner1

Ukulele - MuseAddict101

upward stare at 2:29 in the Uprising video -Pyroma

uncontrollable laughter at Xacobeo 2010-Polly_

vodka- orangepeel

views on the RB/JR situation - Take-A-Bean!

"v-v-v-vvvv!!" sound that Dom makes in the BBC 6 Music podcast at 11:37 - jebecca

wonderfulness- Timms

way to say "you know" - mus

water fight that broke out with matt in interview with ben jones '09 - NicePockets

"what the fuck" twitpic http://img25.yfrog.com/i/dby.jpg/ - kassy_

wearing a bib-123itssusan123


way Dom smiled when he said he's the single one in the band (Taratata) -Lusesita7

way Dom says 'taco'-diamond_writer

"you guys were the best crowd on the tour... cheers see you next year" at Pavilhão Atlantico gig in Lisbon - mafalda01

"Yaaaaaay!" When He hears Matt wins sexiest male - Undead Warfare

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arse- MelAssassin


breath- California Museophile

Beard - I.Wanna.Be.Mrs.Bellamy

calluses- California Museophile

chest hair- Lauren_Guyott

cornrows in the Bliss Video - Imyreld

coccyx – futurophy

'crying muscles' from his football game 5th April Argentina 2011-mrskopite

eyes- rockmuse88


eyebrows - Citizen Erased

ever changing tummy-Violet80s

facial hair - The Moz

grin during MotP at Wembley - Contrad!ction

grin - miss_bushido

general pwnage of Dom and Matt- Seragon

hair- decayingfantasies

hands - miss_bushido

KoC moustache- Aninhaaa

lovely Elbow Dimples- Madam Harkonnen

left nostril- theanatomyofguns

laugh lines - Wazlib

left pinkie - Jillyduck

laugh - Muselim_14

microphone oral sex- Seragon

Movember moustache - kassy_

muscular posture- Seragon


nose- Kirby

Pedro mustache- guitarchaeologist

red lips- Illuminatist

sternocleidomastoid - muse2canada

sore neck from head banging- California Museophile

soul- decaying fantasies

smile- Allsoarty

sideburns- HullaGirl

shoulders - Violet80s

sexy long legs - Illuminatist

suprasternal notch - mskitte138

sugar thighs - miss_bushido

sneaking an armpit smell - Liz0_

sex face - TaperJeanGirl

strings has ever snapped-Deluded Citizen

tattoos- Allsoarty

tongue- Allsoarty

voice- Allsoarty






bass- synthetic soul

bass straps- California Museophile

bass slapping during Micro Cuts at Wembley 2007 - Pistol Star

bassline on USoE - devonscreen

bass guitar strings - MuseMegz

Bass playing in The Groove – jebecca

bass line in unnatural selection's "interlude" - nikite

bassline to In Your World-ZachWithAnH

backing vocals in TiRO at Wembley - muselover6

Butterflies & Hurricanes bass line - Naughtrish

Bassline in I Belong To You - kassy

bassline in Eternally Missed – Kriistaque

Bass strap in KoC-InvincibleMicroStar

Bass thrusts- Cindykt

City of Delusion bassline - Map of the Problematique

Doleful expression when he's singing- Black Cherry

double bass from the Unintended vid- rockmuse88

dirty bass in Uprising - hutterflies&burricanes

effects pedals- (James)

eight stringed black Manson Bass - microcuts22

guitar-playing - EratoSomaGirl

'Glaciers melting...' at Wembley - Citizen Erased

harmonies - daveykun

headbanging during Bliss at the Reading And Leeds Festival 2006 - LuisXDeadXStockholm

harmonica - Alienferret

Harmonica from the 10th December Sydney gig 2010-TheMystikEel

harmonica skills-Violet80s

headless Status bass - Dream Digger

harmonies - daveykun

Kitara that he uses for Madness-canuckmuser14

microphones- California Museophile

Manson guitar solo during the Italian Uprising mime - the_muse_assassin

Megalomania's bassline - Futurellama

"Man With The Harmonica" Intro to KOC live-*Theresa*

Noah Guitars Excalibur Bass-ZachWithAnH

plecs- California Museophile

Pedulla Bass- Liz0_o

red double bas from the Unintended video- Black Cherry

red bass - HullaGirl

Resistance bassline - Problematique MX

singing "And will never die" during Sing for Absolution at Earls Court 2004 - miss_bushido

