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Per Capita Video Streams of Muse Tracks Watched on YouTube During CY 2018 Ranked by Country Per 100,000 Inhabitants :


Iceland 14,100 [47k views; 334k population]

Malta 14,000

Portugal 13,800

France 12,100 [7.9m views; 65.2m population]

Greece 9,900

Belgium 9,800

Luxembourg 9,300

Mexico 9,200

Georgia 7,900

Switzerland 7,500

Italy 7,400

Netherlands 7,200

Latvia 7,200

Finland 6,900

United Kingdom 6,800 [4.5m views; 66.5m population]

Cyprus 6,400

Slovenia 6,300

Spain 6,100

Ireland 5,800

Chile 5,800

Estonia 5,700

Czech Republic 5,300

Canada 5,100

Austria 5,100

Lithuania 5,100

Israel 5,000

Croatia 5,000

Hungary 4,900

Poland 4,500

Malaysia 4,500

New Zealand 4,400

Denmark 4,100

United States 3,900 [12.7m views; 325m population]

Macedonia 3,900

Australia 3,800

Slovakia 3,800

Singapore 3,700

Norway 3,600

Costa Rica 3,600

Colombia 3,500

Argentina 3,400

Serbia 3,100

Peru 3,000

Romania 2,900

Bulgaria 2,500

Uruguay 2,500

Bolivia 2,400

Germany 2,300

Sweden 2,300

Ukraine 2,300

Ecuador 2,300

Indonesia 2,200

Armenia 2,200

South Korea 2,100

Mauritius 2,100

Trinidad & Tobago 1,800

Albania 1,600

Hong Kong SAR (China) 1,500

Bosnia & Herzegovina 1,500

El Salvador 1,500

Brazil 1,400

Belarus 1,400

Moldova 1,300

Turkey 1,200

Taiwan (China) 1,200

Panama 1,000

Paraguay 1,000

United Arab Emirates 900

Russian Federation 900

Qatar 800

Guatemala 800

Tunisia 700

Kuwait 600

Nicaragua 600

Japan 500

Lebanon 500

Kazakhstan 500

Thailand 500

Dominican Republic 500

Azerbaijan 400

Morocco 300

Jordan 300

South Africa 300

Philippines 225

Saudi Arabia 200

Cambodia 200

Algeria 175

Vietnam 125

Nepal 100

Egypt 90

Syria 75

Iraq 55

India 45

Bangladesh 45

Kenya 40

Pakistan 35

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Supermassive Black Hole recently certified Gold in Italy by FIMI.



Which two Muse songs have charted in Lebanon?





A new West End rock musical Knights of the Rose at the Arts Theatre in London running from 29 June to 26 August 2018 will feature five Bon Jovi songs, two songs from Bonnie Tyler and one song each from Muse ('Survival'), Mozart ('Marriage of Figaro') and several other artists including Black Sabbath and R.E.M.





The three albums featuring two Muse songs and one cover song to appear on the US Billboard 200 albums chart before studio album Absolution made its chart debut in 2004. Showbiz never charted in 1999-2000 and Origin of Symmetry was not released in 2001-02 in the USA.




Little Nicky (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Peaked at #95 in December 2000



'New Born' - Paul Oakenfold Mix



Swordfish: The Album (Soundtrack) - Peaked at #102 in June 2001



'Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want' - The Smiths Cover [Never Performed Live]



Not Another Teen Movie (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) - Peaked at #168 in January 2002

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'Madness' recently certified Silver in the UK by BPI


'Time Is Running Out' recently certified Platinum in Italy by FIMI


Muse Career Singles Certifications:


UK: 11 (9 Silver and 2 Gold Certifications) - Total of 9 songs

USA: 11 (6 Gold; 4 Platinum; and 1 2x Multi-Platinum 'Madness') - Total of 6 songs

Italy: 11 (8 Gold and 3 Platinum) - Total of 8 songs

Canada: 5 (4 Gold and 1 Platinum) - Total of 4 songs

Switzerland: 4 (3 Gold and 1 Platinum) - Total of 3 songs

France: 2 (1 Gold and 1 Platinum) - Total of 1 song 'Uprising'

Australia: 1 Gold

Belgium: 1 Gold

Mexico: 1 Gold


Muse have received a total of 41 BRIT certifications in the UK awarded by BPI including 29 album certifications (ranging from Silver to 3x Multi-Platinum), 11 singles certifications, and 1 video Platinum certification for Absolution Tour.

