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Is opening with MK Ultra a good thing?  

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  1. 1. Is opening with MK Ultra a good thing?

    • Fuck Yes!
    • Yeah, why not
    • Keep it in the set but open with something else
    • Hate it! Drop it now!
    • I hate Matt Bellamy

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amazing fucking intro + uprising will be the opening of the stadium tour 2010 ... cf reharsals @ MK


it's like the haarp tour 2007... TAB is a better opener than KOC but with dance of the knights intro, KOC have to be the opener...

even if MKU is an astonishing opener and "Opening with Knights is anti-climatical because nothing is epic enough to follow it"...

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Yup' date=' best song from TR to open, I've always said it would be.[/quote']


I know, but as with uprising and we are the universe as opener, we need to find a useful intro for MKU as well, like the one leaked on youtube. The only problem with the leaked intro is that it went straight into uprising. Maybe for these first 2 gigs they opened with MKUltra as a test? We'll have to find out at stade de suisse i suppose!

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I like MK opening but ideally they should try lots of different openers to see what works than stick with one song all the time.


I agree, cuz if its always the same opener, everyone already knows what to expect and no one will be surprised

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