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Muse: Drones World Tour


Russia (CIS) Box Office Results (Could also include Belarus but not Ukraine)




#9 - $100,826 Gross (Converted from rubles) - 152 cinemas - $663 per screen avg.


Source: The Numbers


Unofficial Estimates (Box office results will apparently not be reported from other markets including the UK and the USA possibly because it was a limited release screened on a Thursday and not a weekend)


United Kingdom


$175,000 - 350 cinemas [by comparison, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine re-release earned just over $225,000 in the past two weeks in about 80 movie theaters]




$125,000 - 200 cinemas


United States


$75,000 - 250 cinemas (including about 50 in California)




$40,000 - 100 cinemas


Box office from about 60 other territories in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa - Some additional screenings in a few markets will reportedly take place on 19 July




Total Global Gross: $1,000,000 - $1,200,000 (Est.) - About a 55/45 split with the studio and the theaters

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'Something Human'


iTunes Top Song Downloads peak chart positions so far three weeks after release:


#1 Bahrain

#1 Bulgaria

#2 Belize

#5 Ukraine

#6 France

#7 Slovenia

#8 Israel

#12 Netherlands

#17 Finland

#18 Norway

#18 Switzerland

#20 Hungary

#21 Ecuador

#22 Chile

#22 Denmark

#22 Greece

#22 Mexico

#22 Slovakia

#27 Czech Republic

#28 Austria

#28 Colombia

#28 Portugal

#30 United Kingdom

#32 Italy

#34 New Zealand

#37 Luxembourg

#37 Mozambique

#40 Spain

#41 Brazil

#43 Sweden

#44 Belgium

#44 Ireland

#46 Vietnam

#47 Hong Kong (China)

#50 Australia

#61 Germany

#65 Canada

#67 Malaysia

#68 Russia

#80 Taiwan (China)

#82 South Africa

#92 USA (#12 Alternative)

#158 Turkey

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Really looking forward to ''Algorithm' and the eight acoustic/alternate version tracks on LP 8 along with the rock tracks 'Pressure' and 'The Dark Side'...



>5 million YouTube video streams worldwide (#1 trending UK peak; #8 trending France peak; and #11 trending US peak)


>4 million Spotify audio streams worldwide


Like Percentage Ratings: SH 88%; DD 92%; and TC 95%



US Alternative Airplay Comparison (Mediabase):


# of Spins on First Day of Release / Top 50 Chart Debut Rankings:


664 (#26) 'Jumpsuit' - twenty one pilots (Current Rank #1 as of 26 July)


230 (#45) 'Natural' - Imagine Dragons (Current Rank #15 as of 26 July)


234 (#47) 'Something Human' - Muse (Current Rank #19 as of 26 July)

314 (#41) 'Thought Contagion' - Muse (Peak #1)

217 (#42) 'Dig Down' - Muse (Peak #3)

151 (#49) 'Mercy' - Muse (Peak #10)

220 (#41) 'Dead Inside' - Muse (Peak #1)

148 (#49) 'Psycho' - Muse (Peak #39)

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'Something Human'


YouTube Video Streaming Debut Peak Chart Position:


#17 Switzerland


Spotify Audio Streaming Debut Peak Chart Positions in Various Markets:


#38 Lithuania

#49 Romania

#55 Estonia

#58 Latvia

#59 Hungary

#69 Greece

#70 Czech Republic

#70 Slovakia

#75 Portugal

#84 Finland

#87 Turkmenistan

#96 Israel

#102 Norway

#116 United Kingdom

#120 Belgium

#130 Taiwan (China)

#133 Sweden

#136 Poland

#154 France

#173 Netherlands

#182 Worldwide

#185 Austria

#187 Denmark

#190 Bulgaria


Apple Music Audio Streaming Debut Peak Chart Positions in Various Markets:


#72 Bahrain

#75 Belarus

#98 Saudi Arabia

#118 Lithuania

#122 Oman

#129 Finland

#138 Lebanon

#163 Ukraine

#164 Luxembourg

#170 Egypt

#170 France

#170 Italy

#172 Netherlands

#178 Armenia

#191 China

#191 Moldova

#196 Jordan

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Billboard Alternative Songs Chart Dated 28-7-2018:


#1 'Jumpsuit' - twenty one pilots (Reached the summit in only its 2nd week on the chart)


#18 'Natural' - Imagine Dragons (Debut with only 6 days of airplay)


#27 'Something Human' - Muse (Debut with only 4 days of airplay) - The band's 19th song to appear on this tally. It also debuts at #24 on the Rock Airplay chart.


SH bows on the France Top Song Downloads chart at #147 with only 1 day of digital sales in that market. It should rank in the Top 20 on next week's chart compiled by SNEP.


SH enters the UK Official Singles midweek chart at #83. Rankings based on sales and audio/video streams from Friday thru Sunday.

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'Something Human'


Entered the China Apple Music streaming chart at #191 as noted above.


Most added track at US Alternative Radio: 45 stations per Billboard and 70 per Mediabase


XETRA (San Diego), KROQ (Los Angeles) and Sirius XM Alt Nation were the stations that gave it the most plays thru 23 July


Latest Weekly US Alternative Airplay Chart Position: #19 per Mediabase as of 26 July


Debuted in Belgium on the Ultratip Bubbling Under Charts for Wallonia and Flanders (Sales, Downloads, Streams, and Airplay)


US iTunes Digital Song Downloads Sales First Week of Release: 3-4k


iTunes Sales Chart Positions One Week After Release:


#1 Bahrain

#22 France

#33 Italy

#42 Switzerland

#70 Netherlands

#75 Austria

#101 Spain

#102 United Kingdom

#104 Russia

#106 New Zealand

#107 Mexico

#120 Belgium

#122 Canada

#131 Australia

#132 Germany

#139 South Africa

#166 Denmark

#187 USA



Muse: Drones World Tour Weekend Box Office from 12-15 July 2018:




Rank #10 Gross $17,588 Screens 16 Avg Per Screen $1,099




Rank #15 Gross $1,186




Rank #8 Gross $967




Rank #11 Gross $525 1st week; #13 Gross $465 2nd week


Total Worldwide Gross Reported from 9 out of 72 Markets (Sources: BoxOffice Mojo, The Numbers)




Total Worldwide Estimated Gross (Based on avg ticket price of $12.50 and 80,000-plus movie theater attendance)


$1 million

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'Something Human'


Chart Updates:


#13 US Top Alternative Streaming Songs (Mediabase) - Debut with about 500k weekly audio streams


#15 US Top Selling Singles Modern Rock (Mediabase) - Debut with about 3k download sales


#17 US Alternative Songs Airplay (Billboard) - 2nd week on tally with over 1,100 weekly spins at about 60 stations


#17 US Alternative Airplay (Mediabase) - 2nd week on survey with about 1,300 weekly spins about 78 stations


#17 US Rock Digital Song Sales (Billboard) - Debut


#17 France Song Download Sales Top 200 (SNEP) - Last week #147


#18 US Rock Airplay (Billboard) - 2nd week on tally with about 4 million audience impressions per Nielsen Music


#19 US Hot Rock Songs (Billboard) - Debut (Combines Airplay, Sales and Streaming)


#26 Belgium (Flanders) Ultratip Bubbling Under - Debut


#29 Dutch Tip Bubbling Under - Debut


#30 Belgium (Wallonia) Ultratip Bubbling Under - Debut


#35 US Triple A Airplay (Billboard) - Debut (5th Muse track to make the survey after Madness, DI, Uprising and DD)


#35 Mexico Ingles Airplay - Debut


#36 Belgium (Wallonia) Airplay - Debut


#37 Belgium (Flanders) Airplay - Debut


#61 UK Official Singles Sales Top 100 (OCC) - Debut


#74 Scottish Official Singles Sales Top 100 (OCC) - Debut


#77 Swiss Singles Top 100 - Debut (DD, TC, and SH have all entered the Top 100)

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iTunes Italy Top 100 Song Downloads (As of 3 August):


#43 'Something Human' Muse

#44 'Next to Me' Imagine Dragons


SH also still ranks among the top 200 selling digital songs at iTunes in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France three weeks after its release.