singing the Hyper Music chorus-Vigo

singing during Liquid State March 12, 2013 Houston- Caliandra

screams in the live versions of Supermasseeeeve and Assassin- Britrock

scream during Dead Star- zaltakid2000

solo interviews- the aurora

silver bass with the red scratch plate - NZniff

singing the harmony parts - jebecca

singing "Supermassive black hole" at Wembley - MrsMatt

singing The Small Print at Earls Court - The Moz

singing in Sing for Absolution acoustic - aMUSEme

singing in The Small Print, on the Absolution Tour DVD-Dante Medici

slap bass-zomuse

Time is Running Out bass line - My Unintended xx Becca

'yeahs' in Dead Star -CharlotteC94

vocal bit from dead star - C13R4N

vocal participation in The Resistance - NicePockets

vocals in TSP @ Rock am Ring 2004-VickiJ

whispering in the background of the second verse of Undisclosed Desires - Natural_Disaster

'wahwahwahwahwah' in Soldier's Poem-Museo




Black coat with red stripes and black buttons- Lumiere

Beetlejuice suit -AssassinRecords

Big Bird t-shirt in the Uprising (Making Of) video-jackparker

buttons off Chris' black shirt-Lauren_Guyott

blue and black-striped sweater from Bizarre Festival 2000- gigapoodle

cowboy hat- Timms

Cowboy-Hat in the 'KoC' Video - Priad-Luabe

Checkered Tie- luna89

Converse- MelAssassin

CCCP hoodie- MelAssassin

Comic Book Converses - Contrad!ction

devil costume from the Halloween gig 2009 - Aurora Borealis

D&G millitary jacket http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thin...l&tid=10756757 - About 27 Shockwaves

Dangermouse shirt - lottiefunk

Elmoshirt - Sever

flowery shirt -STRANGExSNAIL

Half jean half leather pants-Lumiere

hat in the KoC video-Museo

jackets- MelAssassin

lemonheads tshirt - Muselim_14

mask from the supermassive blackhole video- Nattywba

Masters Of The Universe shirt - oneshotnothing

necklace - mskitte138


Pink & Blue jumper- AMfrompoland!!

Rotherham United FC footbal shirt- mikethemuse

red jacket (feat Tampa 2009) - aidaartist

Red Leather Jacket from gig at Emirates Stadium 2013- dylanfallemusic

red and black suit-forevermusic

Red Striped Suit at Cincinnati 2010 -resistingkidMUSE

suits- MelAssassin

sneakers- MelAssassin

Sombrero - nohopeinfear

Star Trek T-shirt - HullaGirl

sunglasses in Uprising- Quelli che il Calcio video-grabacr 31770

skinny jeans - Violet80s

trousers- Caliandra

Tshirt at Dublin 2009 - inSpektor_Knight

tie with stars on it- oneshotnothing

Wembley outfit- Goya

wedding ring - ILDHHITC

white belts - mskitte138

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actual wardrobe, like, wooden thing- California Museophile

attempt to speak at the Irish accent- Kriistaque

All HAARP Camera Shots of Chris smiling to the crowd – episteppe

absence in most interviews - darkshineskitty

being grabbed in the balls by Dave Grohl -dan.

blowing a kiss after TIRO during Wembley - but a dream

broken arm - Contrad!ction

being "too big for space" in the making of Bliss video-BurnOurHorizons

balloon throwing with a purple plaster cast on - ilovemuse.

Balloon Headbutt during Bliss at Hullabaloo-Shignett1

"bat friends" that he talks about in "The List: 10 reasons to watch Muse at T in the Park"-TrebleRose689

chewing gum-California Museophile

"cheers!"- California Museophile

Captain America costume - Me + Socks + Phone

Captain Chris America - Sever

Captain Chris's banana during the VMA's Behind the Scenes video - pianopimp

cigarette butts - Bellamy'sSocket

dreams- Blackwings

Dignity – episteppe

deepthroating the mic- link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17KMNnXGd_c-Dante Medici