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US Billboard Radio Airplay Chart Updates dated 05 May 2018:


'Thought Contagion'


#3(-) Alternative Songs - 11 weeks on chart and counting


#14(+1) Mainstream Rock Songs - 10 weeks on chart and counting



Most weeks by British/Irish bands on the US Billboard Alternative Songs/Modern Rock tally (September 1988-June 2018):


475 U2 with 42 songs (1988-2017)*


444 Coldplay with 25 songs (2000-2017)

413 Muse with 18 songs (2004-2018)


340 Bush with 18 songs (1995-2014)

242 Mumford & Sons with 9 songs (2010-2016)

199 Depeche Mode with 20 songs (1989-2017)

195 Oasis with 14 songs (1994-2008)

187 The Cure with 16 songs (1989-2008)

182 Bastille with 7 songs (2013-2018)

166 Radiohead with 14 songs (1993-2016)

143 The Cranberries with 8 songs (1993-1999)

136 Arctic Monkeys with 5 songs (2006-2018)

129 Gorillaz with 8 songs (2001-2018)

125 Florence + The Machine with 9 songs (2011-2018)

101 The 1975 with 7 songs (2013-2018)

93 Royal Blood with 5 songs (2014-2018)

58 Blur with 5 songs (1991-2003)


Most charted weeks on the above list by notable American bands:


746 Foo Fighters with 34 songs (1995-2018)


657 LINKIN PARK with 29 songs (2000-2017)

590 Green Day with 33 songs (1994-2017)

581 Red Hot Chili Peppers with 33 songs (1989-2017)

494 Weezer with 28 songs (1994-2018)

478 The Offspring with 27 songs (1994-2015)

465 Pearl Jam with 39 songs (1992-2018)

442 Incubus with 18 songs (2000-2011)

406 Rise Against with 17 songs (2007-2018)

390 blink-182 with 18 songs (1998-2017)

385 Smashing Pumpkins with 23 songs (1991-2012)

379 Cage the Elephant with 14 songs (2009-2017)

350 Imagine Dragons with 10 songs (2012-2018)

318 The Killers with 16 songs (2005-2018)

307 Stone Temple Pilots with 22 songs (1993-2013)

296 Thirty Seconds to Mars with 12 songs (2005-2018)

283 Nine Inch Nails with 20 songs (1990-2017)

275 Silversun Pickups with 13 songs (2006-2017)

272 Kings of Leon with 13 songs (2005-2017)

269 R.E.M. with 26 songs (1988-2008)

241 The Black Keys with 8 songs (2010-2015)

219 twenty øne piløts with 8 songs (2014-2018)

218 Audioslave with 11 songs (2002-2006)

216 Fall Out Boy with 12 songs (2005-2018)

206 Panic! At The Disco with 11 songs (2006-2018)

198 My Chemical Romance with 11 songs (2005-2011)

192 Soundgarden with 12 songs (1994-2012)

187 Queens of the Stone Age with 11 songs (2003-2017)

186 Foster The People with 8 songs (2011-2018)

173 Paramore with 11 songs (22007-2017)

164 Alice In Chains with 14 songs (1992-2013)

160 Nirvana with 11 songs (1991-2002)

145 Portugal. The Man with 6 songs (2011-2018)

143 Sublime with 7 songs (1996-2015)

128 Jane's Addiction with 11 songs (1988-2012)

127 Rage Against The Machine with 8 songs (1996-2001)


*U2 also charted an additional 207 weeks with 17 songs on the Billboard Mainstream Rock airplay chart from 1981-1988 before the inception of the Alternative Songs tally

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Top Selling Muse Album in the UK and the USA:


Black Holes & Revelations




Xenophobia/Racism/Nativism/Religious Intolerance




Top Music Markets (IFPI Global Music Report) and Muse Psycho Club & Drones Arena/Amphitheater World Tour Attendance (2015-2017) excluding festival gigs:


USA 227k

Japan 25k

Germany 52k

UK 190k

France 160k

South Korea 11k

Canada 96k

Australia 27k

Brazil 37k

China 18k

Italy 65k

Netherlands 50k

Spain 34k

Mexico 74k

Sweden 10k

Switzerland 26k

Belgium 62k

Norway 15k

Argentina 15k

Austria 14k

Denmark 15k

Russia 45k





Exeter, Devon (Birthplace of Chris Martin with a population of 130,000 and located 24 kilometers (14 miles) north of Teignmouth with a population of 15,000 in SW England)


# of Career Gigs


28 Muse (1994-2015) Cavern 15, University 5, Lemon Grove 3 and five other venues

4 Coldplay (2000, 2009, 2016) Cavern 2, Powderham and Rougemont Castles


Exeter (1682): Last people in England to be hanged for witchcraft

Teignmouth (1690): Last place in England to be invaded by a foreign nation (France)


UEFA CL 2018 FC Semifinalists and Muse YouTube Total Views by City (January-April 2018):


Roma 806,837

Madrid 573,108

München 125,963

Liverpool 65,855

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British artists with the most total career global music video views exceeding 1 billion streams across all official channels on YouTube as of April 2018:


Ed Sheeran 13.5 billion (Only Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift rank higher among all artists)

Calvin Harris

One Direction

Coldplay 7.5 billion


Ellie Goulding

Sam Smith

Jessie J

Clean Bandit

Little Mix

Mark Ronson

Queen 2.7 billion



Dua Lipa

Arctic Monkeys 1.8 billion

Muse 1.4 billion [37 music videos have more than 10 million views each including TC and DD]


Oasis 1.1 billion

Amy Winehouse

James Arthur

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UPDATE: Top Markets Ranked by # of Muse Career Gigs (Per Setlist.fm):