US Alternative Chart Trivia:


"By scoring their ninth top 10 [with new single 'Natural'] on Billboard Alternative Songs, Imagine Dragons tie Muse for the second-most top 10s on the chart this decade; the band earned its first top 10 in 2012. Cage the Elephant leads with 10 top 10s in the 2010s."


Muse could draw level with Cage the Elephant with their new track 'Something Human' by the end of August. It would be the band's 15th career top 10 on this radio airplay tally equaling the same number recently achieved by Weezer with their cover of 'Africa'.


Source: https://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/8468576/imagine-dragons-become-first-act-to-occupy-the-top-four-spots-on-hot-rock-songs

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Five rock bands who have played gigs in both 北京 (Beijing) and Москва (Moscow) in the last five years:




Linkin Park

Iron Maiden



US Alternative Songs Airplay Chart (Mediabase)


#11(+1) 'Something Human' with over 1,800 weekly spins - 4th week on list


SH on the latest Billboard airplay charts:


#13(+4) Alternative Songs with 1,350 weekly spins per Nielsen Music


#13(+5) Rock Airplay


#25(+10) Triple A with over 260 weekly spins


#26(-7) Hot Rock Songs (+Airplay; - Sales; - Streams)


Radio stations in the following cities giving it the most airplay so far:


New York City

Los Angeles, CA (2)

Chicago, IL

San Francisco, CA (2)

Honolulu, HI (2)

Norfolk, VA (2)

Cincinnati, OH

Austin, TX

Tampa, FL

Las Vegas, NV

Knoxville, TN

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Boise, ID

Greenville, NC


Chart movements for SH in other countries:


#6 Belgium (Flanders) Ultratip Bubbling Under - 3rd week

#48 Belgium (Wallonia) Ultratop 50 - 1st week on this tally after spending two weeks on Ultratip Bubbling Under


#134(-117) France Digital Song Sales - 3rd week on chart (SNEP)

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What instruments did Matt play when he was young?


From an interview with The Guardian in 2004:


"I tried to have some violin lessons when I was seven but gave up because the teacher was scary. Then I had some clarinet lessons when I was nine (I did Grade 3) but then gave up when I saw a piece of music in the key of B flat. I started playing piano at home when I was about 11 and my dad would play music by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, so I would try to mimic that stuff. I won a talent contest when I was 13 playing boogie-woogie piano. Someone told me to have a lesson so I took one with a jazz teacher, and the teacher told me my technique was incorrect, so I never went back. I gave up piano when I saw a video of Jimi Hendrix smashing a guitar on the Isle of Wight. Then I played rock guitar for a few years. When I was 17 I decided to have flamenco guitar lessons*, which I did for about 6 months. That led to an interest in classical music**. But I didn't start playing the piano again until the band was making our first album, Showbiz. When we were recording Sunburn, it didn't sound very good on the guitar so I decided to try it on the piano. It sounded good, so that was what led me to start playing the piano again, at about 20, and trying to incorporate it into Muse."


*Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Tarrega and possibly Leyenda by Albeniz



'Hoodoo' on Black Holes and Revelations combines Spanish-esque electric guitar and Russian classical romantic piano with vocals, bass, drums, and strings


Geography Trivia:


Spain has 17 autonomous communities. Muse have played gigs at venues in cities in seven of them, Matt has visited at least two others, and a nature park in another one is featured on the album cover of Black Holes and Revelations


Madrid Community (Madrid and Mostoles)

Catalonia (Barcelona and Badalona)

Basque Country (Bilbao and San Sebastian)

Valencian Community (Benicassim)

Andalusia (Granada)