empty Corona bottles- MelAssassin

footballer frustrations – paraluman

Fishing Line Troubles-You.Make.Me.Sick

generator name 'Ferrari Blowsex' - Happy Monk

gets fan raped during Stockholm Syndrome at the Glastonbury 2004 - Victoroy


hair clipper -California Museophile

head banging- rockmuse88

Hullabaloo DVD promotional photo cigar- *OoS*

hullabaloo fish- Bennet

hair in the making of bliss-You Electrify My Life

"Honey Monster" nickname-Hyper Chondriac Muser6977

inability to speak - shining_dark

initials - Mushroom-Knight

jumping into the crowd at Glastonbury 2004-KnightofCydonia1

"little buddha belly"- California Museophile

little mole under his left eye beside his nose - but a dream

love for his family- California Museophile

mad ping pong skills on the making of starlight video-MopManMuse

nail-chewing habit - Sing_For_Absolution

"one thousand and fifty two" face - Muselim_14

"over the moon" twitpic http://twitpic.com/91y8l - kassy

over use of the phrase "you know" -kojane

overall sexiness - Violet80s

photo's of Chris- California Museophile

prefix wolsten- - daveykun


pipe from Nashville -BAR0623

pipe smoking during the frequeuncy gig 2010-Stephanie***

previous job as a Guitar shop assistant - Dilshad

playing ping-pong in the making of starlight-ZachWithAnH

possibility that Chris will knock himself with his own bass - Megglen

purple cast 2004:http://muse.mu/images/official/photo/648/-JadeLovesMuse

razors- California Museophile

random fish phobia - mrs_bellamy

rebellion against the 'no eating or drinking' sign in the making of SMBH-olivia_muse

running away from the worm in Hullabaloo - Rockette147

smoking after the VMAs - pritijes

smokes- California Museophile

singing "I will still lay down my life for you" during Soldier's Poem - but a dream

sheer awesomeness - Goya

sex face during Apocalypse Please in Wembley - daveykun

‘sex face’ that he pulls while singing (not to be confused with playing bass)- Cindykt

suit salesman - episteppe

saying "Jesus Christ!"-Coyblythe

Smartie cap that nearly choked Chris - pluginbabyxx

'Smartarse' tweet-DarkShines11

slap in the face in the church organ video - sammyboy2006

super hero (twitpic 2009) - K42

smile during HAARP B&H before the piano solo -hugenkiss

two words said during the gig in Stockholm 2009 ("it's allright") - mumiouze89

toothbrush- California Museophile

Teignmouth cigarettes - MortalKombatUltra

tweet "There you go you sceptical bunch -"Stephanie***

tweet by Chris : Dom cant even kick a ball. His jeans are too skinny-anasthesia bellamy

tweet announcing Buster's birth-MinxyV

tweeting "Who's been taking pictures of my fat ass???"-Creamy_Peaches

Thumbs Up at Marlay Park - plus_mig

uncomfortable smile-123itssusan123

when Chris scored in Barnet 12/09/2010-bridgie

Yorkshireness- *OoS*




Antiques crashed by Tom Kirk - Benny-Danny

backing vocals during CTMEOY at the Zepp 2013 - Nipso

chest hair - seregon

Camera- Degrassi41

Charlie and Henry kirk (toms dogs) -citizen666

expression when Kazzie attacked him at the o2 '09 - Nattywba

Gorilla T-shirt-Victoryrose33

"hooligan noises" on Uprising – Wazlib

keys and passes- Feed The Hex

monobrow- Lu

purple hoodie- Goya

pic http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/...oop/ohtom1.png -Aquifa

red, white and blue sweatband that he wore at Venice Beach-Victoryrose33

slightly annoyed wave and occasional eye roll that he gives to people when they call out his name while they're setting up the stage- emilyanthon

smile - Citizen Erased

thanking Charles Darwin at AMA 2010-ibelongtoyou4

video screen direcorial skills- Helz Belz




cabasa - Happy Monk

Cabasa just after the solo of Supermassive Black Hole at Wembey - Weeman5872

fake identity as Murdoc- Morinphen

multiple instrument skills in wembley - T-Rex

slightly average synth rack- garseys

sexiness - MrsMatt

Saying ‘God help us all’ in On The Road In South America-Crazy Zombie

timekeeping- gocanux





Wembley blushes- Celtic Rose





Stuart Quinell (drum tech)- the aurora

Tony Duncan (security chief)- the aurora

Dominic Anderson (Tour Manager)- the aurora

Paul English (Stage and Production Manager)- the aurora

Des Broadbery (Midi Programmer)- blissfully_amused

Danny the camera man-Wicked And Divine

Paul Spencer (Guitar Tech)- blissfully_amused

Shane Goodwin (Bass Tech)- blissfully_amused

Marc Carolan (Front-of-house Engineer- blissfully_amused

Danny Yeates (Band Security)- blissfully_amused

Oli Metcalfe (Lighting Director)- blissfully_amused










John Leckie having to explain to Matt what Blues is-MrsMatt

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MUSIC AND RANDOM STUFF PART 2 (PART 1 AT THE MOMENT ON PAGE 1 http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=7968543&postcount=14)