370 United Kingdom (1994-2017) - Breakdown by Nation Below

337 United States (1998-2018) - Breakdown by State Below


328 England (UK) from 1994-2017

129 France from 1995-2017

101 Germany from 1999-2018

66 California (USA) from 1998-2018

61 Australia from 2000-2017

48 Japan from 2000-2017

45 Italy from 2000-2016

41 Canada from 2004-2017

31 Spain from 2000-2016

31 Switzerland from 1999-2016

28 Netherlands from 1999-2016

28 New York (USA) from 1998-2017

27 Texas (USA) from 2000-2017

26 Scotland (UK) from 1999-2016

24 Belgium from 1999-2016

20 Ireland from 1999-2016

18 Denmark from 1999-2016

18 Norway from 1999-2016

16 Austria from 1999-2016

16 Ohio (USA) from 1999-2017

15 Mexico from 2007-2018

14 Portugal from 2000-2018

14 Sweden from 1999-2016

14 Florida (USA) from 2004-2017

14 Georgia (USA) from 2000-2017

14 Pennsylvania (USA) from 2000-2017

13 Illinois (USA) from 1999-2017

12 Finland from 2000-2016

11 Wales (UK) from 1998-2016

11 Massachusetts (USA) from 1999-2016

10 Russia from 2001-2016

10 Brazil from 2008-2015

10 Tennessee (USA) from 2000-2018

10 Washington (USA) from 2004-2015

9 Arizona (USA) from 2004-2015

9 Michigan (USA) from 2004-2016

9 Missouri (USA) from 2004-2017

9 Nevada (USA) from 2006-2017

8 Argentina from 2008-2015

8 North Carolina (USA) from 2005-2018

8 New Jersey (USA) from 2000-2016

7 Maryland (USA) from 2000-2017

7 Utah (USA) from 2004-2017

6 Korea Republic from 2007-2015

6 New Zealand from 2004-2010

6 Colorado (USA) from 2004-2017

6 Oregon (USA) from 2004-2015

6 Virginia (USA) from 2000-2010

5 Hungary from 2002-2016

5 Northern Ireland (UK) from 2004-2017

5 Poland from 2007-2016

5 Minnesota (USA) from 2000-2013

4 Greece from 2000-2016

4 Luxembourg from 2001-2015

4 Washington DC (USA) from 2000-2016

3 Chile from 2008-2015

3 Czech Republic from 2010-2016

3 Hong Kong SAR (China) 2007-2015

3 Singapore from 2007-2015

3 Turkey from 2002-2006

3 Ukraine from 2007-2016

3 Indiana (USA) from 2000-2011

3 Wisconsin (USA) from 2000-2010

2 China from 2015

2 Colombia from 2008-2015

2 Romania from 2007-2016

2 South Africa from 2008

2 Connecticut (USA) from 2005-2013

2 Kentucky (USA) from 2000-2005

2 Louisiana (USA) from 2010-2017

2 New Mexico (USA) from 2004-2010

2 Oklahoma (USA) from 2010-2013

2 Rhode Island (USA) from 2004-2005

1 Abu Dhabi (UAE) from 2013

1 Croatia from 2007

1 Dubai (UAE) from 2008

1 Iceland from 2016

1 Indonesia from 2007

1 Malaysia from 2007

1 Monaco from 2007

1 Serbia from 2007

1 Taiwan (China) from 2007

1 Thailand from 2015

1 Arkansas (USA) from 2000

1 Delaware (USA) from 2017

1 Kansas (USA) from 2011



California is World's Fifth Largest Economy




List of Countries Ranked by Nominal GDP (Per IMF/World Bank 2016-17):


United States





United Kingdom






South Korea








Saudi Arabia











United Arab Emirates

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20th Anniversary


The Muse (EP) was released on 11 May 1998. It featured 4 tracks including 'Cave' and was limited to 999 hand-numbered copies sold at record shops in Devon and by mail order and a couple hundred promo copies for media outlets.


600k - Current Daily Average # of Muse Global Video Streams on YouTube


4,000 - Current Weekly Plays of 'Thought Contagion' at Rock Radio in the USA according to the airplay charts published by Mediabase. The track is close to matching the spins, audience and chart performance by 'Dead Inside' in the summer of 2015 at both the Alternative/Modern Rock and Active/Mainstream Rock formats.


Sunday Times Rich List May 2018:


Net Worth for Notable UK Musicians/Footballer 45 and Under: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8455387/sunday-times-rich-list-2018-ed-sheeran-adele


£340m - Coldplay (£100m in 2006 in the band's debut appearance on the list)

£165m - Robbie Williams

£140m - Adele, Calvin Harris

£80m - Ed Sheeran (s/b £130-150m in 2019)

£74m - Gareth Bale (Wales/Real Madrid)

£70m - Muse (£2m in 2007) - Unofficial Estimate

£50m - Harry Styles

£24m - Sam Smith

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'Thought Contagion'


Billboard Charts Dated 26 May 2018


#3(-) Rock Airplay - Over 10 million audience

#2(+1) Alternative Songs (New Peak) - Over 2,500 weekly spins with over 8 million audience

#10(+1) Mainstream Rock (New Peak) - 2 million audience


#1 track on weekly playlists in the past few weeks at US rock radio stations in New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Hudson Valley, NY; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Fresno, CA; Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Ft. Myers, FL; Portland and Eugene, OR; Cincinnati and Columbus, OH; New Orleans, LA; St. Louis, MO; Las Vegas, NV; Salt Lake City, UT; Richmond and Norfolk, VA; Honolulu, HI; Hartford, CT; Tulsa, OK; Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, TN; Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins, CO; Ft. Wayne, IN; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Boise, ID; Greenville, SC; Johnson City, TN; Albuquerque, NM; Fayetteville, AR; Burlington, VT; Portland, ME; and Detroit and Battle Creek, MI


WBMP-FM Alt 92.3 (New York City): #1 radio market in the US


Playlist for Week Ending 19 May 2018 (Source: Mediabase)


67 Spins 'Whatever It Takes' Imagine Dragons

67 Spins 'Thought Contagion' Muse

67 Spins 'Dangerous Night' Thirty Seconds To Mars

66 Spins 'Broken' lovelytheband



YouTube total TC video streams ranked by city as of 14 May 2018:


264,562 Paris

177,597 Mexico City

100,352 London

94,210 Rome

85,533 Milan

67,686 Los Angeles

60,876 New York City

56,580 Moscow

52,188 Madrid

36,693 Brussels

26,093 Tokyo

23,276 Berlin

20,591 Washington DC

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18 May 2018


US Alternative Radio Chart Preview (Mediabase) - Notable UK Artists Bow on the Latest Tally


Lovelytheband's "Broken" (RED) remains #1. Muse's "Thought Contagion" (Warner Bros.) is now planted at #2 and looks to take over the top spot in the coming weeks. Florence + The Machine's "Hunger" (Republic) makes a strong move from #23-16, up over 250 spins. Bastille's "Quarter Past Midnight" (Capitol) has a tremendous debut at #19, up over 500 spins. Arctic Monkeys' "Four Out Of Five" (Domino) is also up 400 spins, and will make its chart debut right around #30.