Galicia (Santiago de Compostela)

Asturias (Llanera)


Castille and Leon (Valladolid)

Balearic Islands (Ibiza)


Navarre (Bardenas Reales)



Footballers I Have Watched Personally in Action on the Pitch in Friendlies and Domestic League and UCL Matches at Various Stadiums in Spain (Santiago Bernabeu/Madrid) and the US Since 2009


Number of Goals I Have Seen Scored by the Past Four Ballon d'Or Winners:


6 Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Juventus/Real Madrid/Manchester United/Sporting Lisbon) - 5x Winner

2 Lionel Messi (Argentina/Barcelona) - 5x Winner

1 Kaká (Brazil/AC Milan) - 1x Winner

0 Luka Modric (Croatia/Real Madrid) - 1x Winner


18 of the 74 Players I Have Observed Who Have Won Both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League/European Cup During Their Careers:


R. Varane (France/Real Madrid)

S. Ramos (Spain/Real Madrid)

T. Kroos (Germany/Real Madrid/Bayern Munich)

I. Casillas (Spain/Real Madrid)

Xabi Alonso (Spain/Real Madrid/Liverpool)

A. Arbeloa (Spain/Real Madrid)

S. Khedira (Germany/Real Madrid)

A. Iniesta (Spain/Barcelona)

G. Pique (Spain/Barcelona)

S. Busquets (Spain/Barcelona)

J. Martinez (Spain/Bayern Munich)

P. Lahm (Germany/Bayern Munich)

T. Müller (Germany/Bayern Munich)

M. Neuer (Germany/Bayern Munich)

J. Boateng (Germany/Bayern Munich)

Kaká (Brazil/Real Madrid/AC Milan)


Zinedine Zidane* (France/Real Madrid) - Manager

Sir Bobby Charlton* (England/Manchester United) - Promo Pre-Game Appearance at Friendly in the US in 2014


*They have also won the Ballon d'Or as a player.

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Latest Billboard Airplay Charts for Week Ending 12 August:


'Something Human'


#12(+1) Alternative Songs & Rock Airplay


#17(+8) Triple A (Second highest charting Muse track on this tally after No. 3 peaking 'Madness')



Best selling Muse albums at US iTunes since Friday 10 August when selected Alternative albums were sale priced at $5.99:


Black Holes and Revelations

The Resistance



The 2nd Law

Origin of Symmetry



Drones World Tour Concerts and Drones World Tour Film (Breakdown of Countries/Markets):


41 - Number of countries where Muse performed live during 2015-18 and where the concert film was also shown in cinemas in July 2018


24 - Number of countries/markets where the film was shown in cinemas but where Muse has never performed live (See list on previous page)


7 - Number of countries/markets where Muse did not perform during the recent Drones tour but where they have played gigs in the past and where the Drones concert film was shown this year (New Zealand, Indonesia, Dubai, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, and South Africa)


5 - Number of countries/markets where Muse did not perform during the Drones tour and where the concert film apparently was not shown but where they have played gigs in the past (Turkey, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, and Taiwan)


2 - Number of countries where Muse performed live during 2015-17 but where the concert film apparently was not screened (Mainland China and Thailand)


Total nations/markets: 79



Matt Bellamy and US Politics


Official 2016 US Presidential General Election Results


Popular Vote Totals - Vox Populi


1. Hillary Clinton 65,853,516 - 48.18%

2. Donald J Trump 62,984,825 - 46.09%


Votes Cast in the Electoral College (An outdated and undemocratic system adopted in the late 18th century when women were not allowed to vote and African-Americans were considered slaves)


1. Donald J Trump 304

2. Hillary Clinton 227

3. Colin Powell 3


Four Things Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Powell Have In Common:


Both served honourably as US Secretary of State under Barack Obama and George W Bush, respectively


Both had personal and/or campaign-related emails hacked/stolen by a foreign military intelligence agency in 2016


Both have met and conversed with Matt (Mrs. Clinton in 2015 in Los Angeles and Mr.

