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How many copies will Wilder Mind and Drones sell in their first weeks of release in May and June 2015, respectively? Stay tuned.


Yeah, we'll do. I do not post here as much, but this is one of the most interesting topics of the board.

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'Dead Inside' - Sixth week of release chart positions:


#2(+1) - US Billboard Alternative Songs (Will likely reach #1 next week)

#4(+1) - US Billboard Rock Airplay

#16(-2) - UK BBC Radio 1 - 17 weekly plays

#86(+26) - France SNEP Top Singles Downloads *Peak #23*

#87(-12) - Italy Top Singles *Peak #53*


Wilder Mind is forecast to sell around 250k copies in the US this week a decline of more than 50% from the units sold for Mumford & Sons' last album Babel. Their first two albums have sold around 6 million copies in the States while Muse have sold over 3 million albums and Coldplay 18 million.


Actual debut week and estimated release to date sales for last four Muse studio albums:


The 2nd Law: 108k/350k (UK); 102k/490k (US)

The Resistance: 148k/900k (UK); 128k/850k (US)

Black Holes & Revelations: 115k/1030k (UK); 48k/850k (US)

Absolution: 72k/950k (UK); 2k/725k (US)


Drones: Projected to sell in the range of 75-100k albums in its debut week in each of the band's top 3 markets (UK, US, France) which reflects declining album sales for most artists the past few years


Debut week sales for last four Coldplay studio albums in the US:


383k, 447k, 721k, 737k


British acts increase their share of the US market in 2014:



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you forgot to say that Muse is an older band and they have released more albums than MUMFORD AND SONS

SO the 3 million copies of MUSE is very low compared to this of MUMFORD AND SONS 6 million


i think MUMFORD AND SONS is very overrated and 300,000 projected sold albums in the first week is awesome nowadays


GOLD CERTIFICATION is for sure for them. I don't think it could reach PLATINUM as it has no hits or highlights



on the other hand i think the 75,000 to 100,000 copies of MUSE new album rather good. (estimated)


however we have very bad times and declining album sales



MADONNA for example has her first studio album out (rebel heart ) without any certification in the us


the same for britney spears etc.

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In the US Muse have only really had 2 albums that had any impact. Absolution was them establishing themselves in the US so had relatively low sales as they were unknown and then they broke through with BHAR and continued with The Resistance.


If Muse can break the 100k barrier in the UK with the declining sales etc that would be a fantastic result. Many artists are struggling to break this barrier in the UK at the moment. A key indicator will be to watch out for the UK certifications. The last album was certified gold a week before release so we should watch for this.

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i don't get it


most people i know buy tons of albums via iTunes or amazon


however we do have declining album sales everywhere


last year i read an article by Billboard.com, that RIAA could have new certification sales


for example the 500,000 sales barrier in the us for gold i s a thing which is a problem for a lot of bands and acts


muse last album sold 400,000+ in the us which is healthy

with the sales they were ranked # 154 and # 127 on the billboard year end albums charts

2012 and 2013



by 2006 for example with that number a band couldn't even reach the top 200 year end charts

the number 200 on the year end billboard charts sold 600,000 copies 2006 to reach # 200


in germany the certification rules were changed by 2003 and gold was lowered from 250,000 to 100,000 sold albums and platinum from 500,000 to 200,000

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I think things like Spotify and other services are mostly to blame. Whereas previously people would buy an album based on the sound of a single to hear more nowadays they don't need to. This would also mean people who not necessarily buy the album of a particular artist would buy the album over and above normal fans. Meaning higher sales. Nowadays people listen to a single and then when the album is released its all available on Spotify so for those passing by fans they no longer need to waste money on buying the album. So those album sales are missed.


Piracy may play a small part but probably insignificant.


Just my opinion anyway.