All-Time Spotify Audio Streams:


>8.5 billion Ed Sheeran

>6.0 billion Coldplay

>1.0 billion Muse


Career Album Sales:


>70 million Coldplay

>25 million Ed Sheeran

>20 million Muse


Career Concert Box Office Grosses (Including Festival Performance Fees)


>$1.1 billion Coldplay (Currently on hiatus following the $523m arena/stadium AHFOD tour in 2017)

>$800 million Ed Sheeran (At the conclusion of the $600m+ arena/stadium ÷ (Divide) Tour in 2019)

>$500 million Muse (At the conclusion of the new album tour in 2020)

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27 May 2018


Warner Bros.' Muse get their fifth #1 at Alternative with "Thought Contagion." Bastille's "Quarter Past Midnight" (Capitol) rockets to #11, up 450 spins. Florence + The Machine's "Hunger" (Republic) surges to #13, up 200 spins. Domino's Arctic Monkeys make a strong move from #29-22 and up 200 spins with "Four Out Of Five."


Source: http://hitsdailydouble.com/igen


TC appears likely to top the Billboard Alternative Songs tally too for the week ending 3 June 2018. It missed hitting the summit on this week's chart by just a few spins.



Congrats to Rotherham United FC (The Millers) for their promotion to the English Football League Championship.


Enhorabuena al Real Madrid CF y todos los madridistas por el Decimatercera (Copa de Europa)

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Battle for No. 1 - Razor Thin Margins Decide the Chart-Topper at Alternative


Weekly Plays Chart Comparison for 'Thought Contagion' by Muse and 'Broken' by lovelytheband at US Alternative Radio


Mediabase (Approx 75-80 radio stations monitored)


Tracking Weeks Ending 10 June / 3 June / 27 May / 20 May / 13 May


TC 2634, 3039, 3031, 2978, 2846

BR 2905, 2881, 2848, 3168, 3352

Diff -271, +158, +183, -190, -506


Billboard / Nielsen BDS (Approx 50-60 radio stations monitored)


Tracking Weeks Ending 10 June / 3 June / 27 May / 20 May / 13 May


TC 2387, 2685, 2591, 2526, 2433

BR 2682, 2637, 2604, 2877, 3023

Diff -295, +48, -13, -351, -590


'Feel It Still' by Portugal. The Man had a 20 week reign at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart during 2017. During one of those weeks at the summit, it topped 'Walk on Water' by Thirty Seconds to Mars by only 2 plays which enabled it to break Muse's record 19 week run at No. 1 previously held by 'Madness.'


On the Mediabase Alternative airplay chart, however, Muse’s 'Uprising' continues to hold the record for most weeks at No. 1 with 19 consecutive weeks.

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Pedro Sánchez, the new Socialist Prime Minister in Spain (Presidente del Gobierno de España), is a Muser.


'Madness' debuted and peaked at #30 in Spain in August 2012 and The 2nd Law is the longest charting Muse album in that country at 57 weeks. 'Survival' bowed earlier on the singles chart there at #25.

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'Thought Contagion' this week in a photo finish becomes Muse's 5th Number One on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in the USA and spends a 2nd consecutive week at the top of the Mediabase Alternative Airplay list. It also was the new #1 on the Out of Order countdown show of alternative hits hosted by Stryker of KROQ.




Most Cumulative Weeks at No. 1 on US Alternative Songs Chart


86, Red Hot Chili Peppers

82, Foo Fighters

71, Linkin Park

56, Green Day

46, Muse


Most Career No. 1s on US Alternative Songs Chart


13, Red Hot Chili Peppers

11, Green Day (22 Top 10s)

11, Linkin Park (17 Top 10s)

10, Foo Fighters

8, U2

7, Cage the Elephant

6, R.E.M.