Powell in 2012 in Washington DC)


Both were vastly more qualified to hold the Office of President of the United States of America than the current occupant in the White House



Personal Top 10 London Attractions/Experiences:


O2 Arena (Muse gigs in late October 2012; Madonna and NIN gigs in 2009)


Tower of London/The Crown Jewels - 2009


Windsor Castle - 1978


Open Top Double Decker Bus Sightseeing Tours - 1978 and 2009


Abbey Road Studios Zebra Crossing (Made Famous by The Beatles) St John's Wood - 2009




Tate Britain Art Museum (J.M.W Turner Collection) - 1978


Eurostar Train Round-trip (St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord) - 2009


Westminster/Parliament/Big Ben/London Eye - 2009


Shepherd's Bush Hotel Stay - 2009


Victoria Train Station (Round-trip Ferry Crossing the English Channel from Ostend Belgium to London via Dover) - 1978

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Hi muse s'amuse,


Do you know any resources that I could potentially scrape/use API to get chart index? Currently I am making a web-site about Muse statistics and so far I just have Last.FM last 7 days listeners and Spotity TOP10, but those aren't that resourceful as I would like. Maybe you know something? Cheers

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Hi muse s'amuse,


Do you know any resources that I could potentially scrape/use API to get chart index? Currently I am making a web-site about Muse statistics and so far I just have Last.FM last 7 days listeners and Spotity TOP10, but those aren't that resourceful as I would like. Maybe you know something? Cheers


I am not a developer so I am not sure you will be able to use API or not with the sites I listed below.


Here are a few resources for the USA and the UK. Google search for those in other countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia


Chart Archives:




Official Charts Company


Music recording industry trade associations for artist sales certifications:






Other resources for airplay and sales and streaming data for recording artists:


Apple Music

Apple iTunes

Amazon Music



Kworb.net (One of the best artist music data aggregators on the web)




Wikipedia for discography

MuseWiki for songs

Setlist.fm for gigs and songs

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Latest SH chart positions:


#11(-) Mediabase US Alternative Airplay (Spins)

#12(-) Billboard US Alternative Songs (Spins)

#13(-1) Billboard US Rock Airplay (Audience)

#14(+3) Billboard US Triple A

#30(-3) Billboard US Hot Rock Songs (Airplay, Sales, and Streaming)

#46(+3) Billboard Canada Rock Airplay (Spins)

#65 Italy iTunes Digital Song Sales

#132 Switzerland iTunes Digital Song Sales

#138 Netherlands iTunes Digital Song Sales

#179 France iTunes Digital Song Sales

#181 Belgium iTunes Digital Song Sales

#949 USA iTunes Digital Song Sales



Audio and Video Worldwide Streaming Stats as of 21 August 2018




DD 25m

TC 20m

SH 5m




DD 15m

TC 14m

SH 6m


Streaming Rights Holders Revenue Generated From Above Two Services: $420k ($350k from Spotify @ $0.007 and $70k from YouTube @ $0.002)


Royalty RH Revenue Generated: $27k Est (30,000 global digital sales x $0.90 assuming 70/30 split with record labels and artists)


Cost of Music Videos: $375k Est (3 x $125k budgeted) - Assuming 50/50 record label/artist cost sharing



Dutch Muse Stats:


December 1999: First Muse gigs in the Netherlands at Statenhal in The Hague


January 2000: Showbiz debuted on the album chart at #92 and spent 18 weeks on the chart peaking at #53


April 2000: Muscle Museum was the first Muse song to chart on the singles tally at #100 its peak position


6 Gold Muse studio albums including Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry certified Gold (20k) in the Netherlands so far according to NVPI:




BHaR is for some reason not yet certified despite debuting at #2 and spending 42 weeks on the Dutch album chart

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Latest Mediabase US Radio Airplay Charts for Week Ending 25 August


Triple A (Adult Alternative)


Muse and Paul McCartney both enter the top 10 and Rich Costey has producer credits on two songs