'Harness Dance' in that YouTube video-Deluded Citizen

hums and moans- pluginstarlight

Hysteria guitar solo - schneck

having a laugh and unzipping Dom's so called 'catsuit'-AviatorAsphyxiation

heading the eyeball balloons back into GA during PIB during the 27Oct2010 Charlottesville, VA gig. -Shiner1

Hoodoo stick- ultramarine

How Matt says "We're in a band called Muse"-noodi10

house- Black Cherry

Hilarious laugh at Dom in the Slipknot mask- Cindykt

"He might be too short for the rides at Alton Towers, but he's still a sexy boy" - NME on Matt winning Hottest Male at the NME Awards 2010 - Melissaaa

hen that he nearly ran over on J.Ross 2009 - trogette

"hip hips" before TIRO in Torino 09 - Socks&aPhone

high note at the end of Megalomania - Citizen Erased

headbang during MK Ultra in The Resistance DVD-n8a9z

having a fag with Slash in a kitchen at the NME-Awards-lost.in.the.groove

how Matt overuses "I think"-Hysteeria

in the Uprising music video - plasmascreenspider

impersonations of Korn/Limp Bizkit, then himself, in this interview (http://kroq.radio.com/2010/08/10/exclusive-interview-matt-dom-from-muse-on-the-kroq-couch/)-Elise<3sMuse

"I will avenge" from CoD - L.

intensity on the final chorus of Invincible-jackparker

initials - Mushroom-Knight

Invincible guitar solo - schneck

jumping to the riff of New Born at Sheffield – BeckyBliss

jumping during Bliss (Route du Rock)- bee03

Jimmy Jam riff -Finlay


jumping and stomping while playing Minimum at Eurockéennes 2000.-Minimal

KAOSS Manson- Goya

keyboard stuff up - Muse_Fan21

keytar - C13R4N

knee slide during Knights of Cydonia at Brisbane Dec 6th 2010.-RipsterZero

"Kalispera, Athina!" with amazing accent after KoC at Athens 04-10-2007-natevdokia

last "down" in Invincible from HAARP - apap3rplat3

Laser Manson- Georgy Drachenkoeter

lyrical prowess- *OoS*

laugh after "Hello there, we're called Muse and you're watching Rage."-polythenelucy

long term struggle in his quest for greatness-newbornblisssorigin

laugh at the beginning of Twin- hucksy!

laughing during MoTP on Jools Holland (in this vid at like 2:29) - Jemma

little downward nod and smile right at the end of the Roundhouse gig coverage 2012-Grainne Louise

look when he's about to start Blackout on the HAARP dvd - PlugINs0uL

Love for Jackets" that he talks about during an onstyle interview - muse2canada

love of bananas-Deluded Citizen

"live long and pwosper" from the May 2010 speed dating interview -sara_rebecca

lower octave vocals in Assassin-pwoper_muse_lover

look singing "ooh" in Supermassive Black Hole on HAARP-lissy.heinz

"Let's just fucking do it!" From NME 2011-KnightofCydonia1

little hand gesture in the Muscle Museum video-llamafish164

little thrust that Matt does on the Live at Rome DVD during Follow Me in the first chorus-helenhysteria

Mirror Manson- Degrassi41

Manson Black 7 String guitar-Linux

Matt and his mic getting thwacked with the balloon during PiB in Charlottesville 2010, causing him to give up on singing the rest of the song.- dead-duck

making a mistake in CD @tinmuff - a-museing

mandolin interjections during Endlessly - Mizutsu

"matt the drummer", miming in Quelli Che Il Calcio tv show - RenegadeOfFunk

mistake in Helsinki 2009 in New Born - Kaisa

mic from the Nova interview, Australia (January 2010)- NewlyMused

mistake in USOE at Teignmouth 2009-apocalypsepleez

messes up his hair/rubs his face with his hands when thinking about something - Mushroom-Knight


making the All Seeing-eye on the Grammys performance 2011-hikaru_bloom

moves while playing the guitar to New Born at Werchter 2001-Gothsidonia

M1D1 guitar-Cam123

mic from the Nova interview, Australia (January 2010) -NewlyMused

matte black mansion appearance at the gig in Sydney gig dec 9 2010- resistance.revolution

midi-screen solos performed on the matte black mansion at the gig in Sydney gig dec 9 2010- resistance.revolution