5, Muse (14 Top 10s)

5, Bush (11 Top 10s)

5, Kings of Leon (8 Top 10s)

5, Nirvana (7 Top 10s)


After the two Muse festival gigs in Germany this past weekend, Drones re-enters the iTunes all-genre Album chart peaking at #78 in that market and the following 16 Muse songs are and were among the top 200 downloads on the German iTunes Alternative Singles chart on Monday and Sunday ranked in descending order by sales:


Undisclosed Desires (Also re-entered Germany's Top 200 all-genre iTunes singles chart peaking at #141)

Uprising (Also re-entered the main singles chart peaking at #148)

Thought Contagion



Dig Down

Supermassive Black Hole




Knights of Cydonia

Time Is Running Out

Plug In Baby

Dead Inside (Not on setlist)

Resistance (Not on setlist

Reapers (Intro and Outro riffs during Stockholm Syndrome)

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Peak positions of the three Muse songs that have reached the top 10 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Airplay chart:


#2 Reapers

#9 Thought Contagion

#10 Dead Inside



Muse Gig Furthest from Teignmouth: 19,170 km (11,912 miles) distance which is about one half of the earth's circumference


Westpac Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand on 25 November 2007




Take a Bow

Map of the Problematique (+Pre-Sunburn riff)

New Born (+Microphone Fiend riff + Ashamed outro)

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Supermassive Black Hole

Citizen Erased

Feeling Good

Ruled by Secrecy

Soldier's Poem





Time Is Running Out (Whole Lotta Love riff intro)

Stockholm Syndrome (Intro riff + Dead Star riff + Hyper Music riff outro)

Plug In Baby

Knights of Cydonia

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Muse and Portugal


Most Avid YouTube Country with a Population over 10 million:


2,288,000 Views of Muse Videos from January-June 2018


France ranks second per capita after Portugal



Career Gigs: 14 (2000-2018)


Festivals: 7 (5 Lisboa; 1 Braga; 1 Odemira

Arenas: 3 (Lisboa)

Clubs: 2 (Lisboa, Oporto)

Stadium: 1 (Oporto)

Bull Ring: 1 (Lisboa)


Tickets Sold: Over 100,000 (50k arenas, 45k stadium, 10k bull ring, 2k clubs)

Festival Attendance: Over 200,000


Most Popular Muse Singles and Albums in Portugal: Top 50 Charts


61 weeks Uprising peaking at #3

33 weeks Undisclosed Desires peaking at #20

23 weeks Madness peaking at #2

9 weeks Supermassive Black Hole peaking at #14

6 weeks Psycho peaking at #26

6 weeks Panic Station peaking at #33

5 weeks Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) peaking at #31


64 weeks The Resistance peaking at #2

38 weeks Drones peaking at #1

23 weeks Live at Rome Olympic Stadium peaking at #7

19 weeks The 2nd Law peaking at #1

7 weeks HAARP peaking at #10

6 weeks Absolution peaking at #7

4 weeks Black Holes and Revelations peaking at #17

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Muse: Drones World Tour concert film is scheduled for cinema(s) on 12 July 2018 in the following countries where the band has never performed live:



















Costa Rica

El Salvador







In Russia, screenings will take place in cities stretching across two continents and eleven time zones (from Kaliningrad in the West to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the Far East and also in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorad, Samara, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladisvostok, and many other cities including Khabarovsk located 30 km from 中国 China.


Otkritie Arena (Spartak Stadium) in Moscow: Notable events at this venue since opening in 2014


Muse, Incubus at Park Live Festival (June 2015)

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey at Park Live Festival (July 2016)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal vs. Russia) at FIFA Confederations Cup (June 2017)

Lionel Messi (Argentina vs. Iceland) at FIFA World Cup (June 2018)

Neymar (Brazil vs. Serbia) at FIFA World Cup (June 2018)

Harry Kane (England vs. Colombia) at FIFA World Cup (July 2018)

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Muse: Drones World Tour concert film is scheduled to be shown in cinema(s) on 12 July 2018 in the following USA states and Canadian province where the band has never performed live:





New Hampshire

North Dakota

South Carolina




Nova Scotia


No screenings are currently scheduled in:









South Dakota

West Virginia



New Brunswick

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland and Labrador

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Following the Rock in Rio festival gig on Saturday, the best selling Muse singles and albums in Portugal are:






The 2nd Law


The Resistance



Muse: Drones World Tour is scheduled for screenings in 69 different nations on 6 continents:





Northern Ireland







Spain (More than 100 cinemas)
















Czech Republic















Korea Republic

Hong Kong (China)





Dubai (UAE)





Canada (6 provinces)


United States (41 states + Wash DC at a cinema one mile from the White House)



Costa Rica

El Salvador













New Zealand


South Africa

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Muse were supported by a grant from HRH Prince Charles' charity, The Prince's Trust, when they first formed in 1994. "We bought our first PA system with [the money] and still have it now, it comes out for family weddings," Dom Howard revealed to Digital Spy. "I guess you could say we owe Prince Charles £250."