#2(-1) Gold Rush - Death Cab For Cutie w/ Mind Train sample from Yoko Ono co-produced with John Lennon

#9(+3) Something Human

#10(+5) Come On To Me




#10(+1) SH


Latest Billboard Chart Positions for Week Ending 26 August


#11(+1) SH Alternative

#11(+2) SH Rock Airplay

#12(+2) SH Triple A



Most Played Muse Venues:


32 Gigs - Cavern Club in Exeter, UK

12 Gigs - Bercy Arena in Paris, France (including 1 show supporting RHCP/Foo Fighters in 1999)

10 Gigs - O2 Arena in London, UK (including 2013 Brit Awards performance)

8 Gigs - Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA USA (including 2011 Grammy Awards performance)


Oldest Muse Venues:


Théâtre Antique de Fourvière, Lyon, France (15 BC) - 1 show

Arena di Verona, Verona, Italia (30 AD) - 2 shows

Arènes de Nîmes, Nîmes, France (70 AD) - 4 festival shows

Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland (1230) - 1 show

Horse Guards Parade in London, UK (1530s Henry VIII Whitehall Palace tiltyard) - 1 show

Palais de Versailles in Versailles, France (1660s Louis XIV) - 1 show (Live 8)

Champs de Mars/La Tour Eiffel in Paris, France (1765/1889) - 1 show

Slane Castle in Slane, Ireland (1785) - 1 show

Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester, UK (1857) - 1 show

Royal Albert Hall in London, UK (1871) - 3 shows

Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden (1912) - 1 show (supporting Depeche Mode)

Brann Stadion in Bergen, Norway (1919) - 1 show

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA USA (1923) - 1 show

Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany (1923) - 1 festival show (Lollapalooza)

Petrovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia (1925) - 1 festival show

Stadio San Siro in Milano, Italia (1926) - 3 shows

Nürburgring in Nürburg, Germany (1927) - 6 Rock Am Ring festival shows (Nürburg Castle built in 1166)

Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (1929) - 1 show

Stadio Olimpico di Torino, in Torino, Italia (1933) - 2 shows

Zeppelinfeld (Rock im Park) in Nuremberg, Germany (1935-38) - 4 shows

Waldbühne in Berlin, Germany (1936) - 1 show

Stadio Olimpico (dei Cipresse) in Roma, Italia (1937) - 1 show

Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland (1938) - 1 show

Nacional Estadio in Santiago, Chile (1938) - 1 show (supporting U2)

Freilichtbühne Loreley in St. Goarshausen, Germany (1939) - 1 show



Personal Oldest Sites Visited:


Three Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx (2550-2490 BC)

Tower of London and Windsor Castle (1066-1086 AD)

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'The Dark Side'


96.6% Like Ratio on YouTube


>7.5 million worldwide YT video streams peaking at #4 trending in the USA and top 10 trending in other markets


>8 million worldwide Spotify audio streams


Apple iTunes Song Downloads Peak Chart Positions - First Week of Release


#8 Bolivia

#9 Switzerland

#12 Portugal

#13 Netherlands

#14 Greece

#15 Mexico

#19 France

#21 Romania

#23 Austria

#27 Norway

#29 Colombia

#29 Israel

#34 Italy

#36 United Kingdom

#36 Finland

#37 Poland

#40 Sweden

#41 Denmark

#45 Turkey

#49 Spain

#49 Singapore

#50 Luxembourg

#55 Belgium

#58 Russia

#59 Germany

#59 Brazil

#61 Czech Republic

#63 Ireland

#104 USA (#10 Alternative)

#117 Australia

#126 New Zealand

#134 Canada

#168 South Africa

#199 Indonesia


Spotify Streaming Peak Chart Positions - First Week of Release


#69 Lithuania

#76 Greece

#79 Hungary

#80 Latvia

#80 Taiwan (China)

#92 Slovakia

#153 Belgium

#169 Portugal



Simulation Theory - 8th Studio Album Covers Artwork (Standard Original + Deluxe Alternate)


