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Wow, my country is second after the UK 😧😬 I‘m surprised ! Thank you for the info !!

but where is Germany ?

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On 6/26/2020 at 1:06 PM, Claudia O said:

Wow, my country is second after the UK 😧😬 I‘m surprised ! Thank you for the info !!

but where is Germany ?

Updated above. Sorry for the oversight. Finland has now leapfrogged the UK for 1st place in the chart position table.


The new versions of Unintended (Official Acoustic Version and Official Mobile Videos on YouTube plus Acoustic, Dream A.I., and Piano Lullaby versions on YT and Spotify) have accumulated 400,000+ total combined video and audio streams on the two platforms during the first two weeks of release.


The published key of Unintended [Acoustic Version] appears to be G minor which is also the original published key for MUSE Simulation Theory songs Algorithm and The Void and MOZART symphonies No. 25 and No. 40. The key of Unintended on Showbiz is E minor.


Johann Sebastian Bach classical pieces that may have influenced and inspired Matt Bellamy in several of his compositions:

Prelude in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier I, BWV 846 - 'Unintended [Acoustic Versions]'

Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 - 'Plug In Baby' from Origin of Symmetry

'Bourrée, the fifth movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, BWV 996 - 'Falling Away With You' from Absolution - Also inspired Paul McCartney composing The Beatles' song 'Blackbird'

Prelude No. 3 in C minor, BWV 999 - 'Micro Cuts' - Harpsichord was featured on the baroque sounding original version of this Origin of Symmetry track later replaced by guitar






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Sale Pricing of $4.99 at Apple iTunes for the Fourth of July Holiday has caused four MUSE albums to re-enter the TOP 500 album sales chart at that US digital retail store this weekend:

Peak Positions

#79 Black Holes and Revelations (#9 Alternative)

#105 The Resistance (#5 Alternative) 

#171 Drones (#19 Alternative)

#371 Origin of Symmetry (#39 Alternative)


Exotic Places Visited by Matt Bellamy:

Granada (Spain) - The Alhambra

Antipaxos (Greece)





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Approprié pour la Fête nationale

Chart Positions on 14 July 2020


iTunes Songs:
#426 Resistance

iTunes Albums:
#151 The Resistance

#159 Simulation Theory

#168 The 2nd Law
#198 Drones
#367 Absolution
#455 Black Holes and Revelations



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The Resistance is the MUSE album which has spent the most weeks on the France Top 100 albums chart compiled by SNEP:

143 including 105 consecutive weeks in the Top 100 from its release in September 2009 to September 2011.  This diamond certified album has also logged a total of 220 weeks on the expanded France Top 200 albums survey.  Its last appearance on this tally was in August 2015.

MUSE albums ranked by number of weeks on the Official U.K. Albums Chart Top 100 according to the Official Charts Company:

96 Black Holes & Revelations - Biggest selling MUSE album with 1.2 million copies sold

85 Absolution

67 The Resistance

46 Showbiz

42 Origin of Symmetry

35 Drones

33 The 2nd Law

12 Simulation Theory

9 HAARP - Live at Wembley Stadium

5 Hullabaloo

3 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

1 Origin of Muse

Total Cumulative Weeks:  434

The albums spending the most weeks on the UK Top 100 Albums tally as of 24 July 2020 according to the OCC:

952 ABBA - Gold - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1992

936 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1984

904 Queen - Greatest Hits compilation released in 1981 - Best selling album in British recorded music history with over 6 million copies sold

847 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours released in 1977




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Top 200 Albums Chart Dated 24 July 2020 (SNEP):

#196 Simulation Theory - MUSE  (65th week on this tally including the past 10 consecutive weeks since re-entering this albums survey in May 2020)

Top 200 Physical Albums Chart Dated 14 August 2020 (SNEP):

#104 Simulation Theory - MUSE


Global Streams as of 23 August 2020: 


301K Unintended [Acoustic] - Three Videos

29K Unintended [Piano Lullaby] - Video

23K Unintended [Obeebo A.I.] - Video


232K Unintended [Acoustic]

90K Unintended [Piano Lullaby]

43K Unintended (Obeebo A.I]


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Top 20 MUSE songs the past 12 months ranked by total global views on YouTube:

Uprising 37 million

Hysteria 32 million

Starlight 26 million


Knights of Cydonia

Time Is Running Out

Supermassive Black Hole


Undisclosed Desires



Feeling Good

Plug In Baby

New Born

Dead Inside



Thought Contagion

The Dark Side

Stockholm Syndrome


Total Plays for all MUSE songs during the past year:  351 Million 

Total Plays for all MUSE Songs since YouTube inception 2005:  >2 Billion


Top 50 Countries/Markets and Cities during the past 12 months

Mexico 45 million YouTube views (#1 Mexico City; #19 Guadalajara; #21 Ecatapec; #22 Puebla; #41 Tijuana; #48 Monterrey; #49 Tlalnepantla; #57 Merida)