NON MANSON guitars- Shrinking Universe

NME 2010 Sexiest Male Award- musse

New Born solo at KROQ's almost acoustic Christmas 2004 - Ganon391

old lady scream from Agitated – khfreek

overuse of ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification’- Cindykt

'of' in United States Of Eurasia when Matt sings it - Puzzled Ale

overture – eneyeseekay

orange Matt writes "c*nt" on in the making of the 2nd law -Fury.

other chicken at the finish line on J.Ross 2009 – camsarter

outro comment on map of the problematique(the haarp cd)- "Thanks very much, you're beautiful" - supermassive_cave

Oh no! I need to go to the toilet" in behind the scenes at Wembley Stadium-InvincibleMicroStar

old rings-Adrianne

on the raising stage during Take a Bow thrusting his fist up and everyone joining him at Wembley on Saturday 11th 2010-"*Theresa*

'OY!'s during this video (4:16)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxWqVsrPNls – dan

Plug in Baby spin @ United Center 3-12-10- VickiJ

PIB guitar flashing at sydney 8th december 2010-harrypottermegan

pointing at me at Sydney gig dec 9 2010- resistance.revolution

papping the Paparazzi, from this pic - http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9931/79084428.png -AviatorAsphyxiation

piano on Collateral Damage - devonscreen

playing SMBH-guitar-solo in Osaka with his tongue - Intro

piano skills- muserock94

piano in hoodoo-hucksy!

playing the beginning of Grace by Jeff Buckley in this interview: (


pouring water on Dom's stool at Jinsan-pluginstarlight

petals in Matt's hair in the Feeling Good video - darkshineskitty

Performance in Marlay Park summer 2008 - Carolineee

Piano playing in Cave - eternallymused

pic http://i.imgur.com/J4OfB.gif - Chagi

pwoper knee slide - musetorial

Popping sound matt makes with his mouth at the start of I belong to You - Shadows_on_Cydonia

piano intro from Soaked - Problematique MX

piano teacher - lukester911

part in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR9FnUjpFGg video between 01:12 and 01:16 - frozenpoetry

pic "It's gonna be cheeese"-[DT|_Me]DEADSTAR

pic I am wewy pwoud of my farm-[DT|_Me]DEADSTAR

poker skills - doctorinthetardis

p-p-p-pokerface - doctorinthetardis

pic with Jared Leto-Princess of Promise

pronunciation of 'disaster' in Nature_1 - fuesch

Plug in Baby movement at Rock'n Coke Istanbul 2006-n8a9z

pwopa fish which Matt caught in Hullaballo DVD-Izzy

"Pfffffffffffffff" when he was drunk at NME 2011-KnightofCydonia1

red glittery Manson- Black Cherry

red hair in the bliss video-Supermassive_Deadstar

random 'WOW' Matt sings in The Groove - naget4music

recorded sound of Matt's zipper in Space Dementia - Carolineee

remote control guitar bringer at Wembley - Alienferret

random gestures and overusing of "you know"-CitizeNaMUSEd

racing skills on J.Ross 2009 – xMaris

ray gun fingers/face-jemzaza

right eye when his drunk-Dante Medici

"ring ding ding ding..." that happened before SMBH on the gig in Sydney 13/12/13-mysterious.orb

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1) I want to thank all the users who voted me. They are: Aele, alex_light, AviatorAsphyxiation, CiTiZeN_isErAsEd, Deluded Citizen, DropletInTheOcean, East-Assassin, escapist, federa, fuzz8000, Gazza172, Hollyberry, Horcrux, Howince, Kashelle, Kriistaque, llamafish164, LuisXDeadXStockholm, MattC13, MrsMatt, muselover#1, MyLostMuse, OpenMinded, patrick478, phantasmagorical, rake, ShatteredTime, Silver Lizzy, Starraxx, STRANGExSNAIL, supralover23, They, the_invincible_dude, whatchaoskills, _Universe


2) I want to thank Caff for her constant help and support.

3) For anything about this thread, if I won’t be connected at that moment, you can ask to another user, the_invincible_dude.

4) I took the old keeps from the old thread. So, please, check them, cause there could be some mistakes.

5) Please, make here again your requests if they had no answer in the old thread.

6) I was thinking to remove the keeps from the users who don’t get connected from 1 year or more. This is something that takes a lot of time, of course, and it’s not sure if I will do it, actually.

So, thank to all the people who will inform me about old keeps taken by people who don't get connected anymore.

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