2018 Celebrity Ambassadors for The Prince's Trust: Reception at Clarence House/St James's Palace in London




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New Muse track 'Something Human' will be released on 19 July 2018...Matt says it will be more 'intimate' than the Drones singles




>336 million global streams and counting (189m Spotify and 147m YouTube) as of June 2018

>3 million digital downloads and counting


Populism in 2009


Matt: "People's popular feeling was being ignored...I was hoping for a movement against capitalist, corporate control [2008 global financial crisis, big banks] and in favour of environmental change..."


Populism in 2018


Matt: "I did not expect this type of popular opinion [aggressive, anti-togetherness type feeling] happening now to be the one which takes control which is quite a shock really... I have learned actually populism can go into very different routes, very bad routes. I was hoping for a very different type of populism, basically."



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Muse: Drones World Tour


It appears the concert film will be shown on additional dates besides 12 July in at least the following markets: Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Uruguay, and Israel. In India, it will be screened in multiple cities on 19 July.


It will shown in cinemas in the UK from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands in the north to Truro in Cornwall in the southwest and to St. Helier in the Channel Islands across from Normandy, France


Muse fans in the coldest city in the world [Yakutsk in Siberia, Russia] will get a chance to see the film.


It will also be screened in the 15 northernmost and the 6 southernmost country capitals in the world:


Reykjavik, Iceland

Helsinki, Finland

Oslo, Norway

Tallinn, Estonia

Stockholm, Sweden

Riga, Latvia

Moscow, Russia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vilnius, Lithuania

Minsk, Belarus

Dublin, Ireland

Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Warsaw, Poland

London, United Kingdom


Wellington, New Zealand

Canberra, Australia

Montevideo, Uruguay

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cape Town, South Africa

Santiago, Chile

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2018 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finalists / Cinemas showing Muse: Drones World Tour / Psycho and Drones tour attendance


England - About 300 in a population of 54 million - About 152k concert tickets sold 2015-17

France - About 200 in a population of 67 million - About 160k concert tickets sold 2015-18

Belgium - About 25 in a population of 11.5 million - About 62k concert tickets sold 2015-16

Croatia - 2 (Zagreb, Split) in a population of 4.2 million - Last concert gig held in 2007


Longest Drones album chart run:


110 weeks in the Top 200 - Wallonia (French speaking region of southern Belgium)


MJB Ancestry: 45% English/French/Belgian and 45% Irish

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Italy Box Office - Nights 1 and 2


Debuted in first place for the musical event Muse: Drones World Tour which yesterday 12 July 2018 collected 65 thousand euros and an average of 338 euros on 193 screens. Concluding its run, the Muse concert film placed second on 13 July taking in another 58 thousand euros missing the top by only 15 euros!



Attendance: 5.680

Gross: € 65.191









Demographic Ratings: IMDb Users (157) Weighted Average Vote of 8.5 / 10 for Muse: Drones World Tour


Source: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6060840/ratings?ref_=tt_ov_rt





Northernmost and southernmost cinemas which screened the Muse Drones concert movie were located in the following cities:


Nuuk, Greenland

Invercargill, New Zealand

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12-15 July 2018 Weekend Box Office for Muse: Drones World Tour in the following markets:


Italy (Two Nights)


#4 - $148,229 (126,854 Euros) - 11,030 Attendance - 208 screenings - $713 per screen avg.


Australia (One Night)


#13 - $82,940 (111,863 AUD) - 73 screenings - $1,136 per screen avg.


New Zealand (One Night)


#16 - $12,408 (18,344 NZD) - 18 screenings - $689 per screen avg.


Korea Republic (Two Nights)


#19 - $30,439 (34348281 KRW) - 2,432 Attendance - 32 screenings - $951 per screen avg.


Source: Boxofficemojo.com



Félicitations à la France et à l'équipe de football (Les Bleus) en remportant leur deuxième Coupe du monde!

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