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I'm sure that we will have new riaa certification policy




for example GOLD 300,000 PLATINUM 600,000


this is necessarily



its not fair, that there are albums which spent 40 weeks on the bb200 and sell 400,000 but never reaching GOLD

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Update on Airplay-

(which is factored into Billboard stats)-


As of yesterday 6 May, in its 44th day on chart, Dead Inside finally reached #1 in airplay for alternative stations!!! :party: Over 2500 spins in that format & counting!

It is also in the top 20 for Active Rock & Adult Alternative stations. :dance:

So even though no one expects DI to perform as well as Madness or Uprising, it is definitely no dud by any means, & I'm hoping it'll have at least a few weeks at #1 on alternative when Billboard updates next week.


muse s'amuse-

what are the chances of DI to cross over into HotAC? Do you see it even being marketed in that format, & if so when? I think the whole 80's vibe of it could work & give the song some extra life.

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Uprising and Madness crossed over to US Adult Top 40 radio and charted in the Top 20 so DI may do the same after it peaks at Alternative. Rock songs do not cross over to Mainstream Top 40 radio or appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart anymore except for pop/dance tracks from bands like Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy. Mumford's new sound may be hurting them at pop radio and Imagine Dragons are finding it difficult to top the hits from their first album. Streaming is hurting record sales (albums and track downloads) for almost all artists except Taylor Swift.


Surprised by the lack of TV promo exposure for Drones in the UK and US so far. Uprising had MTV and SNL while Madness had SNL. At least part of The Mayan gig in LA will be broadcast on DirecTV sometime this summer.

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#1 'Dead Inside' - Fourth Muse track to top the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart and also ranks number one on the Rock Airplay chart. The song is likely to spend several weeks at the summit. The lead singles from the band's last three studio albums have now all reached #1.




'Mercy' on first listen sounds like another chart topper and could cross over to pop radio if released as a future single. Some US rock radio stations are also still giving 'Psycho' substantial airplay.


Mumford & Sons' Wilder Mind debuted at #1 in the UK selling just over 81k copies according to the Official Charts Company, about half of what Babel sold in its first week. BPI has already certified it Silver. In the US Wilder Mind also debuted at #1 moving 231,000 albums (and totaling 249k equivalent album units with streaming and digital track downloads taken into account) according to Nielsen Music/Billboard, an almost 60% drop from first week sales for Babel. Could this possibly portend Drones will also not hit the 100k sales mark in its debut week in these two markets?


Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, and Muse have sold to date around 800k, 700k, 600k, and 500k copies of their latest albums in the States. It appears Mumford & Sons' latest release will also fall in this range compared to 2.7 million and 3.2 million units sold for the band's first two studio albums Babel and Sigh No More, respectively.

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145 +4


Dead Inside

13.069 +0.150 3823 +31 359 145 13.069 3823 Alternative/Active Rock/Rock/Triple A





13 million audience impressions



MADNESS reached over 42 million audience impressions by 2013

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DEAD INSIDE 13 million audience impressions


MADNESS reached over 42 million audience impressions by 2013


DI has not (yet) crossed over to US Top 40 Pop or Hot Adult Contemporary radio

while Madness peaked at 14 million audience impressions at Alternative, 14 million

audience impressions at Mainstream Top 40 Pop and 15 million audience impressions

at HAC/Adult Top 40 Pop according to Mediabase.


DI was the No. 1 most played track at US Alternative/Modern rock radio last week with over 2,250 plays according to Billboard while it also ranked at No. 1 on the Rock Airplay chart with 10 million audience impressions at rock radio (Alternative, Mainstream Rock and Triple A).


Will Mercy top the US iTunes singles chart peaks reached by Psycho #40 and DI #90 in March?


Both Madness and Uprising made the Top 30 at US iTunes and have each sold two million downloads to date while TIRO, SMBH, KOC and Starlight have each been certified Gold (500,000) or Platinum (1,000,000) in the US despite not having ever charted at pop radio.


Will Drones reach #1 in the US, Russia, Spain, and Mexico, four countries where prior Muse studio albums have peaked at #2? Muse have reached #1 with prior releases in most major markets except Sweden #6 peak and Japan #5 peak with T2L.