United States 41 million views (#18 Los Angeles; #26 New York City; #28 Chicago; #36 Dallas; #44 Houston; #76 San Diego; #83 Seattle; #90 Atlanta)

France 34.5 million views (#3 Paris; #20 Lyon; #29 Bordeaux; #35 Toulouse; #68 Lille; #76 Marseille; #87 Strasbourg)

Indonesia (#2 Jakarta; #7 Surabaya; #12 Bandung; #27 Medan; #37 Semarang; #40 Makassar)

Italy (#9 Milan; #14 Rome; #53 Turin; #70 Naples; #82 Bologna; #100 Florence)

United Kingdom (#11 London)

Brazil (#17 São Paulo; #42 Rio de Janeiro)

Spain (#16 Madrid; #30 Barcelona; #75 Valencia; #80 Sevilla)

Russia (#15 Moscow; #31 Saint Petersburg)

Germany (#59 Berlin)

Colombia (#8 Bogota)

Argentina (#23 Buenos Aires)

South Korea (#6 Seoul; #74 Busan)

Malaysia (#5 Kuala Lumpur)

Ukraine (#13 Kyiv)

Canada (#39 Montreal; #67 Toronto)

Peru (#4 Lima)

Poland (#24 Warsaw; #72 Krakow)

Chile (#10 Santiago)

Portugal (#34 Lisbon; #93 Porto)

Belgium (#62 Brussels)

Netherlands (#96 Amsterdam)

Turkey (#25 Istanbul; #65 Ankara; #95 Izmir)

Australia (#32 Sydney; #33 Melbourne; #64 Brisbane)

Greece (#52 Athens)

Switzerland (#79 Zurich)


Czechia (#50 Prague)



Austria (#43 Vienna)

Ecuador (#63 Quito)

Hungary (#51 Budapest)


Thailand (#46 Bangkok)


Israel (#56 Tel Aviv)

Ireland (#58 Dublin)


Georgia (#45 Tbilisi)

New Zealand



Singapore (#47 Singapore)


South Africa



Costa Rica













Hong Kong


El Salvador


Saudi Arabia







United Arab Emirates


North Macedonia

Source:  Artist Insights YouTube







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Apple iTunes UK Top Songs - Rock Genre on 31 July 2020

Peak Chart Positions

#17 We'll Meet Again - The Jaded Hearts Club (featuring Matt Bellamy) - [Vera Lynn cover]  Roger Waters referenced her on Pink Floyd's The Wall. Other notable cover versions by Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Perry Como, Peggy Lee,  Anne Murray, the Turtles, and Julie Andrews on a television special in 1974

71K Spotify global streams and 26K YouTube global views as of 23 August 2020

#60 Reach Out I'll Be There - The Jaded Hearts Club & Nic Cester (featuring Matt Bellamy on bass guitar and Dom Howard on drums) - [Four Tops cover on Motown with Holland/Dozier/Holland songwriters] - Reached #1 in 1966 on the both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles charts

153K Spotify global streams and 80K YouTube global views as of 23 August 2020

We'll Meet Again has also entered the iTunes top rock songs charts in Slovenia (#1), Italy (#31) and France (#62) while Reach Out I'll Be There also charted briefly in Italy.

Video shoot locations:  Los Angeles California and Milano Lombardia Italia


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Streaming Update

Two more MUSE tracks reach the 200 million mark on SPOTIFY as of 17 August 2020:

317 million - Uprising

201 million - Supermassive Black Hole

200 million - Madness

194 million - Starlight

140 million - Psycho

119 million - Knights of Cydonia

110 million - Time Is Running Out

105 million - Hysteria





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Simulation Theory 

Alternative Reality

三难困境  Sān nán kùnjìng
Three difficult situations/dilemmas/predicaments
Foretelling the current challenging times we are facing nationally and globally and the hard choices we have to make to survive and effect positive social and political change in the world

Top ST tracks ranked by total global video views on YouTube as of 11 August 2020:

22.5 million - Thought Contagion  ['...You've been bitten by a true believer, You've been bitten by someone's false beliefs...']

19 million - Dig Down  ['...When God decides to look the other way, And a clown takes the throne...']

18 million - Pressure  ['...Get out of my face, out of my mind, I see your corruption, I'm not blind...']

16 million - Something Human

16 million - The Dark Side

7.5 million - Algorithm

3.5 million - Propaganda  ['...You keep telling pretty lies...']

3 million - The Void

2 million - Get Up And Fight

2 million - Break It To Me

1 million - Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)


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Happy 20th Anniversary for one of my Top Five favourite MUSE tracks!  Merci to @MuseFrance for the reminder.

'Bliss' made its debut live performance 20 years ago today on 18 August 2000 at the Bizarre Music Festival in Weeze, a small German town northwest of Düsseldorf.  Coldplay was also on the same bill earlier that day.  Nineteen years later MUSE performed in front of 65,000 fans at Goffertpark in Nijmegen located about 40 km from Weeze across the border with the Netherlands and the river Maas (French: Meuse).