三 难 困 境


三 难 选 择



Trilemma/Impossible Trinity


Difficult situation where one must make a hard choice between three things or alternative courses of action



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'Something Human' - Latest US Airplay Chart Positions for Tracking Period Ending 2 September


#9(+1) Alternative (Mediabase) - About 2,000 weekly spins

#9(-) Triple A (Mediabase) - About 400 weekly spins


#10(+1) Alternative (Billboard) - Muse's 15th Top 10 on this tally

#11(+1) Triple A (Billboard)

#11(-) Rock Airplay (Billboard) - 5 million audience impressions according to Nielsen Music



'Thought Contagion'


#18 Alternative Recurrent (Billboard) - Over 400 weekly spins including #1 most played track at KVIL-FM Dallas TX last week with 61 spins



Bestselling Pre-Order Albums at Apple iTunes in Selected Markets Since 9 November 2018 Release Date Announced (Peak Positions) - All Genres


Simulation Theory


#1 United Kingdom - Deluxe

#1 France - Deluxe

#1 Italy - Deluxe

#1 Netherlands - Deluxe

#1 Spain - Deluxe

#1 Switzerland - Deluxe

#1 Austria - Deluxe

#1 Norway - Deluxe

#1 Turkey - Deluxe

#2 Belgium - Deluxe

#2 Canada - Deluxe

#2 Germany - Deluxe

#2 Australia - Deluxe

#2 New Zealand - Deluxe

#3 Brazil - Deluxe

#3 Japan - Deluxe

#3 Middle East Region - Deluxe

#4 Russia - Deluxe

#4 Israel - Deluxe

#4 USA - Deluxe

#5 Ireland - Deluxe

#7 Portugal - Deluxe

#15 Vietnam - Deluxe

#26 Greece - Standard

#28 Hungary - Deluxe

#58 Indonesia - Deluxe

#62 Czech Republic - Deluxe

#65 Thailand - Standard

#70 Taiwan (China) - Deluxe

#70 India - Deluxe

#75 Poland - Deluxe

#84 Singapore - Standard

#106 Hong Kong (China) - Deluxe

#140 Sweden - Standard

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'The Dark Side' climbs to #24 and #33 on the Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders) Ultratip Bubbling Under Singles Charts and at #33 on the Mexico Ingles Airplay Chart (Billboard). In France, the song debuts at #29 on the Singles Download Sales chart and in its second week it drops to the #63 position and descends to #157 in its third week on the tally.


Matt has described TDS as 'Rock-electro-synth-map-ish-ish' and one of the band's favourites in a KROQ interview earlier this year.


'Synth-pop' 1972 chart-topping song covered by Muse at five gigs in the UK, Germany and France in September 2009:


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SH on the latest USA Airplay charts for the tracking period ending 9 September


#8(+1) Triple A (Mediabase)

#9(+2) Triple A (Billboard) - Muse's 2nd top 10 on this tally after #3 peaking Madness

#9(-) Alternative (Mediabase)

#10(-) Alternative (Billboard)

#10(+1) Rock Airplay (Billboard)



'The Dark Side' becomes Muse's 23rd track to appear on the US Billboard rock charts. Details below.


'Pressure' could become the band's 24th charted song when it released as the lead single from ST in September/October



Switzerland Top 100 Singles [sales+Streams] Chart (Offizielle Schweizer Hitparade) - Debut Positions


#47 Dig Down (May 2017)

#24 Thought Contagion (February 2018)

#77 Something Human (July 2018)

#86 The Dark Side (September 2018)

----- Pressure (October 2018)

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9 November 2018 Release Date - Battle for the No 1 album on the US Billboard 200 Chart (Warner Bros. Records vs RCA-Nashville)


Muse Simulation Theory - 8th studio album by the UK rock band


Kane Brown Experiment - US country music solo male artist with a large social media following and crossover appeal



First week sales totals for the last albums released by these two artists:


Drones - 79k album sales / 84k equivalent album units (June 2015); T2L 101k; TR 128k; and BHaR 48k


Kane Brown Self-Titled Debut - 45k album sales / 51k equivalent album units (December 2016)


Kane Brown Deluxe Edition - 26k album sales / 43k equivalent album units (October 2017)



Notes: Album/concert ticket and/or merchandise bundles could bolster sales and chart positions. New albums from other high profile artists could also be released on 9 November but have not yet been announced.