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US Billboard Alternative Songs/Modern Rock airplay chart history (1988-present)


Notable British bands with the most cumulative weeks at number one:


45 Muse (4) - Dead Inside (5); Madness (19); Resistance (4); and Uprising (17)

19 Bush (5)

18 The Cure (4)

15 Oasis (2)

10 Depeche Mode (4)

10 Arctic Monkeys (1)

5 Mumford & Sons (3)

4 Bastille (1)

3 Coldplay (2)

0 Radiohead


Acts with the most cumulative weeks at number one:


85 Red Hot Chili Peppers (12)

82 Foo Fighters (10)

71 Linkin Park (11)

50 Green Day (9)

45 Muse (4) - Opened for RHCP & Foo Fighters in 1999 (Paris) and North America (2000)

37 The Black Keys (4)


On the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, The Beatles have spent 59 weeks at the summit with 20 chart-topping songs while the Rolling Stones hold second place with 16 weeks at the top with with 8 number one songs. Muse have spent 50 cumulative weeks on the Hot 100 chart with three songs: Madness (29); Uprising (20); and Neutron Star Collision (1) while Matt's father's band Tornados had three weeks at the top with Telstar in 1962.


'Uprising' digital download sales in the US have increased the past few days with the opening of Pitch Perfect 2 this past weekend. The film and soundtrack album both debuted at #1 at the box office and at retail.



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DI has a massive lead in airplay spins (+300) so expect a rather lengthy stay at the top, perhaps five weeks or more at US Alternative radio. 'Renegades' maybe has the best chance to take the crown from Muse in the coming weeks. Does the label want radio to playlist Mercy now or wait until after the album drops?


Latest US iTunes chart positions as of 20 May:


#68 Drones album pre-order

#138 Mercy

#276 Dead Inside

#530 Psycho


Current Russian iTunes chart:




#22 Mercy

#58 Dead Inside

#66 Psycho




#14 Drones

#51 The 2nd Law

#68 Black Holes and Revelations

#71 Origin of Symmetry

#85 Absolution

#98 The Resistance

#149 Showbiz


Mercy (Current iTunes chart positions) - Two days after release date


#8 Mexico

#21 Spain

#22 Russia

#23 Indonesia

#31 France

#32 Brazil

#32 Singapore

#34 Netherlands

#35 Norway

#36 Switzerland

#38 Peru

#39 Belgium

#39 Poland

#40 Malaysia

#48 United Kingdom

#48 Luxembourg

#56 Italy

#67 Canada

#68 Denmark

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Wow would be nice if they will reach # 1 on the bb200


i know nowadays charts have become worthless and number 1 does not say anything but its a symbolic thing for them to peak at # 1



but one question- Is there any chance that DI would peak inside the hot 100 ?


Has anybody any idea to this ?




I don't get it its very strange


Muse HAS relesed so far 3 songs prior to DRONES release ?

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hmmm i gotta feeling that MERCY will become a big hit in the us


it sounds so commercial and cool and reminds me of stadium rock hymns like STARLIGHT :-)))))



the first time this era that I'm in love with a muse song

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Latest UK Top 40 Rock Singles Chart (Peak on UK Singles Sales Chart Top 100)


#1 Mercy (#74) http://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-sales-chart/

#4 Dead Inside (#45)

#14 Psycho (#37)


US iTunes Alternative Chart Top 200 as of 25 May:


#14 Drones album pre-order

#137 Black Holes and Revelations

#152 The 2nd Law

#190 The Resistance


#21 Mercy (Sold more digital downloads than DI last week in the USA)

#33 Dead Inside

#66 Psycho

#88 Uprising

#164 Madness


Countries where Drones and its first three singles all rank in the Top 200 at iTunes as of 25 May two weeks before the album drops:









United Kingdom


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Seems Muse won't achieve anything big in charts for this album, doesn't it?


The album is not even released

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