Peak chart positions in 2001:  #22 UK; #40 Netherlands; and #87 France

Number of career live performances:  527 which is the 11th most played song in the band's discography during their worldwide tours

First performance in the USA:  Bowery Ballroom, NYC in April 2004 after the earlier show at the Cotton Club in Atlanta GA was shortened due to Matt cutting his upper lip on the neck of his guitar during CE

Official music video:  35 million views on YouTube which is the 14th most streamed MUSE video on that platform

Best live performances:  Reading Festival (2011) and Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles (2015)

I was fortunate to finally see the band perform it live at the London Stadium Simulation Theory tour gig a year ago on 1 June

Video of the first performance:


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Apple iTunes Store

Top Films - All Genres (Peak chart rankings by country during 21-23 August 2020)

Simulation Theory (Live) - MUSE

#1 Portugal

#2 Italy

#2 Indonesia

#2 Malaysia

#3 Mexico

#3 The Netherlands

#3 Hungary

#3 Peru

#4 Belgium

#5 France

#5 Greece

#5 Poland

#5 Slovakia

#7 United Kingdom

#7 Chile

#8 Spain

#8 Colombia

#8 Israel

#10 Argentina

#12 Czechia

#28 Austria

#35 Germany

#39 Switzerland

#39 Finland

#41 Japan

#56 Canada

#56 Ireland

#87 South Africa

#96 Denmark

#103 Slovenia

#104 United States

#126 Norway

#141 Australia

#154 Hong Kong

#182 Singapore

#186 New Zealand

It is also the top concert film downloaded in the above markets and worldwide this weekend.





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Apple iTunes Store

Top Films - All Genres (Chart rankings by country on 1 September 2020)

Simulation Theory (Live) - MUSE

#5 Portugal

#37 Chile

#37 Peru

#40 Mexico

#42 Colombia

#50 Italy

#61 Argentina

#71 Netherlands

#83 Greece

#127 France

#138 Belgium

#139 Indonesia

#147 Austria

#159 Spain







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Simulation Theory

#151(-41) France Top Albums Physiques (SNEP) dated 4 September 2020 - 77 weeks in the Top 200 since November 2018 release


'Behold, The Glove [SST Interstitial 2]'

100K global streams as of 1 September 2020 (80K YouTube + 20K Spotify)

Apple iTunes Top 200 Songs Chart Entries:  United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Ireland, and Mexico

Influences/Inspirations:  Jarre/ Moroder / Morricone / Vangelis


'The Dark Side'

Example of Modal Interchange (Borrowed Chord) Fusing Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor Scales - Original Key E minor

E → F♯ → G → A → B → C/C♯ → D/D♯     


Peak Chart Positions

#74 Switzerland

#115 France


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STREAMING UPDATES as of 9 September 2020:

'We'll Meet Again' (The Jaded Hearts Club featuring Matt Bellamy) and 'Unintended (Piano Lullaby)' have now both passed 100,000 audio streams on Spotify, while 'Behold, The Glove' and 'Simulation Theory Theme' have each reached over 100,000 video streams on YouTube.

Other notable Lullaby songs:  Johannes Brahms 'Wiegenlied Op. 49 No. 4' (1869) and The Cure 'Lullaby' (1989) which is the band's highest charting song on the UK official singles chart at #5.


Charlie Chaplin and Matt Bellamy

Final Speech from The Great Dictator  (1940)

"...brutes have risen to power
But they lie!
They do not fulfill that promise
They never will!
Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people!
Now let us fight to fulfill that promise!
Let us fight to free the world - to do away with national barriers - to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance
Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness..."

Newscaster Speech from Simulation Theory Film Theme (2020)

''...Like, I feel like I don't know what the truth is anymore Do you? I do know that we've been lied to, and manipulated, for too long. Far, far too long. I'm sick and tired of it, god damn it!...

...We hide in our homes, scrolling through feeds of other people's fantasy, made up lives, while the algorithms give us bite size information, tailored to what corporations, lying politicians and foreign powers want us to see, and believe...

...Maybe, the algorithms and A.I. have become the new 'they'. And maybe they now control us and manipulate us. Well, they know us better than we know ourselves. We have to wake up! It's time to wake up! Wake up, people, wake up, don't just sit there watching. Do something! This is our last chance to take back control, before it's too late!"

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'Bridge Over Troubled Water' Cover Version by Matt Bellamy

Song originally composed by Paul Simon in G Major on the guitar and later transposed to E-Flat Major in a gospel piano version sung by Art Garfunkel reached #1 on the pop charts in the UK, US, France, Canada and New Zealand in 1970 and the top five in eight other countries including Australia, Germany and Spain and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1971.  Song inspired by JS Bach according to Simon

75,000+ global views on YouTube for the Official Audio Version in the first three days of release with a 99% like rating and 25,000+ streams on Spotify

Peak Chart Positions  

Apple iTunes Top Songs - All Genres



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