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Of the 24 Muse songs that have appeared thus far on Billboard's various rock airplay charts in the US:


18 have peaked highest on the Alternative airplay chart


3 promo tracks have peaked highest on the Hot Rock Songs chart based on sales and streaming with little or no airplay (Survival, Supremacy and The Dark Side)


2 have peaked highest on the Mainstream Rock airplay chart (Psycho and Reapers)


1 has peaked highest on the Triple A airplay chart (Something Human)


Note: The only two Muse tracks to appear on the Adult Pop airplay charts were Madness and Uprising; the only track to appear on the Mainstream Pop airplay chart was Madness; and the only three tracks to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart were Uprising, Madness, and Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever).



Streaming Comparisons for the 1st five singles released from ST as of 11 October 2018:




>25 million Dig Down

>23 million Thought Contagion

>10 million Something Human

>9 million The Dark Side

>9 million Pressure




>16m DD

>15m TC

>10m SH

>7m TDS

>5m Pressure


>120 million audio and video streams (and counting) on the above two services


>25 million estimated (and counting) on other services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Napster, et al)



At least two Muse songs have been featured in Apple advertisements:







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Simulation Theory could become MUSE's sixth consecutive studio album to reach No 1 in the UK


Top first week sales for new albums from the following artists on the UK Official Albums Chart Top 100 so far in 2018:


86k - Arctic Monkeys

64k - Drake

63k - George Ezra

55k - Eminem


First week sales for MUSE albums on the UK Official Albums Chart Top 100:


73k - Drones #1

109k - The Second Law #1

148k - The Resistance #1

115k - Black Holes & Revelations #1

72k - Absolution #1

46k - Origin of Symmetry (Debuted and peaked at #3)

3k - Showbiz (Debuted at #69 and peaked later at #29)


11k - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (Debuted at #36)

45k - HAARP (Debuted at #2)

16k - Hullabaloo (Debuted at #10)


> 5 million overall career album sales for MUSE in the UK


Source: Official Charts Company

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First week sales, peak positions and total estimated sales to date for MUSE albums on the France Albums Chart:


78k - Drones #1 >230k

90k - The Second Law #1 >500k

48k - The Resistance #1 >850k

40k - Black Holes & Revelations #2 >500k

36k - Absolution #1 >500k

25k - Origin of Symmetry #2 >400k

2k - Showbiz (Debuted at #66 in September 1999 and peaked the following year at #59) >350k


Live at Rome Olympic Stadium #7 >130k

HAARP #3 >150k

Hullabaloo Soundtrack #9 >150k


>3.8 million career estimated album sales for MUSE in France compared with >4.2 million career album sales in the USA

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>100: Number of career MUSE gigs in Germany


First Gig: 19 January 1999 at Logo Club in Hamburg

Latest Gig: 21 September 2018 at Docks in Hamburg


Most gigs in the following German cities (according to setlist.fm) including 2019 scheduled shows:


17 Hamburg

16 Köln

14 Berlin

14 München

7 Nürburg

6 Nürnberg

3 Frankfurt am Main

3 Düsseldorf

2 Bremen

2 Stuttgart

2 Hannover

2 Konstanz

2 Offenbach am Main

2 Haldern

2 Hohenfelden

1 Dortmund

1 Leipzig

1 Gelsenkirchen

1 Darmstadt

1 Potsdam

1 Neuhausen

1 Sankt Goarshausen

1 Fürth

1 Böblingen

1 Ludwigsburg

1 Scheeßel

1 Weeze

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